How To Use The Law of Growth

Hardships Strengthen You

My studies of success and peak performance have taught me that life’s trials and tribulations are meant to make us better, smarter, and stronger. In fact, nothing truly great was ever achieved without a struggle.

When you think of your problems as stepping-stones to success then each one that you overcome will lead you onward and upward toward your goal.

That’s why the masses put the great performers up on pedestals – because if it was easy to excel then everyone would be doing it. But, it’s a lot easier to lie on the couch watching TV than to perform endless repetitions on that instrument that’s collecting dust in the corner of your room, isn’t it?

“Everything Is Learnable”*

It’s much easier to live your life vicariously through others than to welcome the disciplines, but it leaves you feeling lousy about yourself. Plus, you’ll never find true happiness if you don’t get to work on your life’s purpose. The reason being is that deep down inside you know that you’re capable of and were meant for more.

Since all humans have the same type of nervous system, you can be at least equally as good as anyone else at whatever you choose to accomplish if you figure out how they did it.

Through NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement  {<Free Audiobook} which is on My Top 10 List, you too can learn how to model human excellence.

The Law Of Nature Is To Grow

Life’s hardships and struggles can force us to move forward when we are comfortable just where we are. From the moment we’re born, life itself is a struggle, and the greatest rewards go to those who meet adversity head on, overcome it, and rise up to meet the next challenge.

The strongest trees in the forest are not those that are protected from the wind, rain, and snow. The strongest trees are the ones that have to struggle against the elements in order to survive.

When you boldly meet hardships head on, you eventually become their master. By learning how to climb above every peak, you tap into your inner strength and you develop the wisdom to conquer all that life throws at you.

The Seeds Of Greatness

From the moment that we’re born until our death, life is a series of events that are linked together to form a chain. Inside every hardship lies the seeds of greater benefit that take root in lessons, perspective, and in being grateful for what you already have.

The experience and education that we receive from hardship is cumulative. With every adversity we get a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser.  Struggle toughens the human spirit because it forces us to move forward.

In Pushing To The Front {<Free Audiobook} Orison Swett Marden recants many tales of great accomplishment by those who overcame adversity to achieve success and in so doing, forever changed the world.

In fact, Marden’s first final draft of his classic self-help book was burned along with several of his real-estate holdings, but instead of being ruined, he locked himself in a small room, living on only pennies a day, and re-wrote this powerful life changer.

“I Got Stones In My Passway, And My Road Seem Dark As Night”*

Realize that what makes rivers crooked will do the same to you – the path of least resistance. Instead, harness the forces of nature within, and with the strength of character that comes from struggle, go with the flow and accept hardships for what they truly are – opportunities.

Once you accept the broader purpose of life, you can then also accept, and even welcome the circumstances that make you struggle. By embracing life’s hardships rather than avoiding them, you can use them to learn, grow, and reach for the sun.

“There’s No Great Fun, Satisfaction Or Joy Derived From Doing Something That’s Easy”*

Realize that every bad situation could be worse – like the man who cursed God because he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet.

Instead of drifting along at the mercy of adversity, shape your own destiny. I know you can do it.

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Brian Tracy, *Robert Johnson lyrics – “Stones In My Passway” < Eric Clapton’s version, *John Wooden

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