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Mental & Emotional Vitamins & Minerals

“The First Wealth Is Health”*

Science has proven that there’s a mind body connection that deeply affects your physical health. “As you think, so you become” is not just a great Bruce Lee quote, it’s also a truism that affects every area of your life including your health.

I’ve almost always exercised regularly, and I used to lift weights a lot. I also studied nutrition, and when you have a lot of muscle mass, you need extra nutrients that you don’t always get by eating. So, I took vitamin and mineral supplements daily.

Because of the mind body connection, it’s just as important to take a daily dose of mental & emotional vitamins & minerals.

“He Who Has Health Has Hope; And He Who Has Hope, Has Everything”*

Quantum physics proves that thoughts emit energy in vibrational waves that magnetize whatever you dwell upon towards you. Feelings also send out powerful electromagnetic vibes into the quantum field.

By re-training your mind to entertain mostly good thoughts, you’ll subsequently feel mostly positive emotions. Therefore, you’ll attract good things.

Like everything else, it takes 21 days to make it a habit. You can consciously develop the art of shaking off negative thoughts, by choosing to entertain positive ones instead.

After interviewing and analyzing over 500 incredibly wealthy and successful people, Napoleon Hill put having a positive mental attitude as number 7 of his Keys To Success:17 Principles Of Personal Achievement. {<Free Copy}

My favorite self-help book is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.

These two classics can help feed your mind with the positive vitamins and minerals that will lead to success.

“Life is A Mirror And Will Reflect Back To The Thinker What He Thinks Into It”*

When you have a PMA, you become enthusiastic, and start working on your goals. And taking action is what separates people, and completes the miracle process.

Conversely, by thinking negatively about a project, you either put it off, do it poorly, or fail by not even getting started. Then the fear of failure causes the very thing that is feared to happen, because you don’t even try.

Physical health is important, but just as important is your mental & emotional health because of how it affects your physical health.

Personally, I’ve found that when I’m grateful for what I have, I instantly have a PMA, and then I feel healthier and more alive than ever before.

By learning how to exercise control over your thoughts, you’ll become happier and more grateful. Then you’re life will get better, and you’ll be healthier too.

It’s more important than going to the gym, and It’s also the smart thing to do.

All the best, – Herb

Quotes – *Ralph Waldo Emerson, *Thomas Carlyle, *Norman Vincent Peale




Top 10 Health Tips

The best prescription for good health is the power of the mind mixed with good nutrition and exercise.

As Emerson said, “The first wealth is health”.

If you smoke, drink too much, take drugs, or overeat then the best thing that you can do for your health is…

1 – Quit Your Bad Habits

I used to lift a lot of weights, but the past 5 years or so I’ve diversified. It’s more fun and not as tedious. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, but you do need to…

2 – Exercise Regularly

  • Take a brisk 30 minute walk every 2 days
  • Listen to music or a self-help cd while you do
  • Get a yoga or tai chi dvd
  • Jillian Michaels’ dvds are great
  • Do callisthenics at home
  • Go swimming
  • Play a sport with friends
  • Diversify to keep it interesting
  • Don’t do too much too fast
  • *Do the 21 day fix – 30 minute exercise routines & nutrition

3 – Breathe deeply

  • From the diaphragm
  • Hold it for 5 seconds
  • Then exhale fully
  • Hang upside down to activate lymph nodes
  • I use an inversion table

4 – Meditate morning and night

5 – Drink at least 1 smoothie per day

If you need to …

6 – Lose weight

  • Do all of the above
  • Eat lots of salads & fruit
  • Read Eat To Live {<Free Copy} by Joel Fuhrman M.D.
  • Plus the 21 day fix – the best weight loss program
  • Never eat past 8 pm
  • Chew slower
  • Get a photo of someone with the body you’d like to have & look at it often
  • Visualize yourself slimmer
  • Tell yourself “nothing tastes as good as slim feels”
  • Drink 8 cups of distilled or mineral water per day

7 – Take vitamin & mineral supplements

  • One a day type
  • Plus iron for ladies
  • Plus saw palmetto for men
  • But don’t take beta carotene or vitamin A

8 – Drink lots of tea

  • Not too much caffeine
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Teas have powerful antioxidants
  • Limit coffee to 2 per day plus 1 decaf maximum

9 – Get at least 6 – 8 hours sleep

10 – Think good health

All the best, – Herb.



“The Dickens Pattern”

The End Is The Beginning

The humidity hung in the air with its menacing heat. Unable to sleep, I tossed and turned, thinking about how ridiculous my life had become. I thought that I had hit bottom before, but this was an all time low, and I felt that I couldn’t go on.

Getting up, I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the clock – 3:30 am. Again I thought about ending it all – the easy way out, but as I discovered, it wasn’t really that easy after all.

I thought about my daughter and my aging parents. What about them? Just check out-adios-sorry, but I’m sick of it all-good luck.

I was in my forties already. Life seemed to be passing on by with unforgiving speed. The dreams of my youth had all but withered away.

I was in debt, renting a basement suite, and my cousin was taking care of my kid. I didn’t have a girlfriend, but then again I didn’t really want one either because I always seemed to pick the wrong one.

I was addicted to cigarettes, and tended to smoke more when I was stressed, so I lit one up. I decided to write my daughter a goodbye song, so I reached for my guitar.

I ended up getting lost in the writing of my song “Bound to Change” that night. Which helped me to make it through the night, and also lead me to the path of change.

Learn From The Past

Later that day I went and sat by the lake where I used to hang out as a teenager. I Thought about how my destiny had been altered by the decisions that I made in those early years.

Then I remembered a self-help audio program by Tony Robbins that I had listened to many times in my mid twenties. Sure, I had used some of its content since then:

Despite my bad habits, I had almost always exercised regularly. I lived out west for years where I became a journeyman carpenter and master tradesman, and I had started my own business. But, that was it.

I had also memorized a book by Robbins called Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy] which is on my list of Top 10 self-help books. And here I was over two decades later calling upon its wisdom.

Then I remembered ” The Dickens Pattern” {<Free Audio}. And as I sat by the lake, I lied back, closed my eyes, and traveled back in time.

Walk Away From The 97 Percent

As a teen I had given into peer pressure, falsely believing that it was cool to smoke. But since then smoking had cost me a small fortune. I wish that I’d heard Jim Rohn’s words back then.

In my mind I travelled back to the present moment, feeling the full brunt of regret, shame, waste, and of all the health problems caused by smoking – a smoker’s hack is a daily ritual.

Then travelling into the future, I envisioned the doctor telling me that I had the dreaded c-word – cancer. Suffering and death, all because I wanted to appear cool to some teenagers, who had all long since gone away.

Then I thought deeply about how I would feel as the years passed by if I did quit smoking. I envisioned good health, happiness, confidence, and more money. I felt the pride of setting a good example for my kid, and felt the freedom of no longer being addicted.

“Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease”*

On that day I quit smoking by placing more value on my health. I consciously replaced my ridiculous belief that smoking was cool with my new cool – reading, learning, and growing as a human being.

The Dickens Pattern literally scared the dickens out of me, and the writing of a song helped save my life. But I realize now that subconsciously I wanted the change to happen.

Then I went to the bookstore, and bought my first self-help book in over twenty years. Since then I’ve read and listened to hundreds of self-help books & audios.

I’m now out of debt, I own my own home, have solid long-term investments, and am financially independent.

I also attracted a super nice, beautiful lady, and we are still happy and in love over eight years later.

I’m slim, fit, and healthy. I do regular cardio, and I eat really well since I read Eat To Live {<Free Copy} by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Still, something was missing. I wasted many of those early years, and had given up on my dreams, but, when my mom died two years ago, ironically because of a lung tumor from smoking, it enlightened me.

The woman had talent. I look at some of her paintings that shall forever remain unfinished because she lacked the self-discipline to finish them, and I now understand why.

The same thing that holds most people back from reaching for their dreams long enough to make them come true – “Fear is the mind-killer”*

In gratitude to all the authors who wrote those self-help books that changed my world, I want to give something back. I want to help others to see what I see.

There are very real universal laws of mind that are just as exact as the law of electricity. And you don’t need to know everything about electricity in order to flick the switch and get the light.

So just open the circuit in your mind to the power of the quantum field that’s all around you, and reap the harvest.

I will heed the calling that beckons from within, by chipping away at the stone, day by day. And before my time is through, I will finish my masterpiece.

All the best – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Hippocrates, *Frank Herbert