The Dickens Pattern

The End Is The Beginning

The humidity that night hung in the air with its menacing heat. Unable to sleep, I tossed and turned, thinking about how ridiculous my life had become. I thought that I had hit rock bottom before, but this was an all time low, and I felt that I couldn’t go on.

I got up, and sat on the edge of the bed. Looking at the clock – it was 3:30 am. Again my mind entertained thoughts of ending it all – the easy way out. But, as I discovered it wasn’t really that easy after all. I thought about my daughter and my aging parents. What about them? Just check out-adios-sorry, but I’m sick of it all-good luck.

I was in my forties already. Life seemed to be passing on by with unforgiving speed. The dreams of my youth had all but withered away. I was in debt, renting a basement suite, and my cousin was taking care of my kid. I didn’t have a girlfriend, but I didn’t really want one either because I always seemed to pick the wrong one.

I was addicted to cigarettes, and tended to smoke more when I was stressed, so I lit one up. I thought about writing my daughter a goodbye song, so I reached for my guitar. I wrote my song “Bound to Change” that night. Little did I know that in the writing of it that it would not only help me to make it through the night, but lead me onto the path of change.

Learn From The Past

Later that day I went and sat by the lake where I used to hang out when I was a teenager. I thought deeply about how my destiny had forever been altered by the decisions that I had made in those early years. Then I remembered back to to my mid twenties to a self-help audio program that I had listened to by Tony Robbins.

Sure, I had used some of its contents since then. Despite my bad habits, I exercised regularly. I had lived out west for many years where I completed a four year apprenticeship in carpentry. And I had started my own business. But that was about it.

I had also read a book by Robbins called Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy] which is one of my Top 10 self-help books. And sure enough here I was twenty years later calling upon its wisdom in my moments of reflection.

I also remembered listening to ” The Dickens Pattern” {<Free Audio}. Which was the perfect thing for me to think about as I sat by the lake. Lying back and closing my eyes,  like Scrooge in the Dickens classic, in my mind I traveled back in time.

Walk Away From The 97 Percent

When I was a teenager I gave into peer pressure. I mistakenly believed that it was cool and manly to smoke cigarettes. Smoking had cost me a small fortune since those days. I wish that I had heard Jim Rohn’s words back then…”Just walk away from the 97 %”.

In my mind, travelling back to the present moment, I felt the regret, shame, waste, and all of the health problems caused by smoking. A smoker’s hack is a daily ritual.

Then traveling into the future, I envisioned the doctor telling me why my lungs ached so much; the dreaded c-word – cancer. Which meant suffering then death. All because I wanted to appear cool to some teenagers who had all long since gone away.

Then I thought about how I would feel as the years passed by if I did quit smoking. I envisioned good health, happiness, confidence, and more money. I felt the pride of setting a good example for my daughter. And I felt the freedom of not being addicted.

The Bottom Line

To make a long story short. On that day I quit smoking by placing value on good health. Then I replaced my false belief that smoking was cool with my new cool – reading, learning, growing and improving. The Dickens Pattern literally scared the dickens out of me. And the writing of a song helped save my life.

The next day I went to the book store and bought my next self-help book. Then I started reading  lots of self-help books, which made my life worth living.

That was seven years ago, and I’ve read and listened to hundreds of self-help books & audios since then. I am not only out of debt, but I now own my own home, have solid long-term investments, and I am financially independent.

Shortly after that day I met my dream girl, and we’re still happy and in love. I am slim, fit, and healthy. I even do regular cardio-without hacking.

Yet, still something is missing. I wasted many of those early years, and seemed to have given up on my major dreams. But, when my mom died a year ago, ironically from a lung tumor because of smoking, it enlightened me.

The woman had talent. I look at some of her paintings that shall forever remain unfinished because she lacked the self discipline to finish them. And I know why. The same thing that holds most of us back from reaching for our dreams long enough to make them come true – our fears.

In my gratitude to the authors who wrote all those self-help books that changed my world, I want to give something back. I want to help others to see what I see.

There are very real universal laws of mind that are just as exact as the laws of mathematics. And by studying wealth, success, and happiness – you become those things.

I will heed the calling that beckons to me from within. And before my time is through, I will finish my masterpiece.

All the best – The Unknown Musician.


© 2017, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.


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