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How To Use The Law of Growth

Hardships Strengthen You

My studies of success and peak performance have taught me that life’s trials and tribulations are meant to make us better, smarter, and stronger. In fact, nothing truly great was ever achieved without a struggle.

When you think of your problems as stepping-stones to success, then each one that you overcome will lead you onward and upward toward your goal.

That’s why the masses put the great performers up on pedestals – because if it was easy to excel, then everyone would be doing it. But, it’s much easier to lie on the couch watching TV than to perform endless repetitions on that instrument that’s collecting dust in the corner of your room, isn’t it?

“Everything Is Learnable”*

It is much easier to live your life vicariously through others than to welcome the disciplines, but it leaves you feeling lousy about yourself. And you can never find true happiness if you don’t work on your life’s purpose. The reason for that is because deep down inside you know that you were meant for more.

All human beings have the same type of nervous system. Therefore, you can be, at least, equally as good as anyone else at whatever you desire to accomplish.

Through NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement  {<Free Audiobook} which is on My Top 10 List, you too can learn how to model human excellence.

The Law Of Nature Is To Grow

But, life’s hardships and struggles can force us to move forward when we are comfortable just as we are. Indeed, from the moment we are born, life itself is a struggle, and the greatest rewards go to those who meet those difficulties head on, overcome then, and rise on to meet the next challenge.

The strongest trees in the forest are not those that are protected from the wind, rain, and snow. In fact, the strongest trees in the forest are those that must struggle against the elements in order to survive.

When you boldly meet hardships head on, you eventually become their master. And by learning how to climb above every peak, you tap into your inner strength. Then you develop enough wisdom to conquer all that life hurls at you.

The Seed Of Greatness

From the moment that we’re born until our death, life is a series of events that are linked together to form a chain. Inside every hardship, if you look for it, is the seed of benefit. Be it rooted in lessons, putting things in perspective, or just being grateful for what you already have.

The experience and education that we receive from our hardships is cumulative. With every adversity we get a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser.  Struggle toughens the human spirit because it forces us to move forward.

In Pushing To The Front {<Free Audiobook} by Orison Swett Marden, he shares many tales of great accomplishments by those who overcame many hardships in order to achieve success, and in so doing, forever changed the world.

In fact, Marden’s first final draft of this self-help book was burned along with several of his real-estate holdings. But, instead of being ruined, Marden locked himself in a small room, and living on only pennies a day, re-wrote this classic life changer.

“I Got Stones In My Passway, And My Road Seem Dark As Night”**

Realize that what makes rivers crooked will do the same to you – the path of least resistance. Instead, harness this force of nature, and with the strength of character that can only come from struggle, go with the flow, and accept hardships for what they truly are – opportunities.

Once you accept the broader purpose of life, you can then also accept, and even welcome the circumstances that make you struggle. And by embracing life’s hardships, rather than avoiding them, you too can use them to learn, grow, and reach for the sun.

Realize that every bad situation could be worse – like the man who cursed God because he had no shoes, until he met a man who had no feet.

Do this and shape your own destiny, rather than drift along at the mercy of adversity. and remember “there’s no great fun, satisfaction or joy derived from doing something that’s easy.”***

I know that you can do it too, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Brian Tracy, **Robert Johnson lyrics to “Stones In My Passway” < Eric Clapton’s version.

***John Wooden


Sincerity Of Purpose

See Your Target

In order to achieve success, you must first establish your definite major purpose. And your odds of making that dream come true will be in proportion to your sincerity in providing others with a better product or service.

Sincerity of purpose pays off in self-respect. And when you conduct your life with integrity, and stay congruent with your greater purpose, you tap into the depths of your mind that will help guide you to wealth, fame, and true success.

When Abraham Lincoln was told that his enemies were saying horrible things about him behind his back, he said, “I don’t care what they say, so long as they’re not telling the truth.” – Indeed Abe.

Sincerity of purpose depends on your motives. Therefore, it’s something that others question before granting you their time, thoughts, or money.

Don’t Expect Something For Nothing

Before starting out on any course of action, ask yourself what your motives are. Of course, you’re right to seek out some personal gain in any worthwhile endeavour, but you must also create value for others.

Sincerity of purpose is one of the hardest things to prove to others, but you must be willing and eager to do so. When you do your best to help others and to make a difference in their lives, you cast a spell that sets in motion many laws of mind, especially the law of cause and effect.

Plant The Seed In Your Mind

A great example is Martha Berry, the founder of a school for poor children whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for their education.

Keeping the school afloat financially was hard in the early days. But fortunately, Martha was able to arrange an appointment with the legendary Henry Ford. Yet unfortunately, Ford refused to give her a donation.

Martha then asked him if he would give her a bushel of peanuts. And Ford, so amused by her request, decided to give her the money for the peanuts.

Martha then helped her students to plant, replant, and sell the peanuts for profit until they had accumulated a considerable amount of money.

Then she went back to Ford and showed him how much she had multiplied his small donation. Impressed, Ford then donated enough tractors and other farm equipment to make her school/farm self-supportive.

And as the years passed by, Ford ended up giving her over one million dollars to help build the beautiful stone buildings that adorned the campus.

A Worthy Pursuit Wins The Day

When asked about it, Ford said, “I couldn’t help being impressed with her sincerity and the marvelous way she applied it on behalf of needy boys and girls.”

Martha’s belief in her purpose was so strong that by her sincerity of purpose she persuaded the reluctant Ford to do what at first he refused to do by showing him that she was on a mission so worthy that she would never succumb to adversity.

In NLP: The New technology Of Achievement {<Free Audiobook}, which is one of my Top 10 Self-Help books, they show you how to discover and remain congruent with your mission in life just like Martha did.

The Tough Get Going

When the going gets tough, and it always does, your sincerity of purpose will help you to ride out the storm. When you know in your heart that you’re providing real value, your purpose will eventually become self-evident to others.

By proving that you have a sincere desire to help people, you can achieve your life’s purpose and all of your personal goals. But more than that, since wealth is a relative thing, you’ll find lasting peace within yourself. And that goes well beyond the monetary because it is truly… priceless.

Regards, – Herb.



How To Live Your Own Life

Live Your Dream

Throughout our lives we are often subject to the pressures of what our family, friends, and society expect of us. But when we live our life trying to please others, we suffer from the inner conflict between what we want to be and what others want us to be. And you will never find happiness and peace of mind by living your life for others.

The majority of the masses live lives of mediocrity. They take their place in line while they put celebrities up on pedestals as though they were some kind of special beings. We talk about them enviously and admire their spoils of victory: wealth, fame, and freedom.

For the most part, the only real difference between us and them is that they took consistent action towards working on their dreams.

Yet the Creator gave each of us the power over our own mind. Freedom to think our thoughts, and to live our lives without interference from others comes to all those who rise above the herd.

Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

You too can lift yourself to great heights of achievement in any field by claiming that it will be so. A genius takes possession of their mind and directs it toward their chosen goals without permitting influences to interfere.

We all know the stories of famous people who turned hardship into opportunity. Those who overcame many obstacles to achieve wealth and fame. They became the captains of industry and forever changed the world.

But there are many more lesser-known human beings who refuse to accept defeat. They refuse to resign themselves to the vast majority who merely eke out a living in misery. For that way lies madness, disappointment, and failure.

Keep Hope Alive

Don’t settle for less than you want to be because when you do, you settle for far less than you are capable of. You have at your command more power than any computer – your mind. And with it you can claim your birthright as an incredible human being.

Take that spark of desire that burns within you and breath life into it. Read the self-help books, study your calling, chip away at the stone. That’s how masterpieces are created – one step at a time, one day at a time, one dream at a time.

If you enjoy a reasonable degree of health then you’ve got it made. Think of others like Becca Schofield and be grateful for what you do have. Then strive to improve your lot in life.

Dare To Be Crazy

In Keys to Success: The 17 Principles Of Personal Achievement {<Free Copy}, Napoleon Hill tells the story about how Walter P. Chrysler took all of his life savings, and went to an auto show to buy a brand new car.

Then he took the car home and proceeded to take it completely apart. Then he put it back together again. Needless to say, everyone thought that he was crazy, especially when he did it over and over again many times.

But Chrysler had vision. He thoroughly learned every aspect of the automobile until he was able to come up with ways of improving upon it. And nobody ever heard of those who scoffed at him, but the world will always remember Walter for his genius.

In fact, my work vehicle is a Chrysler PT Cruiser, and my leisure car is a Chrysler 300c. I only drive Chryslers because I love them, and it’s all thanks to “crazy” Walter P. Chrysler being crazy….like a fox.

Regards, – Herb.