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You Are A Shooting Star

“When The Night Is Darkest, The Stars Come Out”*

Luca had always been haunted by a longing to play the guitar. Sure, he was a good carpenter, and a conscientious worker, but his heart had never really been in it.

His artistic nature had always yearned for its expression, and his work had begun to feel like drudgery, and his whole soul, he had began to loathe it. But, he was afraid.

He was afraid of giving up his job security, and risking it all on his pipe dreams of being a musician. He had always taken his place in line with the rest of the herd. He had conformed to the conditioning and rules of society. Yet, he had usually been miserable in doing so.

He kept wanting to break away from the pack, to live his own life, and follow the longings of his ambition, but he was too afraid of the hardships and obstacles that he would have to encounter if he answered the call that ran in his blood.

Sure, he chipped away at the stone, practicing the guitar here and there, just enough to keep his dreams alive – in broken bits and pieces, in stolen moments of time.

But, he had given up his best energy to make a living instead of designing a life. He had spent the better part of his youth conforming to the design that the so called system had imposed upon him.

He kept waiting for an opportunity to break free until finally his ambition had withered away like a flower out of water. But, now that the doctor had told him the horrible news, he realized fully that he had never expressed the real meaning of his life.

He had never dared to reach for the highest that was within him, settling instead, like so many do, for a life of mediocrity. Settling for less than he knew that he was capable of.

His great unsatisfied ambition had always seemed to mock him. And all the more, now that he knew that he was dying.

But, now things were oh so different. Nothing else seemed to matter, but somehow leaving his mark upon the world. Some kind of legacy left behind as a memoir of his time here on earth.

Picking up his guitar and portable amp, Luca headed downtown. He felt like a caged eagle that had suddenly been set free.

When he got to the subway station, he plugged his guitar into the amp and just started playing. He let his heart soar as the people passing by occasionally stopped to throw a coin into his guitar case, to listen, and to reflect.

Nothing else mattered anymore. He was here now, and as he played Luca left the third dimension of time and space and rose above himself. Looking down at himself playing, he felt complete.

And he thought to himself, this thing within that beckons us to aim higher, this God-given talent, is a prophecy of what our life can be, and ought to be. 

Everyday for several months, Luca went to the subway and played his heart out. Until one day a young lady who had secretly had a crush on him was on her way to work, and she noticed that he wasn’t there.

She never did see Luca again, but everyday she remembered his deep soulful playing. And when she did, she wondered what had become of him, and she always regretted not telling him how she felt.

But, for the rest of her time, wherever she went, when she listened on the wind, she could still hear him play.

What about you my friend? Cherish your dreams and do your best to make them real before it’s too late. Because after all, you too are a …shooting star.

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Ralph Waldo Emerson