The Lords Of Self-Discipline

Those truly great human beings that we all admire in the arts, sports, entertainment, and every other field of endeavour all have one key essential ingredient to their success.

We’ve all had brilliant ideas, moments of inspiration, and perhaps even an invention flash into our minds. And we’ve all had dreams of how we would really love our life to be.

Taking action completes the miracle process

Action is what truly makes the difference between the greats and the average or mediocre. Action is what separates the top 5% of humanity from the masses who live lives of quiet desperation. And taking action is nothing more than sheer self-discipline.

The best thing about becoming successful is not the money, but rather the type of person that you become along the way. When you welcome the disciplines that are at the root of all success, it’s like watering and nurturing the seed of your ideas and dreams. Otherwise they just wither away and die.

Think Long Term

When you think big and set a big goal for your life you need to take consistent action towards it even though the completion of your goal may be far off in the distance.

When you chip away at the stone, day by day you strengthen your faith, character, and you keep your dream alive. Then one day you’ll have created the masterpiece that you had envisioned in your minds eye.

Thinking about the long term consequences of your consistent actions and behaviour helps you to stay determined and gives you An Iron Will  {<Free Copy} by Orison Swett Marden – to persevere against all adversity.

Make Action A Habit

I understand that it’s safer and easier to lie on the couch watching TV, but it’s also a huge waste of potential, knowledge, and life. And nothing great has ever been accomplished by being a couch potato.

Every act of self-discipline affects your consciousness, confidence, and increases the pleasure that you get from taking action. Plus, have you ever noticed that when you put things off, that you get a nagging lousy feeling?

When you move closer towards your goals you’ll feel happy, inspired, and release endorphins. So focus on that rush that you get by taking action and the nagging pain you experience by being a slacker.

The Law Of Concentration

Whatever you dwell upon grows and increases in your life due to the law of attraction. And when you accept responsibility for the circumstances in your life you then have the power to change them, or to change how you feel and what you do about them.

Focus on what you want and find solutions to every challenge – then take action. All great accomplishments have their roots built upon the foundation of self-discipline.

For example, we all know that regular exercise and proper nutrition will greatly increase our health, yet most of us never develop the self-discipline to consistently take advantage of that knowledge.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Get over the past, don’t blame others, and if you don’t like your life then change it. Study the steps to change and improvement by reading and listening to self-help books & audios.

When you think of something that will make a difference in your life don’t debate whether or not you should do it. Instead use my favorite self- motivator and “just do it now.”

Break Your Bad Habits

Lack of self-discipline helped create your bad habits, and so it is that through self-discipline that you can break them. Nothing slows down your progress and kills your dreams faster than a bad habit.

I used The Dickens Pattern {<Free Audio} which I had listened to years before. I also used Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy} by Tony Robbins to quit my bad habits and to placebo them with new empowering habits – like studying all things self-help.

Dedicate Yourself To Continuous Learning

Continuous learning attracts then opens up doors of opportunity. Then because you are ready, you are able to seize hold of those opportunities before they slip away. Then instead of living in regret – you live happily ever after.

Turn your car into a university on wheels by listening to self-help audios. You can learn how to accomplish all of your goals, and to make your dreams come true just by listening to audios while you drive.

Join The 3%

Only 3% of the population ever put their goals in writing. And this same 3% have more wealth than all of the other 97% put together. Need I say more? You can read my Top 10 Goal Setting Tips. Or listen to Walk Away From The 97% by Jim Rohn.

Talent Is Not Enough

Study your craft. But what really separates the greats from the average is practice, practice, practice…then more practice. And while you practice use the laws of visualization and assumption to see and feel as though you were already living your dreams.

“Fear Is The Mind-Killer”*

Discipline yourself to have the courage to take action despite your fears, and you will break on through to the other side of fear where success waits.

The Bottom Line

You only have one life here on earth, so do your best to make what you will of it. Like Earl Shoaff said to Jim Rohn, “don’t wish that things were easier, wish that you were better.”

No one else can do it for you. If you want the health, wealth, and success that lead to happiness you’ve got to study up on those things, and then use what you learn by taking action. Determine that it will be so and a whole new world opens up for you. But most of all, get off your butt and just do it now before the clock strikes midnight and your chance is gone forever.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Frank Herbert 



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    You do provide a lot of important tips and methods for prosperity. One not only can but should pick only ten at-a-time and run with that as a plan of action.

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