The End Is The Beginning

The Past Is Dead

It doesn’t matter what you have been or what you are now. All that matters is what you want to be. Controlled imagination – thinking from the end – is the beginning of miracles.

There is no stopping the person who can think from the end because our world is a manifestation of the mental activity that goes on inside us.

It is through the controlled use of imagination that you can create the life that you’ve always dreamed of because the future becomes the present through the conscious direction of your imagination.

Break Free

Using the imagination masterfully, breaks the chains of bondage in the present and sets you on the road to freedom in the future.

Your internal compass urges you to follow your destiny. You’re here for a reason, and surely it is for much more than a life of mediocrity. Discover your life’s purpose then fuse yourself in imagination with what you know in your heart you were meant to be.

Take aim at what you want then transcend over the bridge of time and space to the end. Become conscious of the power of your imagination and you will be the master of your fate.

Truly living your dreams in imagination, frequently and with feeling will make them come true. Few people realize this great power.

Plant The Seed

It is our God given innate ability to plant the seed of desire in the fertile soil of our imagination. Then by watering and nurturing it daily, by living from the end, it will grow, blossom, and reach for the sun. Awaken to imagination and feel the presence of a higher power within you.

Just like your outer body must be exercised and directed, so must your inner body. The inner world of thought, feeling, and imagination exists on that higher plane that transforms lives.

Relax as though preparing for a nap, then go into the future in your mind and dwell there often. This inner journey must be directed. Define your dream life in detail then live it in imagination.

To realize that which you truly desire, you must start in your imagination , and despite the evidence of the senses, you must live from the end.

The key to living your life’s purpose is to focus your imagination on the feeling of your fulfilled desire. Travel along the highways of your inner world to your appointed destination. Then cross over the bridge of time and space where your fate has been waiting for you since the day you were born.

The Bottom Line

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