The Law Of Success

How To Use The Law Of  Success

“Success Is A Science; If You Have The Conditions, You Get The Result”*

In schools they teach the laws of mathematics and science, but not the universal laws of mind. Yet those laws are just as exact as those of math and science, and are much more valuable and beneficial to daily living.

Fortunately, to those who seek self-improvement, the master wealth-builder Napoleon Hill created The Law Of Success.

Andrew Carnegie challenged Hill to come up with a formula for success. Then Hill spent more than twenty years researching and interviewing over 500 of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time.

Hill formulated his Law Of Success Course, initially teaching 15 principles, but later in Keys To Success  {<Free Audio} and the classic Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} Hill professed his 17 principles of personal achievement.

Just like in The Science Of Getting Rich  {<Free Copy} by Wallace D. Wattles, if you follow proven steps you’ll always get the same results.

Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success are:

#1 – Develop Definiteness Of Purpose

The road to riches begins when you specifically define what it is that you want. Then put those goals in writing because only 3% of the population ever put their goals in writing – and those same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined.

#2 – Establish A Mastermind Alliance

When two or more minds work together toward a common goal they call upon the forces of nature. With the power of an alliance toward a greater purpose you achieve results way more efficiently.

#3 – Assemble An Attractive Personality

A well-rounded pleasing personality not only wins friends, but helps to build a network that often leads to opportunity. People always remember and want to help other people that they like.

#4- Use Applied Faith

When you are aware of and believe in a Higher Power, you get in tune with the universal laws. With faith to believe in your purpose you can overcome all obstacles on your road to success. And by using the power of prayer properly you then manifest what it is that you want much quicker.

#5 – Go The Extra Mile

When you give more and better service then you are paid for, eventually you will receive compound interest for your investment because every seed you sow will inevitably blossom with the harvest of abundance.

#6 – Create Personal Initiative

When you take it upon yourself to do those things that should be done without being told, you call attention upon yourself and create opportunities for advancement.

#7 – Build A Positive Mental Attitude

Above all else, PMA gives you the winner’s edge. In fact, my favorite self-help book is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. Boiled down to its core, life is the result of only two choices – a positive or a negative mental attitude. To me the choice is obvious.

#8 – Control Your Enthusiasm

Used in harmony with PMA, controlled enthusiasm is the fuel that drives you along the road to success. Remember to “assume a virtue if you have it not”* by using the law of assumption, and your subconscious mind will do the rest.

#9 – Enforce Self-Discipline

When you welcome the disciplines you join those who have achieved greatness. Become a lord of self-discipline because the ability to take action is really what separates people.

#10 – Think Accurately

Since thoughts are things, you do become and manifest what you think about most. To me, when in doubt I use my powers of deduction to reason things out because logic and common sense always prevails.

#11 – Control Your Attention

Through concentration of effort, working diligently toward your goal, you always reap a bountiful harvest. Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams and you will make them come true.

#12 – Inspire Teamwork

After you form a Mastermind Alliance, you then reap the benefits of increased enthusiasm, knowledge, and imagination. Working together in harmony towards a greater purpose will always achieve your desired results.

#13 – Learn From Adversity And Defeat

You can learn from every mistake, and in so doing turn it around and give it positive meaning. This is how to get over the past and look toward a brighter future that lies upon the distant shores of wisdom.

#14 – Cultivate Creative Vision

Stimulate and learn to harness the powers of your imagination in which all ideas, inventions, artistic endeavours, and creative expressions are born.

#15 – Maintain Sound Health

Nothing is more important than good health. Money can’t buy happiness, and it can’t buy good health. And without good health, happiness is rarely possible. A few simple habits practiced daily can make a huge difference long term. Here’s my Top 10 Tips To Good Health.

#16 – Budget Your Time And Money

These precious resources must be mastered. By mastering time, day by day, you chip away at the stone. By saving money you feel wealthier, develop a money consciousness, and are grateful for what you do have.Then you attract more into your life to be grateful for.

#17 – Use Cosmic Habit Force

Your consistent habits, both mental and physical use the same natural forces that cause the stars and the planets to revolve around each other with clocklike precision. Indeed, you become a force of nature to be reckoned with when you turn off the TV, and turn your car into a university on wheels, and take massive action.

Like Jim Rohn said, “If you want to reach the things on the higher shelf, you’ve got to stand on the books that you read.”

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – * Ralph Waldo Emerson








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