How To Use The Law Of Assumption

The Master Law Of Mind

Of all the universal laws that I have unearthed while digging up treasures of the mind, none have been more valuable than the law of assumption at transforming my life.

I was first learned about this great law while listening to Wayne Dyer’s audio program Wishes Fulfilled {<Free Video about it}. He discloses that the force behind all that you are or ever will be lies within your self-concept.

Everyone seems to have heard of the law of attraction because of The Secret  {<Free Copy} by Rhonda Byrne. But few people know about the law that is the medium by which you attract things into your life – the law of assumption.

When Dyer turned me onto one of his mentors – Neville Goddard, I immediately bought Neville’s 2 cd set The Power Of Awareness {<Free Audiobook}. Then after reading a couple of his self-help books, I wanted to study all things Neville, so I bought the consummate Neville Goddard-A Great American Mystic-The Complete Reader{<Free Copy} which includes all 10 of his books.

Change Your Self-Concept, And Change Your Life

In essence, you can not command things to appear by mere words or affirmations. Things come to you by what you believe yourself to be – your concept of yourself.

For example, tell yourself that you’re stupid, and you end up doing lots of stupid things. Conceive yourself to be brilliant, and you’ll do brilliant things. Rich or poor, brave or cowardly, great or mediocre, it all starts with what you believe yourself to be.

By consciously acting the part of, or by assuming the role of the type of person that you long to be, you set in motion the power of your subconscious mind which is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence {God}. Then you transcend the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Acting from the end is the beginning of your new life, and by consciously harnessing the power of assumption, you set in motion the law of attraction because thoughts and feelings are magnetic energy that attract like unto themselves.

Neville believed that we are all Gods. A bold statement indeed, but after meditating upon it, I realized that we do all have God-like powers.

Just like a spark has the same properties as the lightning bolt, we are all Creators. We create inventions, songs, books, and circumstances, etc. through the power of imagination.

Your Outer World Is A Reflection Of Your Inner World

By seeing and feeling life not as it appears to be on the physical plane, but as you desire it to be, you become one with your desires. By acting the part of the type of person that you long to be, by living from the end, your inner thoughts and feelings manifest your fulfilled desire.

Realize now that your outer world is just your mental activity made visible. Thoughts and feelings send out waves into the universe that magnetically attract whatever it is that you dwell upon back unto you.

By assuming that you are already the person that you desire to be, you transcend the bridge between where you are and where you want to be much quicker.

“When You Call Up At Will Whatsover Image You Please, When The Forms Of Your Imagination Are As vivid As The Forms of Nature, You Are Master Of Your Fate”*

To be realized, your wish must be felt as a state that is. This is the gift that Jesus gave to the world. This is “The truth that sets you free.”*


Regards, – Herb.

Quotes -*Neville Goddard, *John 8:32



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