The Lawman Cometh

“Imagine All That You Long To Be

 Work Towards It And One Day You’ll See

 The Key To Life Is All In The Mind

  So Keep On Dreaming And One Day You’ll Find

  That Deep Within You Lies A Treasure Chest

  That Only You Can Open By Doing Your Best” – Walter Paxton


Mesmerized by the flame’s hypnotic rhythm flickering back and forth, Luca watched the candlelight as it danced in tune with his breathing, casting eerie shadows across the tent.

He had been alone in the woods for close to five months. The summer had turned into the fall, and with it came the autumn chill.

The creek water had become too unbearable for him to wash in, and at night the frosty mountain temperatures had begun to freeze his fingers, so that he could no longer play his guitar.

He had only left the park on three occasions to go the convenience store that was no more than a hundred feet from the front gate in order to replenish his supplies.

Knowing that the time had come for him to go back into the city, Luca stared into the flame of the candle, reflecting on his time well spent alone in the woods.

After reading all the books that he had brought with him several times each until they were all fully assimilated, he then used what he had learned to transform his mind until it conformed to his vision of his ideal self.

Like the rhythm of the flame that flickered in tune with his breathing, Luca’s soul burned with an intense desire that was in tune with every beat of his heart.

His thoughts were full of the insights from all of the universal laws of mind that he had learned. Secrets that had been buried in the sands of time, only to be unearthed by those lonely warriors who had sought them out in desperation.

It was all so clear to him now – by assuming the feeling of the person that he longed to be, by living from the end as though it was a present fact, then by taking consistent action to work towards it, was the way to make his dreams come true.

First he defined exactly what it was that he wanted, then by visualizing it often and feeling it to be a present fact, he transcended the bridge of the time space continuum to manifest his destiny.

After applying what he had learned to change his habits, he had quit smoking cigarettes and he no longer had the occasional desire for drug or drink.

He made a conscious decision to change what he had mistakenly believed to be cool. For instance, he no longer considered smoking to be cool. Instead, he now believed that reading, learning, and growing as a human being was cool.

But most of all, to express his deepest feelings through the lyrics of his original songs and his guitar playing had now become the ultimate in cool.

For close to five months he was in the habit of playing guitar everyday for ten to twelve hours a day. While playing, he tapped into the creative forces of the universe while thinking about Marita, life, and all that he had learned. Then he let those feelings flow out into his original compositions.

He also always imagined that he was playing before a huge audience of his adoring fans – seeing a fog of dry ice wafting across the stage, colored lights flashing, as he heard the crowd going wild.

.Luca had come to believe that the law of assumption was the most powerful of all the universal laws of mind because by assuming  the role of the person that he desired to be, his subconscious mind then took over and directed his actions accordingly, which then set in motion the law of attraction.

By directing his thoughts, feelings, and imagination to focus only upon what he wanted, then by being grateful as though it were a reality, ignoring any doubts, they would then harden into fact on the material plane of existence.

He didn’t fully understand all of the science behind it – atoms having electromagnetic pull attracting like unto themselves – he just knew that it was.

Then again, he didn’t fully understand all the theory behind the law of electricity either, but he did know that when he flicked the switch that he got the light.

He also used the law of cause and effect by practicing the guitar everyday, essentially chipping away at the stone, so to speak, day by day chiseling away at the masterpiece that he envisioned in his mind’s eye.

The burning desire that was aflame within him, filled Luca with a certainty that it was part of his purpose to create music. Just like a spark had the same properties as a lightning bolt, surely he was given the power to create so that he could light up the sky for all to see, only to leave behind a beautiful rainbow after he was gone.

But he knew that there was something more because every night he woke up in a cold sweat with the vision of a girl vivid in his mind.

Perhaps, in her late teens, she was very beautiful, and Luca felt a deep sense of love for her. But it wasn’t like the love that he felt for Marita, it was a protective, caring kind of love.

The girl was always sitting on the other side of the creek, staring into the water. She was sad, and her wet eyes glistened from the sunlight reflected in the water.

Luca screamed, jumping up and down waving his arms, trying to get her attention, but she just kept staring into the creek.

Finally, he would give up and just stand there wondering why she didn’t see him. He could hear the creek and he saw the sun reflecting off the water, sparkling like jewels, but he felt cold.

It was as though he was in another dimension, standing in the shadows. He could see her, but she couldn’t see him, yet somehow he knew that she was thinking about, and was sad about him.

After he woke up from that dream, Luca would always lie there wondering about its meaning. He knew instinctively that she was also part of his life’s purpose, and that the dream was sent to him out of the blue from Universal Mind.

The next morning as he was getting ready to go back into the city, Luca admired the majestic beauty that was all around him for the last time. In early October the first snow had fallen, and the pine trees were heavily laden with white flakes. Just like the changing of the seasons, the calling that had beckoned from within Luca’s tormented soul had caused a change within him, and now he was ready to reap what he had sewn by going back into civilization.

At the front gate to the park, he turned around to look back remembering his time there, then with a deep sense of gratitude, Luca smiled.

He knew that he would come back to that special place where he had learned to transcend time and space through the portal of his imagination.

Every night as he fell asleep, he envisioned kissing Marita goodnight, and he knew that he would see her again, if not in this lifetime, then in the next.

He also knew that he would see Julius Szabo a.k.a. “the Hungarian hitman” again, and when he did that he would win the war, because Luca had a plan.

Then armed with his arsenal of universal laws and his six string gun, the winds of change blew Luca Amadeo from his time by the creek back into the big city of Vancouver by the sea.

This is Chapter 6 of Bound To Change: Imagine The Possibilities an original book by Herb Norcott.

© 2018, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.


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