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How To Use The Law Of Attraction

“All That We Are Is A Result Of What We Have Thought”*

Deciding to master the law of attraction instead of being a slave to it, is the wisest investment of your time and effort that you could ever make.

This powerful force of nature can give you the God-like power to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of. By harnessing its power, and making subtle changes internally – you’ll change your world externally

The changes that occur will cause a shift in your awareness that digs deep into your soul. By literally transcending the airwaves with your thoughts and feelings, you’ll cross over the bridge of the space-time continuum to manifest the future of your desires.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”*

Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is at work everywhere, all the time. And just like Earl Nightingale said in The Strangest Secret {<Free Audio} “We become what we think about”.

Therein lies the key to the law of attraction; whatever you dwell upon, you manifest into your life. Whatever you focus your thoughts & feelings on will come back to you.

The Easiest And The Best Way To Get Rich Is To Study Wealth

Focus on abundance, and you’ll attract abundance and opportunities. Conversely, worryy about debt and lack, and you’ll attract more of the same.

One of the best self-help books to help develop a money consciousness is T. Harv Eker’sSecrets Of The Millionaire Mind {<Free Copy}.

With your thoughts and feelings you create your future. Learn how to use this law consciously along with the law of gratitude, and good fortune will just flow your way.

Like Thoughts Attract Like Things

Positive thoughts and feelings attract positive things into your life. That’s why Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} that having a positive mental attitude is at the top of the list of his 17 success principles.

That’s why Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude  {<Free Audio} by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone is my favorite self-help book.

Science proves that everything is energy. Even brain waves and feelings emit magnetic energy that attracts like unto themselves.

This is why being grateful for what you already have is the best way to attract even more things to be grateful for.

And by being grateful for what you ask for, as though you’ve already received it, is how to get what you pray for.

Use the law of assumption by acting the part of the type of person you want to be, and you’ll set in motion the law of attraction.

Thought vibrations attract back on the same frequency that they’re sent out. It’s like changing a TV channel – you wouldn’t sit there watching a movie that you didn’t like, so don’t set your internal vibes to anything that you don’t want to experience in your life.

You’re Made From The Same Energy As The Stars In The Night’s Sky

Like a spark has the same properties as the lightning bolt. You are a part of the Infinite Intelligence, so you have similar creative powers.

This is why an intense desire to accomplish something has greater magnetic pull than mere wishing, and taking action TNT {today not tomorrow} completes the miracle process.

Whatever’s going on in your life is a direct result of your past thoughts, feelings, and actions – or lack thereof. So if you don’t like your life, take responsibility, change your thoughts, then your life will change.

Put Your Goals In Writing

Less than 3% of the population put their goals in writing. And this same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined.

Use the power of affirmations and the mirror technique as described in The Magic Of Believing {<Free Copy} by Claude Bristol.

Meditate upon and visualize what you want often, especially in the morning, and at night just before falling asleep.

Pray to your subconscious and to your God for guidance and help. Then let the ideas just flow to you from out of the blue. Don’t question how things will come to you, just have faith that they will come.

Questions Are The Answer

For example, ask yourself what you have to be grateful for, then come up with a list, and you’ll instantly transform your state to one of gratitude. Then you’ll get even more to be grateful for.

Dial in the laws of attraction, assumption, and gratitude together, and tune out thoughts of poverty, doubt, and failure, and …the world is yours…

All the best – Herb.

Quotes – *Buddha, & *Walt Disney






How To Use The Law Of Gratitude

The Attitude Of Gratitude

You always get more of what you focus on, so being sincerely grateful for what you already have in your life is the best way to attract and receive even more to be grateful for.

There are certain attitudes of mind that when fostered on a regular bases make a huge difference in people’s lives. And the greatest of all is the attitude of gratitude.

Think about it. When you do something for someone, or give something to someone, isn’t it true that the more grateful they are – the more likely you are to do it again? And so it is with the universal laws of mind and Infinite Intelligence.

The more grateful you feel, the more you’ll set in motion the law of attraction, and then the Infinite Intelligence called God will send you even more to be grateful for.

This is why we are told “In all things be grateful.”*This is the magic key to abundance. Be grateful for what you do have, and then also be grateful for what you want as though you already have received it. This is how to use the law of assumption and how to get what you pray for.

Questions Are The answer

Because your thoughts are reflected in your feelings, the best way to feel grateful is to ask yourself what you have to be grateful for. The bigger the list that you come up with, the more grateful you’ll feel. Then the more you’ll receive to be grateful for.

You can direct your thoughts like you steer a car, so steer your mind in the direction that you want your life to go in.

Most people know that trying to train yourself to exercise regularly is a worthy endeavour that few can master, but by far, the best training that you could ever ensue upon is training your mind to be grateful. And you don’t have to drag yourself to the gym to do it.

Just give and feel thanks continuously. You can even be grateful for some of the bad things that have happened to you by learning from them, and then by finding a way to turn them around and give them positive meaning.

The worst things that ever happen to you, could be the best things that ever happen to you, if they help you to get to the day that turns your life around.{<Free Video} by Jim Rohn

The true value of gratitude does not just lie in the accumulation of more

The best thing about being grateful is that it helps you to be satisfied and happy with the way things are in the present. And since your present thoughts and feelings are the causes that will effect your future, if you are unsatisfied and ungrateful with your present lot in life – you only get even more of it in the future.

There is so much to be grateful for in this day and age. Even many poor people today have more than the richest people did a hundred years ago and beyond: computers, cell phones, TVs, airplanes, etc., etc. But most of all, modern medicine has increased the average life expectancy many fold.

And truly the greatest gift that we have to be grateful for is the gift of time.

I’ve enclosed links to FREE books in My Top 10 Self-Help Books On The Fine Art Of Gratitude below including:

Thanks so very much. – Herb.

Quotes – * Thessalonians 5:18