In The Line Of Fire

Chapter 17: In The Line Of Fire

“Our Brains Become Magnetized With The Dominating Thoughts Which We Hold In Our Minds”*

The slightly opened windows up in the front of the van gave Billy little reprieve from the summer heat. Lying there drenched in sweat, looking through the sight of the rifle barrel, he still had some time to think.

Every night and day for the past several weeks he had asked himself if what he was planning was the right thing to do. He understood that he no longer needed to do it, but his tormented mind ached to carry out the deed.

Weeks before, just to get a feel of what it might be like, he cut out a small hole in the back of his van. Now, lying there aiming his rifle out of that hole, Billy questioned what had taken hold of him.

At night, tossing and turning in his bed, all of his thoughts were filled with visions of vengeance. Walter had talked to him about a God of some kind, and Billy had to admit that there did seem to be some kind of intelligent life force inside of everything, but some people just seemed to push their luck.

He didn’t get it at all. How come some people thought that they could lie to his face, falsify evidence in court, and basically kidnap his kid under the guise of the law, and think that they could get away with it?

If he did that to somebody, he would fully expect to have some serious repercussions come his way. But then again, he would never be that cruel.

It just wasn’t right he reasoned, and someone had to take a stand and that someone was him. For all of the families that she and her kind had torn apart. For all of the parents who had been falsely accused and had their lives ruined, he had to do it for them.

He couldn’t let her ever put anyone else through that living hell ever again, she had to be stopped. Yet still, what would happen if he got caught? Ten years in prison, or maybe more.

And what if Walter was right about the law of the boomerang as he had liked to call it – the law of cause and effect? Billy really didn’t get that, but what if all things really did return?

Walter was the wisest person that he had ever known, but it seemed as though lots of people go through life hurting others without getting back what they deserve, and many of them didn’t even seem to feel guilty about it either.

Just then Sheree Dumas came out of the front of the office building where she worked. With his forearm, Billy wiped the sweat from his brow and took aim.

Watching as Dumas made her way to the front step, he was repulsed by her immensity. The thick folds of flab quivered like jello with her every step. As he watched her, Billy was filled with a hate that he had never known before.

Lining up her skull in his cross sights, Billy started to gently press down on the trigger, but then he let up on it  because he started to snicker at her hair.

Dumas had gotten her afro straightened out and her hair dyed a copper blonde, and Billy thought that she looked ridiculous.

After taking a deep breath, Billy squeezed his left eye shut and lined her up in his rifle sight again, but then a drop of sweat singed its way into his right eye.

“Damn it!” Wiping his eye with a sweaty palm only made it worse, so he crawled up to the front of the van to get a kleenex to wipe it with.

Getting back into position, he blinked several times, took a deep breath, and lined Dumas up again. She had only gone down two steps, then after going down another step, she stopped to catch her breath. As she held onto the rail, she got ready to go down another step.

Billy started to press down on the trigger again, but then he stopped to question himself again. The smell of the gun oil suddenly started to make him feel nauseous. Looking at Dumas struggle her way down the stairs, Billy realized that in a way, she was already getting what she deserved.

Dumas was orca fat, and that in itself must cause her suffering in several ways; poor health, limited mobility, and people must often gawk and laugh at her. She must feel dreadful about her weight and maybe, Billy thought to himself, that was why she was so mean to others.

No, he realized that killing her would only put her out of her misery. Yes, he would be doing the world a favor, but he would also be doing her a favor.

Then he remembered how she had kidnapped his daughter under the guise of the self-righteous, hypocritical justice system, and for that, she did deserve a bullet to the brain.

It wasn’t only that though. In most of his encounters with her, Dumas had often blatantly lied to him, and Billy always found it to be an incredible insult to his intelligence.

And she had constantly provoked him. So many times he had to hold back the urge to get up out of his chair and kick her in the teeth like she deserved. But, he didn’t do it for Peyton’s sake.

Then he thought about Ayla. Dumas had stolen her baby virtually right after she had been in labor for a full day. She just walked right into the hospital room with her lies and kidnapped their baby. Billy remembered the smug look on her face when Dumas had left the hospital room.

Again Billy questioned what he was thinking of doing. It was the ultimate sin, but then again, the police, lawyers, judges, and social-workers did many illegal things. Then they helped each other cover them up.

Then again, if he got caught, his life would be ruined. Then he’d be singing to the boys in cellblock C or wherever, instead of up on a stage.

Billy came to the full realization that there was no way that he could handle a cage. Then he thought to himself, then you better make damn sure that you never get caught.

The first bullet hit Dumas right in the center of her stomach. Stopping, she looked down in disbelief and put a hand on her belly. Then she pulled her hand away, looking wide eyed at her blood stained palm.

The second bullet went in through the front of her right shoulder and tore out the back. Dumas started to spin around, but her legs gave out and falling to her knees she lurched forward as the third bullet penetrated her left thigh. Then she fell forward and rolled down the stairs.

A man who was walking up the stairs saw her roll on by, so he rushed to her side to help, then called 911. A small crowd formed around her, and after taking her pulse, the man said, “Stand back everyone and give her some air.”

As he heard the wail of a siren in the distance, adrenaline filled Billy’s veins with an excitement that was only comparable to when he sang up on stage in front of a huge audience.

Starting up the van, he carefully made his way into traffic. He had intentionally aimed his shots in order to maim Dumas and not to kill her, and as he looked over at the scene on the stairs, it reminded him of a group of people standing around a beached whale wondering what to do.

Then with a smug grin on his face, Billy said out loud, “ Well, I guess Walt was right…all things do return.”


This is Chapter 17 of Bound To Change: Imagine The Possibilities by Herb Norcott.

Quote – *Napoleon Hill.

*Any resemblance of these fictitious characters to real people is purely intentional, however the story is just a figment of my imagination.

© 2018, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.


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