The Science Behind Success

“Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts – Repeated Day In And Day Out”*

My studies into the psychology of success taught me that the attributes of mind that are necessary for all great achievements.

It should be duly noted that by great achievements, I’m including those things that may be great to you personally. For instance, one of my great achievements was changing my bad habits into good habits. The world might not have cared or even noticed, but it changed my world.

Success may mean different things to different people, yet to me the quintessential meaning is making steady progress towards my personal goals.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a goal that you procrastinate on working towards, that you feel lousy about yourself?

You lie on the couch flipping channels, and you tell yourself that it’s okay – you’ll work on that goal tomorrow. Or even worse, you tell yourself – why bother anyways? Who am I trying to kid? I’m not good enough, or it’s just too hard, or it’s for those special people with all the luck.

“The Starting Point Of All Achievement Is Desire”*

Simply put, reaching a goal is like any skill or anything else that you want to learn how to do. There’s so many self-help books out there on virtually every subject, so if you want to be successful then study the science behind success.

That’s right! Science is based upon universal laws that are proven, indisputable facts that work all of the time. For example, just like the law of gravity works everywhere, for everyone, likewise success is also based on universal laws, and you can learn the rules that apply to it, just like two plus two always gets you four.

Because of my analytical, scientific mind, and after applying many of the universal laws that I learned, I’ve seen the results in my own life. I transformed my life by turning the pain of the past around and giving it positive meaning. Thus by changing the meaning of the past, I’ve altered my present and my future.

I’m evolving into what I was meant to be. After searching for my life’s purpose – the calling that beckons from within, I ‘m transcending towards my ultimate destiny, and it towards me. Fate often deals great cards to those who ask for a hand.

“The Key To Success Is Action, And The Essential In Action Is Perseverance”*

Because of the habitual negative thoughts that often haunt me, I learned how to change my beliefs, and how to break up my mental patterns. I have gradually and steadfastly become better than I ever was before. I mean – healthier, happier, richer, and more successful, and I’ve never felt better.

Dare to believe that you can achieve great things, and that you deserve the best that life has to offer. My catch phrase to overcome procrastination is a culmination of, “Do it now” from Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, and Nike’s slogan “Just do it“. My phrase is “Just do it now”.

I make it a habit to heed it’s call. When my subconscious tells me to just do it now – I take immediate and enthusiastic action – no questions asked.

Studying the science behind success is indeed a noble pursuit because like all universal laws – you always get back what you give.

Perhaps, it can best be summed up by words from people like Emile Coue that I blended into my own habitual affirmations to suit my purpose…I am healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and I am grateful because every day in every way, I am getting better and better.

Yet still like Jim Rohn said – “Affirmation Without Discipline Is The Beginning Of Delusion”

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Robert Collier, *Napoleon Hill, *Sun Yat-sen, *Jim Rohn



Action TNT

“Use The Explosive Power Of Taking Action TNT {Today Not Tomorrow}*

Coming up with a brilliant plan, invention, or idea, but not following through on it by taking action is kind of like planting the seed of a beautiful rose, yet never bothering to water it.

In fact, human beings were given the God like gift of being able to create songs, books, and other artistic forms of  expression, which are all like little seeds that if watered and nurtured with regular action could grow into things of beauty.

Yet unfortunately, most of us are conditioned since birth to take our place in line and live lives of mediocrity. We dream of what our life could be, we sense that we were given certain talents and abilities for a reason, but most of us settle for just wishing that we were like our idols. Why?

“Affirmation Without Discipline Is The Beginning Of Delusion”*

We give them fame, fortune, and awards because they got of the couch and got to work on their dreams. Can you imagine if the great Olympian Michael Phelps spent more time lying on the couch watching TV instead of swimming at the pool? Forget about winning all those metals – he wouldn’t have even made the team.

Many of us seem to think that greatness is for those other folks that have all the luck, connections, or the right genes. But all the greats in every field, even those with genetic advantages, still had to practice regularly in order to become the masters.

By now it should be obvious that taking action is what truly makes the difference. Everything from exercising regularly and eating well, getting a great job and finding a soul-mate, to making your dreams come true, takes action – the more, the merrier.

So how do we develop the habit of taking action?

“All You Need Is The Plan, The Road Map, And The Courage To Press On To Your Destination”*

First of all, dare to believe in yourself because anything anyone else can do, you can also do, if you believe that it’s possible. Model others by finding out how they did it, and when in doubt use common sense, logic, and action TNT.

Since only 3% of all people put their major goals in writing, and those same 3% enjoy more wealth than all the other 97% combined – put your definite major purpose in writing. Then list the steps that you need to take in order to reach them.

The steps don’t have to be perfect – yet, but by taking action you’ll learn from any mistakes, so that you can adjust accordingly. Either way, you’ll get that exhilarating feeling that accompanies getting to work on your dreams.

“Ability Is What You’re Capable Of Doing. Motivation Determines What You Do”*

Get and keep motivated by turning that spark of hope into a white hot blazing inferno of desire by visualizing your goal frequently.

Use the power of assumption by acting the part of the type of person that you long to be, as if it were already your reality, especially when you’re working on your dreams.

Pray to a Higher Power, or to your subconscious mind for help and guidance then have the faith that the way will be shown unto you.

“Attitude Determines How Well You Do It”*

In Lead The Field {<Free Audiobook}, Earl Nightingale refers to attitude as the “magic word” because whether something turns out to be great or below par depends a lot on your attitude of mind.

This is why developing a positive mental attitude is the key to unlocking the treasures that lie dormant within you. All of your talents and gifts will be called in to aid you in your purpose when you get in sync with the power of a positive mental attitude.

The right attitude will foster the enthusiasm that will help you to take action even when others try to rain on your parade, or fear rears its ugly head.

“Everything Is Learnable”*

The secret to accomplishing any worthwhile endeavor lies in studying up on it, and learning how to harness the natural forces of your mind and universal law. By reading and listening to self-help books & audios, you’ll discover the ways to make your dreams come true.

Of course, taking the time to learn all of those life changing insights is taking action in and of itself, but they won’t mean much unless you take them to the next level by using them.

Then and only then will you discover that the dynamic and explosive power of taking action TNT is what completes the miracle process.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Tony Robbins, *Jim Rohn, *Earl Nightingale, *Lou Holtz, *Lou Holtz, *Brian Tracy


10 Steps To Happiness

Hall of famers didn’t always get a hit every turn at bat, but they did get great averages over the long haul. And in life that’s all it takes – have more great days than strike outs.

Keep things simple by setting some standards – some rules to live by, and you’ll greatly increase your odds for a meaningful and happy life.

“Baseball Is Like Driving, It’s The One That Gets Home Safely That Counts”*

Here’s 10 Steps To Happiness:

1. Count Your Blessings

When you realize how much you have going for you, the sun will always shine. Sure, you’ll still have some rainy days, but you’ll make it through them with courage and confidence. Plus, when you’re grateful for all that you are and have, you attract even more to be grateful for into your life.

2. Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you what not to do again. Nobody wins them all, so don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes. Think of them as stepping stones for growth and improvement. Shake them off, and don’t give up because your turn will come.

3. Laugh At Yourself

Sometimes events in your life may seem so ridiculous that the best medicine is laughter. Banish stress and worry by learning to laugh at life’s challenges, then you’re mind will be free to focus on solutions. Never take yourself too seriously.

4. Welcome Every Day With A Smile

Think of every day as a special gift from your Creator. Every day is a golden opportunity to begin again, or to finish what you’ve already started. Today will never happen again, so go boldly into the future by greeting the new day with a smile because you were born to win.

5. Chip Away At The Stone

Take time every day to get to work on your dreams. For example, if you have a calling to play an instrument, then practice at least a half hour every day with one day off per week. Then in some small way, you’re dreams will be coming true, day by day, until your masterpiece is unveiled for all the world to see.

6. Go The Extra Mile

Don’t neglect the little things, or skimp on a little extra effort because that’s a big part of what separates the winners from the losers. No matter what, universal law will always pay you for doing your best. Besides, there are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile because almost every else is taking a nap in that rest area called the comfort zone.

“I Guess My Thermometer For My Baseball Fever Is Still A Goose Bump”*

7. Find Your Purpose

Instill within, and remind yourself often of the fact that you were created for a purpose more than merely existing. You have the power within you to achieve any dream by daring to believe in yourself. Let the vision in your heart soar like a hawk by claiming your birthright as an incredible human being.

8. Live Your Own Life

When you dream big dreams, most of your friends and family will try to keep you stuck in a life of mediocrity along with them by telling you to be realistic. Instead remember that anything great that has ever been achieved, you can also achieve by learning how it was done.

You can learn how to find your purpose and model greatness by listening to NLP: The New Technology Of Improvement {<Free Audiobook}

9. Find The Seed Of Good In Every Adversity

Master this principle and you will arm yourself with a powerful shield that will help you through the darkest of days. Remember that when things are at their darkest, the stars will shine their brightest. Plant the seed of good, and you will reap what you have sown.

10. Happiness Is Within

Don’t think that happiness lies in the completion of some far off goal. Happiness is a state of mind that is obtained when you focus your mind on happy things. Enjoy the journey, and peace and happiness will be yours. Share a smile with others, and believe in your dreams, then welcome the disciplines, and the world is yours.

“A Baseball Swing Is a Very Finely Tuned Instrument. It Is Repetition, And More Repetition, Then A Little More After That”*

All the best, – Herb

Quotes – *Tommy Lasorda, *Vin Scully, *Reggie Jackson.