The Greatest Secret

Imagine The Possibilities

Sitting atop his portable amp, Luca Amadeo gazed out upon the water. His skin tingled gratefully from the warm glow of the sun that rippled its reflection across the water. Overhead he saw a gaggle of geese flying in formation to some unknown destination.

He loved sitting by the lake playing guitar, enjoying nature, and contemplating what he had learned from all the self-help books that he had read.

Luca now felt that the greatest secret to transforming a person’s life was the law of assumption. And so, as he did with most things of value, Luca decided to master it.

He understood clearly what it took to excel at the guitar – practice, practice, practice. And the same was true of any other worthwhile endeavour.

The Law Of assumption

He first heard of the law of assumption by listening to Wishes Fulfilled {<Free video} by Wayne Dyer. In it Dyer quoted one of his major influences – the mystic Neville Goddard.

Intrigued by the ability to make his dreams come true, Luca bought an audio by Neville called The Power Of Awareness. {<Free copy} Then he bought a few books including the consummate Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader {<Free copy} which includes all ten of Neville’s books.

Neville professed that by frequently assuming the feeling of the type of person that you desire to be, that you would indeed become that person. And after giving it his best shot, Luca discovered that it really did work.

To change your life, you must change your inner talk, and your conception of yourself. Consciously trying to live your new conception of yourself in imagination was the key to fulfilling your desires.

Inner talk takes root in the dark soil of your mind. Then it grows outward into the light of day. Your self-talk should be that which would be yours if you had already realized your ideal.

By your new conception of yourself you are reborn in imagination. First, the ideal you is conceived then by ignoring the evidence of your senses, and by holding strong to the feeling of the future you, as though it was a present fact, your imaginings become your reality.

The Truth That Sets You Free

That was how to get what you pray for because your subconscious mind taps into the flow of the Universal Mind called God, and you then set in motion the law of attraction.

Sitting there by the lake, Luca reaffirmed his commitment to become the master of assumption. For therein lied the key to living his dreams. The seeds planted in his inner world would grow into his outer world.

On the opposite shore, a boy stopped along a trail to listen on the wind. He thought that he heard the sound of a guitar in the distance, but he wasn’t sure. Maybe, it was all in his mind, he thought to himself, because his heart ached to express itself through music, and he had always loved the sound of a guitar.

Feeling that it must be some kind of a sign, the boy rushed home. As he ran, he decided that he was going to take his savings and buy himself a guitar. Because, after all, deep down inside, he knew that he was a great guitarist.

“Imagination is all, and all is imagination” – Neville Goddard.

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.



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