It’s About Time

Walking along the graveyard, the umbrella gave him little reprieve from the torrential downpour. Stopping in front of a tombstone, Luca bent down to put the bouquet of flowers in the holder. As his eyes welled up with tears he mumbled, “happy Mother’s day mom.”

Standing back up, Luca looked at the sky. The dark clouds seemed to match his mood as he began to pray. First, he gave thanks to God for his mother. Her earthly life spent, yet she was still alive in his memories, heart, and soul.

Sometimes, he felt guilty. He wasn’t always a good boy, but she had always been there for him even though she wasn’t his biological mother. But that didn’t matter because here he was standing in the rain at her gravesite on Mother’s day.

It was her who had bandaged his wounds, fed him, and gave him advice. She had always given him a place to stay, lent him money, and most of all – gave him unconditional love.

When he was a kid he took her for granted like she was always going to be there for him. When he was a teenager, he thought that she had to put up with him. But he knew now that she was only human herself.

She wasn’t perfect. She made mistakes and struggled with life, love, and regret just like everyone else on the planet. But she did the best she could with her life and times.

Yes, time, Luca thought to himself. That was what it was all about – time. All the days of her life left behind, days that he had taken for granted. Never really thinking about how one day she would be gone.

Sometimes, he had argued with her, even yelled at her. He had even blamed her for some of his problems. How foolish was that?

But when he realized that she was near the end he apologized to her and she said, “that’s okay… sometimes I yelled too.”

Luca understood her better now. She knew that she was dying, and she had her own regrets. She had yelled at him and spanked him as a kid, but he didn’t care. He totally forgave her and loved her. And he knew that she also forgave him.

Then he remembered the wonderful and generous things that she had done for him. Even the simple things like mending his pants or baking him his favorite peanut butter cookies.

He was there for her at the end. On her last day, he spent seven hours comforting her, telling her that God and Jesus were getting ready for her up in heaven.

He had held her hand and said the Lord’s prayer to her several times. His mom had always been a devout Christian, so he knew that it would hold special meaning for her.

After she had passed, he composed a song that he titled “Mama’s Blues”. It was an deep instrumental that he played out on his electric guitar.

But a couple of years later, he had started to heal. He had so many cherished mementos of her life. Heirlooms that she had given him, and that made him feel special.

And it was him that she had called on his cellphone two nights before she had died. She did love him. And he loved and appreciated all that she had done for him.

Looking over the graveyard, Luca saw only one other person standing in the rain in the distance. Perhaps, he thought to himself, that was the real meaning of Mother’s day – to remember your mom with gratitude and love.

Because of his troubled teens, Luca had read hundreds of self-help books in order to get over his past, and to improve his future. He had learned about the universal laws of mind and so much more.

He also understood that one day he would be gone from this earth, and that we are all spirits having a human experience. So every day, both good and bad, was to be savored because it was a gift.

He also knew that one day he would see his mother again because all humans have energy at their core, and energy is everlasting. So, we are all eternal beings.

His mother’s spirit energy was somewhere up in the heavens. She felt no pain or sickness. She was at peace, and when he sent out his love and gratitude into the universe, she felt those vibes.

Because after all, perhaps the greatest lesson that he had learned from all those books that he had read was that there is life after death.

Turning around, he slowly walked back to his car. Pausing before he started it up, Luca said, “happy Mother’s day mom. I love you and I thank you for everything. And I’ll see you again one day.”

Regards, – The Unknown Musician.

© 2017, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.


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  1. goaskrita says:

    Very nice. Missed but not forgotten. Sooner or later– mom’s lessons get through to us.

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