How to Use The Law Of Cause & Effect

For Every Effect In Your Life There Is A Specific Cause

Whatever’s going on in your life today is the direct result of your past thoughts and actions. Therefore, to create your own destiny and to make your dreams come true, you must change your attitude and you’ll change everything.

If things aren’t going well, you only have yourself to blame. Conversely, when you start to believe in yourself and the hidden powers of your mind, great things start to happen.

Action Equals Reaction

This great law is inherent throughout nature. Think positively and good things happen. Think negatively and bad things happen.

We live in a universe that is ruled by exact universal laws. When you begin to understand that everything happens for a reason, you take control of the power to create the life of your own design.

There are specific causes for everything – health or sickness, rich or poor, happy or unhappy. So if there’s an effect in your life that you want more of, just trace it back to the cause, and do more of the same. And if there’s an effect in your life that you don’t like, trace it back, find the cause, and stop doing it.

The Law Is Simple

People who don’t understand the basic laws of mind continue doing things that are causing them problems in their lives. You cannot do the same things over and over again and expect to get a different result.

Think deeply about why something’s going wrong in your life, then change your approach until you get the result that you want.

The Law Of Sowing & Reaping

In order to reap a better harvest in your future, you must plant different seeds of thought in the fertile soil of your mind today. Then water and nurture them with your feelings and imagination as though you already have what you desire.

By using this mighty law of assumption you then set in motion the law of attraction. And soon you will taste deeply from the fruits of your labors.

“As Within, So Without”*

Everything in your life began with a thought of some kind. Then it grew outward until you experienced it in your reality. This is why you must never dwell on your fears, but instead vividly dream about what it is that you want.

All that you are, or ever will be, will be the direct result of the way that you think. It’s almost never too late to change your thoughts and change your life.

Harness the power of this immutable law by learning how to take control of your thoughts and feelings. My favorite self-help book of all time Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone helped me to do just that.

When you chase away your negative thoughts by developing a positive mental attitude you immediately start to feel better. Then great things just seem to flow your way. But next time you’ll know that it isn’t just coincidence – it’s the law of cause & effect.

Quotes – *Hermes Trismegistus

All the best – Herb.

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