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Is There Really A God?

In The Beginning

It’s always been hard for me to just blindly follow the accepted theological creeds without question. So, due to my studies into the laws of mind, the cosmos, science, and quantum physics, I had to search beyond the established religious constraints for a better understanding into the first cause of things.

In my quest to find out if there really is a God, I have found the answer which, because there’s much more to the universe than meets the eye, is an unequivocal yes.

The Nucleus Of All Life

There is an intelligent energy that permeates all things, everywhere, and at all times. And because of human beings need to put labels on things, we have given this intelligent energy the name of God. Although it has been called several other names, for my purpose I will call it God.

With that said, God is the silent power that is behind all things. God is always ready to spring into expression when given the proper channels, which are positive and receptive faith in the evidence of things not yet seen by the physical eye.

Because Jesus understood and knew how to use the universal laws of mind, people thought that he was God. But he was a manifestation of God, as are we all. Just like a spark has the same properties as a lightning bolt, we also have the inherent power of creativity within us all.

It was Jesus who taught us how to get what you pray for in Mark 11:24. “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Imagination Is Creation

Thought is not just a form of energy, it’s also the form of all things. Every invention that you now see around you was first an image in the inventor’s imagination before it was made tangible on the physical plane. And so it is with all forms of art, music, architecture, and the sciences.

God – this Infinite Intelligent energy, this Universal Mind, was the first cause. From whence He came I know not, yet I don’t need to understand all there is to know about electricity in order to flick the switch and get the light.

God is the Creator of all things because He is the core of living energy that permeates all things. And we are all a part of this living energy.

Life After Death

Because there can be no such thing as dead matter, when our physical bodies leaves this world, our spiritual core energy will live on because energy can never die. Therefore, we are everlasting.

This is a mathematically proven scientific fact substantiated by Einstein‘s E=mc2. Basically, energy and matter are interchangeable, and both coexist in one form or the other throughout the universe.

“The Truth That Sets You Free”*

Jesus gave us “the truth that sets you free”, yet few among us actually understand this truth. Even many preachers mistakenly believe this to mean that we must seek the word of God.

Although understanding the gospel is a noble pursuit, in my post The Law Of Assumption, I quote my favorite mystic Neville Goddard  from his self-help classic The Power Of Awareness. {<Free audiobook} to best explains this truth…

“The truth that sets you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination, your desire will become an actuality.”

The Flow Of Universal Mind

God the Creator flows through us and everything, and so within you is the innate ability to tap into the power of creation through The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free copy} by Joseph Murphy.

The person who learns how to control their thoughts can be, do, and have what they wish, and virtually everything is theirs’ for the asking. The Divine Mind Of God that permeates all things is here for us. God wants us to come to him for help and guidance because he truly is our father. Wouldn’t you do your best to help your child?

There were many who mocked Jesus and the word of God that he spoke. But, I never preach. I only share my beliefs which are based upon hundreds of self-help, philosophical, and scientific books and audio programs that I have studied, memorized, and meditated upon.

If this subject interests you, please check out:

And so it is that in a deep sense of gratitude I send my thoughts out into the universe, knowing that they will come back to me in time, laden with the fruits of the Spirit unto which they were sent. And to you I can only reiterate my motto…do your own thing.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes: – * John 8:32




Is There Life After Death?

“If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again?”*

In some cultures they actually celebrate the death of a loved one because they believe that the person’s spirit is moving on to another plane – the next stage of life.

A Star Is Born

Every year all around the world we celebrate Christmas on December 25th because it represents the birth of Jesus Christ. And every year in April we celebrate Easter, which represents the rising from the dead of Jesus Christ.

No matter what name you give to it, all religions are built upon the belief in some kind of a Higher Power. I choose to call it God.

The Lawman Cometh

My in depth studies into the universal laws of mind have taught me that there are many powerful unseen forces that govern all of our lives. Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware that these laws exist, and so they live there lives unfulfilled; never really finding their purpose or living their dreams.

There are billions of electromagnetic waves and frequencies that pass through the air that remain unseen by the human eye. But, even though we can’t see them, they are still very real. Humans don’t really understand how those waves, frequencies, and laws exist, but we don’t really need to.

If we want to listen to a certain program on the radio, we tune the dial until we get the frequency that we want. We also don’t need to know everything that there is to know about electricity in order to flick the switch and get the light.

In like manner, you don’t need to fully understand why the law of assumption works in order to harness its power to get what you pray for. You just need to act as though you already have what you desire, which then sets in motion the law of attraction to send you what you want.

Scientifically Speaking

Joseph R. Murphy who wrote The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free copy} which is #4 on my top 10 list of self-help books, was more than just an author, he was also a New Thought minister. And Murphy believed that God is Life, and that Life, or God, had no beginning, and therefore has no ending.

He’s right because God is an Infinite Intelligent energy that permeates all things. And Albert Einstein proved mathematically that energy and matter are interchangeable. In other words, energy turns into matter and vice versa, so since we have electromagnetic energy at our core – we are everlasting.

The Journey Of death Is A Glorious Awakening

If we believe in the Bible and the power of prayer. If we also celebrate the birth, death, and the resurrection of Jesus. Can we not believe in the words and the meaning that is behind it all?

So let us not mourn the death of our loved ones, for their sufferings are over, and their death is a new beginning. And one day we will be reunited with them because God is love, and love attracts.

We acknowledge and plan for the seasons. The birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees are all subject to the processes of the seasons.

And that cycle of renewal, growth, and harvest also comes along with the seasons of all our lives. Yet although we are the most awesome creatures on the planet – we fear and have doubt in the metamorphosis of death.

“Death Is The key That Opens The Palace Of Eternity”*

God is an all permeating, all knowing energy, and we are part of God. Just like a spark has the same properties as the lightning bolt. God is infinite, and you also are infinite.

When you leave this earthly plane and go to the next dimension of life, you will carry with you all that you are – the beauty that is within you.

Without the TVs and radios that fill our homes, we wouldn’t know that those frequencies pass through the air because we can’t see or hear them. But even though we wouldn’t be able to see or hear them, they would still be there.

And so there is an existence beyond this time and space. Death is a new life at a higher vibration and frequency that remains unseen to the human eye, but nevertheless exists.

Don’t Fear The Reaper

One day, just like the caterpillar, we will shed our earthly body, go through a metamorphosis, take on our celestial, astral body, spread our wings, and transcend to a higher plane, onward, and upward to the heavens.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Job 14:14, *John Milton





How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Ride The Waves

Most people take their minds for granted. In fact, many people willingly destroy their minds with drugs and alcohol. But I challenge you to explore the powers of your mind.

Consisting of ten billion cells that generate, receive, transmit, and record energy, the human brain and nervous system is an electric wonder. Yet it only weighs 50 ounces.

You can’t see them, but your brain sends out energy in the form of brain waves. This energy is intense power that can not only affect others, but also objects.

Your mind is affected by powers known and unknown – composed of two parts – the conscious and the subconscious.

The Subconscious Is The Healer

Your subconscious never sleeps because it’s the guardian of your soul. Ever wonder how a cut heals? No, probably not because we take it for granted. Just like how your heart beats, your lungs breath, and the rest of your body heals itself – it’s your subconscious mind working its magic.

The best things in life truly are free. Your subconscious is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind. Which is an intelligent energy that permeates all things that we call God.

Thoughts have an electrical charge, and feelings have a magnetic charge, so all that you think and feel emits an electromagnetic pulse that transcends the space-time continuum, and sets in motion the law of attraction.

Dream Big Dreams

The most powerful gift that humans have is the imagination. It is imagination that writes great novels, creates classic songs and movies, and helps Olympians win the gold.

Therefore, by learning how to use the law of visualization, you become the master of your fate because the vision that you create in your mind is the roadmap to your destiny.

But first you need to break free from the mental and emotional patterns of the past because you can’t create a better future while holding onto the habits of mind from the past.

When you awaken and just before you fall asleep, send your mind and emotions into the future by vividly imagining your dream life. Learn how to get what you pray for by using the law of gratitude.

The World Is Yours

When you learn how to harness the power of the universal laws of mind, you’ll find that what you want often just seems to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

For example, by using the law of assumption , you then set in motion the law of attraction. Then you transcend the bridge between the present and the future.

Live from the end, because truly the end is the beginning. And your subconscious which is in tune with the Universal Mind will do the rest.

Watch your mind movie in a relaxed state as frequently as possible and have faith that it is already yours. Then it will turn into physical results on the material plane of existence much sooner than you ever thought possible.

In essence, with a bit of knowledge, practice, and vision you really can make your dreams come true.

All the best, – Herb.