The Power Of Imagination

“May The Force Be With You”*

At your command is a creative force of nature that can summon into motion the law of attraction. and other  laws of mind.

Virtually everything that you envision in your mind’s eye can be made manifest on the tangible plane of existence by developing your imagination and harnessing the laws of visualization.

Two Forms Of Imagination

Synthetic imagination consists of a combination of ideas, concepts, plans, and known facts that are arranged in a new way.

And creative imagination works through a sixth sense and is the medium by which new facts, ideas, and inspiration are born.

My favorite self-help book to help develop these faculties of mind is Creative Mind And Success {<Free Audiobook} by Ernest Holmes.

Let There Be Light

“To Invent You Need A Good Imagination And A Pile Of Junk”**

Thomas Edison invented the electric lamp by using synthetic imagination. For a long time, it was well known that light was produced by applying electricity to a wire, but nobody had yet figured out how to keep the metal wire from burning out quickly.

Then Edison came along and placed a wire in a bottle, pumped out all the air, and thus the incandescent bulb was born.

Sitting For Ideas

Dr. Elmer R. Gates was a great example of creative imagination. By developing his sixth sense to a high degree, Gates had more patents to his credit than Edison.

By meditating in a soundproof room and turning off the lights, Gates concentrated on solutions that had previously eluded many other inventors.

Your Sixth Sense

Your five physical senses keep you grounded in the physical world, but your sixth sense – your subconscious – gives you contact with the invisible forces of the universe. Thus making available knowledge that you could not otherwise obtain.

This sixth sense of creative vision, just like the other five senses, becomes stronger through regular systematic use.

Most truly successful people all have a system for conditioning their minds, even though many of them don’t even realize that they are doing it.

How About You?

Are you making all of your dreams come true? An extremely effective method for developing your sixth sense is to write out a clear, concise description of the problem you want to solve or of the goal that you wish to obtain.

Then throughout the day pray to your God, and to your subconscious mind which is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the universe.

The prayer must be rooted in faith so definite and strong that you already see yourself in possession of your objective. This is transcending the time-space continuum through the law of assumption.

Keep On Keeping On

If the results don’t come immediately, keep on trying. And always express gratitude as if you had already attained your objective, even if is not yet in your physical possession.

Believe that you will succeed, and you will win the success that you desire. Just as surely as the sun will rise on the morrow. Because after all, it is law.

Regards, – Herb

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