Why The Law Of Attraction Exists

Logic Always Prevails

My insights into the law of attraction are rooted in over a thousand books that I’ve read on everything from the cosmos, science, astrology, and cycles to philosophy, religion, and of course self-help.

I went beyond what I had read into my own meditations, into my own meanderings of mind, if you will. And herein are my conclusions as to why the law of attraction exists which is based upon scientific fact. See if you can follow my logic.

We Are Born Of The Sun

Billions of years ago a supermassive sun exploded. The debris from that explosion eventually formed the planets in our solar system including the planet earth.

After the earth formed, it eventually cooled. When it cooled, water and dust mixed together to form the basic DNA structure that is found in the nucleus of every human cell.

In essence, humans were created from sun dust and water. Therefore, we have many of the same properties as the sun, just like a spark has the same properties as the lightning bolt.

A sun has an iron core. We have iron in our genetic makeup and need it in order to remain healthy. A sun has incredible amounts of electromagnetic energy. And we also have a ball of electromagnetic energy at our core.

With E=mc2, Einstein proved mathematically that energy and matter are interchangeable. And both coexist in one form or the other throughout the universe.

Cycles Rule The Universe

Everything in the universe operates in cyclical waves. Electromagnetic waves can pass through structures such as buildings without being seen, just like radio waves can.

Our brainwaves can be measured, and our brain waves pass through our skulls without being seen, just like radio waves pass through the air.

There is an ether that surrounds the planet earth that is charged full of electromagnetic energy. The human mind which is also charged full of electromagnetic energy can form a vision of a thing in its imagination, and then have that thing eventually take form on the material plane.

We make material things with our hands, but we first have the vision of the thing in our mind’s eye. We also can attract material things, as well as people, events, opportunities, and wealth.

The Bottom Line

Since our bodies and minds are full of electromagnetism, it is a  scientific law that our thoughts and feelings send out electromagnetic waves out into the universe. And since magnetism attracts, the law of attraction is a force of nature to be reckoned with.

So control your thoughts by monitoring your emotions because those two electromagnetic forces combined are incredibly powerful.

And next time you look up at a sunrise, or at the stars twinkling in the nights’ sky, remember that you are born of the sun, you are…stardust. And since your core energy can never die, remember …ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust…

Regards, -Herb.



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