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Is There Really A God?

In The Beginning

It’s always been hard for me to just blindly follow the accepted theological creeds without question. So, due to my studies into the laws of mind, the cosmos, science, and quantum physics, I had to search beyond the established religious constraints for a better understanding into the first cause of things.

In my quest to find out if there really is a God, I have found the answer which, because there’s much more to the universe than meets the eye, is an unequivocal yes.

The Nucleus Of All Life

There is an intelligent energy that permeates all things, everywhere, and at all times. And because of human beings need to put labels on things, we have given this intelligent energy the name of God. Although it has been called several other names, for my purpose I will call it God.

With that said, God is the silent power that is behind all things. God is always ready to spring into expression when given the proper channels, which are positive and receptive faith in the evidence of things not yet seen by the physical eye.

Because Jesus understood and knew how to use the universal laws of mind, people thought that he was God. But he was a manifestation of God, as are we all. Just like a spark has the same properties as a lightning bolt, we also have the inherent power of creativity within us all.

It was Jesus who taught us how to get what you pray for in Mark 11:24. “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Imagination Is Creation

Thought is not just a form of energy, it’s also the form of all things. Every invention that you now see around you was first an image in the inventor’s imagination before it was made tangible on the physical plane. And so it is with all forms of art, music, architecture, and the sciences.

God – this Infinite Intelligent energy, this Universal Mind, was the first cause. From whence He came I know not, yet I don’t need to understand all there is to know about electricity in order to flick the switch and get the light.

God is the Creator of all things because He is the core of living energy that permeates all things. And we are all a part of this living energy.

Life After Death

Because there can be no such thing as dead matter, when our physical bodies leaves this world, our spiritual core energy will live on because energy can never die. Therefore, we are everlasting.

This is a mathematically proven scientific fact substantiated by Einstein‘s E=mc2. Basically, energy and matter are interchangeable, and both coexist in one form or the other throughout the universe.

“The Truth That Sets You Free”*

Jesus gave us “the truth that sets you free”, yet few among us actually understand this truth. Even many preachers mistakenly believe this to mean that we must seek the word of God.

Although understanding the gospel is a noble pursuit, in my post The Law Of Assumption, I quote my favorite mystic Neville Goddard  from his self-help classic The Power Of Awareness. {<Free audiobook} to best explains this truth…

“The truth that sets you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination, your desire will become an actuality.”

The Flow Of Universal Mind

God the Creator flows through us and everything, and so within you is the innate ability to tap into the power of creation through The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free copy} by Joseph Murphy.

The person who learns how to control their thoughts can be, do, and have what they wish, and virtually everything is theirs’ for the asking. The Divine Mind Of God that permeates all things is here for us. God wants us to come to him for help and guidance because he truly is our father. Wouldn’t you do your best to help your child?

There were many who mocked Jesus and the word of God that he spoke. But, I never preach. I only share my beliefs which are based upon hundreds of self-help, philosophical, and scientific books and audio programs that I have studied, memorized, and meditated upon.

If this subject interests you, please check out:

And so it is that in a deep sense of gratitude I send my thoughts out into the universe, knowing that they will come back to me in time, laden with the fruits of the Spirit unto which they were sent. And to you I can only reiterate my motto…do your own thing.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes: – * John 8:32




The Whipping Post

“Sometimes I feel, Sometimes I Feel,*

I choose to believe that Jesus Christ was a real person. Carbon DNA testing proves that the bones reputed to be from John The Baptist were dated from a time and place that John would have existed, and he was the cousin of Jesus.

And after immersing myself in the teachings of Neville Goddard who wrote The Power Of Awareness {<Free Copy} which is on my top 10 list of best self-help books, I saw the deeper meaning behind many of the parables in The Bible {<Free Copy}.

For instance, I understand that the truth that sets you free, which is talked about in The Bible, is also the secret of how to get what you pray for, and how to use the law of assumption.

Like I Been Tied To The Whippin’ Post“*

It seems that whenever I turn the nightly news on, there’s always some group of people demonstrating or complaining about their lot in life, and I’m usually the stereotypical type of person that they’re whining about.

For instance, because I’m a white, heterosexual, English speaking man – African Americans dislike me because I’m white, gay people dislike me because I’m straight, here in Quebec, Frenchmen hate me because I’m English, and of course women dislike me because I’m a man.

And they all have some agency or advocacy that they can file charges with if I call them a slang name, or flirt with a pretty lady at work. Not that I would be so insensitive as to do so, yet what about me? I don’t have an agency that I can run to.

“Tied To The whippin’ Post“*

I grew up in Quebec during a time that the FLQ were bombing, kidnapping, and killing innocent people because they wanted to separate from the rest of Canada, so that their french heritage would be respected.

And in Quebec the license plates read, “Je Me Souvien”  Which means – “I remember”.

Of course, during the Oka crisis, the Frenchman wanted to rip up an ancient Native American ancestral burial ground to build a golf course – so much for respecting the heritage of others. Then they killed several of the Native Americans who had every reason to stand in their way.

Unfortunately, I worked with several Frenchman at that time, and I had to listen to them complain about the “stupid Indians”on a daily basis. I also worked beside a french separatist who laughingly called me a, “moudsi bloke” for eight years. That’s french slang for “fu#@ing Englishman.”

“Tied To The Whippin’ Post“*

I also grew up subjected to their prejudice because my mother tongue is English. I listened to them whine about wanting to separate from the rest of Canada, even though they get more Federal tax breaks and benefits than any of the other provinces, and two-thirds of Quebec is still native land, which of course, they have tied up in the claims courts for centuries.

Anyways, I don’t throw a parade to shout to the world that I prefer the doggy style position because nobody really cares what I like to do sexually except my partner, so I usually keep it to myself.

I also believe that if a woman works as hard and as skilled as I do, then she should get paid the same. Yet, I know that there are plenty of self-made millionaire and billionaire women who made their own way in life – against the odds. And you don’t see them taking a day off of work to hold a sign and demonstrate, “Whoa is me!”

Plus, I’ve never enslaved or lynched anybody, and I never would. Yet, I remember getting in an argument at work once with an African American concerning a mistake he made. Then he called me a “honky” and went to the boss, and played the race card, which had nothing at all to do with it, yet I had to take crap for it anyway, probably because the boss himself was East Indian.

“Good Lord, I Feel Like I’m Dyin'”

Anyways, when I think about how Jesus was tortured and crucified because He went against the religious hypocrites of that time by spreading the word that we are all created equal, and that we all have the God-like powers within our own minds to virtually be, do, and have whatsoever we choose to be, do, and have, I rise above the narrow minded pettiness of those who complain about how things are, instead of paying the price to make things the way they want them to be.

My motto is,”do your own thing”, but that’s as long as you don’t hurt another person. I’ve been called many bad names in my life, but I don’t really care what anyone calls me because it’s just words.

Besides, if it’s not the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or your gender, then it’s the language that your parents raised you to speak. Either way, some people that were brainwashed by their parents to hate others just can’t seem to think for themselves, and take others individually.

I know who and what I am, and I might not have an agency to complain to when some dumb-ass french separatist calls me a moudsi bloke, or when I’m called a honky, but then again even if I had one, I would still choose to rise above those who would love to crucify me and like Jesus say, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes, – *The Allman Brothers Band.