The Power Of Self-Confidence

The Winner’s Edge

When you back up your ideas and plans with self-confidence you have a supreme advantage over those who give up and quit at the first obstacle in the road – like most people do.

Success doesn’t come to those who sell themselves short through a lack of self-confidence. But it does favor those who know what they want, are determined to get it, and who believe that virtually anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

You can win Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W.Clement Stone. Which is #1 of my top 10 self-help books of all time.

“Believe In Yourself”*

When you know in your heart and soul that you are capable of achieving what it is that you want, and you are willing to pay the price for its obtainment, then you become unstoppable.

Successful people believe in themselves. They have a system for conditioning their minds with their goals, purposes, and life’s mission. And they do it so intensely that they attract the opportunities and people into their lives that help them to succeed.

They stay confident even when things go wrong by using The Power Of Positive Thinking {<Free Copy] by Norman Vincent Peale.

“There’s Genuine Magic In Believing”**

Like all things, self-confidence can be learned. You can do the cape walk which I learned from Tony Robbins.

Or the mirror technique, as well as positive affirmations and visualization. All of which you can learn by listening to The Magic Of Believing {<Free Audiobook} by Claude Bristol.

Harness The Subconscious

The subconscious has unlimited powers that you can tap into and direct towards making your dreams come true.

The method by which you can direct your subconscious is so simple – talk to it directly. For instance, when I pray, I don’t just pray to God, I also pray to my subconscious mind because I know that it is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the quantum field that is all knowing and permeates all things.

The subconscious believes whatever you tell it. This is why when you use the art of assumption by changing your self-concept, your subconscious starts to act accordingly. Which then sets in motion the law of attraction and other universal laws of mind.

It believes and acts upon your words and your thoughts – especially thoughts that are intensely emotionalized with either faith or fear.

The subconscious is also highly susceptible to the repetition of thoughts and words. Which means that it can go to work on your behalf towards your desires.

“We Become what We Think About all Day Long***

This also explains why people who dwell upon poverty, failure, and poor health – get exactly what they focus on. And why success comes to those who feed their minds with their goals, dreams, and ambitions.

When you learn how to use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} by Joseph Murphy to build your self-confidence, then your mind will help you in all that you do. Then happiness, health, wealth, success, and all the world is yours.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Norman Vincent Peale, **Claude Bristol, *** Earl Nightingale

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