Mental & Emotional Vitamins & Minerals

Scientifically Speaking

It’s been scientifically proven that there’s a mind body connection that can deeply affect your physical health. “As you think, so you become” is not just a great Bruce Lee quote, but it’s a truism that affects every area of your life including your health.

I used to exercise and lift weights a lot. Yet, paradoxically, I smoked and didn’t always eat right. So, I took vitamin and mineral supplements regularly. And equally as important as taking a supplement in pill form is daily taking your mental & emotional vitamins & minerals.

The law of attraction proves that thought energy is sent out in vibrational waves that pull whatever it is that you dwell upon towards you. And feelings also send out powerful electromagnetic vibrations into the Infinite Intelligent energy of the universe.

Welcome The Disciplines

You can re-train your mind to entertain good thoughts and feel positive emotions. Like any habit, it takes time {21 days} to make it consistent. You can consciously develop the art of shaking off negative thoughts, by choosing to dwell upon positive ones by learning how to use the universal laws of mind.

In Think and Grow Rich {<Free Copy} Napoleon Hill, who studied and interviewed over 500 of the richest and most successful people of his generation, lists a positive mental attitude as the number one attribute of his 17 principles of success.

Number 1 on my Top 10 List of self-help books is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

And others such as Keys to Success – The 17 Principles Of Personal Achievement {<Free Audiobook} will help feed your mind with the vitamins and minerals that lead to success.

The Bottom Line

PMA is so powerful because thoughts and emotions vibrate out into the universe in waves, and magnetically attract like back upon themselves. Plus, when you have a PMA, you take action on your goals. And the ability to take action is what really separates people. It’s also what completes the miracle process.

Whereas if you think negatively about a project, you put it off, or do it poorly, or fail by not even beginning. Then the fear of failure causes the very thing that is feared because you don’t even try.

Physical health, of course is important, but equally as important is your mental and emotional health because it affects and can alter your physical health. Learn to use the law of gratitude, and you’ll feel healthier and more alive than ever before.

To me the choice is obvious – by learning how to exercise control over your mind is the best way to make all your dreams to come true.

Regards, – Herb



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