Sitting For Ideas

A Healthy Body Improves The Mind

I’ve read Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude  {<Free Copy} a few times. In it, the authors Napoleon Hill and W.Clement Stone tell a story about Elmer R. Gates.

When Hill was doing research for Think and Grow Rich {<Free Copy} he went to Dr. Gate’s laboratory with a letter of introduction from Andrew Carnegie. When he asked to see him, Gate’s secretary said that she was not permitted to disturb Dr. Gates at that time. When Hill asked why, she answered, “He is sitting for ideas.”

Hill waited and when he saw Gates, he asked him about what his secretary had said. So Gates asked Hill if he wanted to see where he sat for ideas. Then he showed him a small, soundproof room with only a plain table and chair. On the table were pads of paper, pencils, and a push-button to turn the lights off and on.

A Little Something More

During his lifetime, Dr. Gates discovered and developed hundreds of inventions through this creative thinking process.

When he was searching for a solution to a problem, Gates went into this room, turned off the lights, and engaged in deep concentration. Using the principle of controlled attention, Gates would ask his subconscious mind to give him an answer to a specific problem. As soon as the ideas began to flow, Gates would turn on the light and begin to write.

With this process, Gates refined and perfected over 200 patents that other inventors had undertaken, but had fallen just short of success. Gates would examine the application for patent and its drawings until he found its weakness. Then he would sit for ideas, and he would find the missing ingredient – the something more that was needed.

Correspondingly, I’ve found that by concentrating on solutions to life’s challenges, that most of them only need a little something extra to improve them.

Keep The Faith

By clearing your mind, going into the silence, and using the power of concentration you will find a solution. Learn how to harness The Power Of The Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} then go to it and ask for help.

Ask your subconscious mind which is In Tune With The Infinite {<Free Copy} Intelligence of the universe to send you an answer. Sometimes it comes fast, and sometimes it may take a few days, but it will always come if you keep believe that it will.

When you ask your mind for something specific, you send out waves of energy into the Universal Mind that set in motion the law of attraction. Then what you search for starts to drift towards you.

One of the secrets to success in any endeavour is the ability to aim the mind upon the desired target. In essence, by going into the silence and sitting for ideas, you’ll find solutions and discover ways in which to improve your life.

Just give a little something extra in every area of your life, and you’ll find that it will make a huge difference.

All the best, – Herb.


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    Silence is golden for more reasons than one–

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