The Magic Of Thinking Big

How To Use Magic

Are You Ready For Success? If so this self-help book can show you how to achieve the wealth, happiness, and purpose that you desire.

Every chapter of The Magic Of Thinking Big {<Free Copy} imparts simple steps of how thinking can transform your life.

“Believe You Can Succeed And You Will”

In this chapter David J. Schwartz reiterates the success-building wisdom that is found in the biblical saying that faith can move mountains. If you really believe that you can create miracles in your life – then you can.

The how-to-do-it always comes to the person that believes they can do a thing. Belief in great results is the force behind all great works. Belief in oneself is an essential ingredient in the recipe of success.

“Cure Yourself Of Excusitis, The Failure Disease”

Making excuses is behind every failure in life. The more successful a person is, the less inclined they are to make excuses. Every time you use an excuse for your lack of achievement, you imbed it deeper into your subconscious mind. And the seeds of your negative thoughts will only grow stronger when fertilized with constant repetition.

You should check out The Lords Of self-Discipline. And a great self-help book to help you overcome procrastination is No Excuses: The Power Of Self-Discipline {<Free Audiobook} by Brian Tracy.

“Build Confidence And Destroy Fear”

Fear is the number one enemy to success. Fear is paralyzing. One of my favorite quotes is by Frank Herbert in his classic Dune – “fear is the mind-killer.”

Train yourself to take action despite of your fear by telling yourself to just do it now, and you’ll build confidence and kill fear.

The best self-help book to overcome negative thinking is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude{<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

“How To think Big”

How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments. We can learn to enlarge our thinking by developing a big thinkers vocabulary and by training ourselves to not just see what is, but what can be.

This is part of the law of assumption, and how to get what you want, and also how to get what you pray for.

“How To Think And Dream Creatively”

When you believe that something can be done, your mind will then create a way to do it. Try new approaches, and ask yourself daily – how can I do better? – how can I do more?

Ask, listen, and learn instead of monopolizing a conversation. Stretch your mind by associating with big thinkers.

“You Are What You Think You Are”

How you think determines how you act and feel, and therefore what you accomplish in life.

“Manage Your Environment, Go First Class”

Recondition your mind for success by realizing that your environment shapes you. Hanging out with negative people only makes you think negative thoughts, so watch who you hang with just like Jim Rohn says in Walk Away From The 97% {<Free Audio} .

“Make your Attitudes Your Allies”

Learn how to grow the you-are-important attitude and other attitudes of winning. And “assume a virtue if you have it not.”*For example, act enthusiastically and you’ll become enthusiastic.

“Think Right Toward People”

Shows you how to be likeable, and how to develop the traits of a winner.

The best self-help book about this is How To Win friends And Influence People {<free Copy} by Dale Carnegie.

“Get Into The Action Habit”

The ability to get things done is what truly separates people. Learn how to grow the action habit that it takes to succeed because action completes the miracle process.

“How To Turn Defeat Into Victory”

You are bound to have setbacks, disappointments, and roadblocks along your road to success. But determination and perseverance will help you to find the good side in every situation.

“Use Goals To Help You Grow”

Only 35 of the population put their goals into writing. And the same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined. What does that tell you? You should check out my Top 10 Goal Setting Tips.

“How To Think Like a Leader”

In this last chapter Schwartz writes “think improvement in everything you do.” That is the meaning of quality – to consistently improve.

Indeed, your thoughts can produce results in your life that seem almost magical to the unenlightened because “all leaders are readers.”*

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Quotes – *Ralph Waldo Emerson, & Harry S. Truman




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