The Secret To Staying Young

“Youth Has No Age”*

All our life we are conditioned to accept that mental and physical vitality declines with age. But, as the years pass on by, we don’t have to let the human  measurement of time dictate that we should feel old.

Old age is more of a state of mind that’s built upon customary and traditional mental attitudes than anything else. We are subconsciously brainwashed to believe that as we get older the life force declines, and therefore we are expected to act old, think old, and be old.

“Youth Is A Work Of Nature, But Age Is A Work Of Art”*

The real fountain of youth can be found in our attitudes of mind. For instance, enthusiasm has the power to transform everything that you undertake, as well as how you age.

Enthusiastically roll out of bed in the morning excited to greet another day, and that sense of joy will permeate every cell in your body and get them vibrating healthfully.

This is why making the conscious decision to train your mind to choose positive thoughts over negative ones has more ramifications than just better moods, relationships, and opportunities – it also vastly improves your health.

Plus, if you’re alive and enjoy a reasonable degree of health then you’ve got it made, so be grateful for everyday.

“I Never Think Any Old Thoughts”*

Most people surrender to the passing of years and let themselves get old, but others defy the passage of time by retaining the vigor and enthusiasm of youth.

Time is only toxic to those who develop a time-neurosis based in their beliefs about the cumulative effects of time. But, their belief in the affects of time is the very thing that is actually toxic.

Given proper nutrition and regular exercise, there is no scientific basis that the passage of years automatically causes our bodies, minds, and spirits to age.

The forgetful mind, the shuffling gait, and the shaky hand are not caused by the passage of time. They are all caused by a lack of physical and mental exertion and improper nutrition throughout the years.

“We Need Not Surrender To Age, If Our Mind Is Sufficiently Enlightened”*

The secret to youth is to carry the spirit of childhood into old age. The best medicine for staying young is in your mental concept of aging. Use the “as if” principle from the law of behaviour. Think young, act young, and you’ll feel young.

This is the essence of the law of assumption in all of its glory. This is why positive thinkers get positive results. Because as Bruce Lee said, “As you think, so you become.”

All the best, -Herb.

Quotes – *Pablo Picasso, *Stanislaw Jerzy LecJames A. Farley, *Joseph Kemp.

© 2017, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.


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