How To Use The Law Of Choices

“The Great And Glorious Masterpiece Of Humanity Is To Know How To Live With A Purpose”*

Within each of us is a hero, a powerful natural force that if called upon will come to our aid and transform our world. Yet, despite the callings that beckon to us, and the inherent capabilities that lay dormant within us, most of us choose to watch TV or surf the internet rather than shake up the world by claiming our birthright as incredible human beings.

This is the most basic choice that we have in life – whether to grow, or to slowly wither away. This is why most of us choose to live vicariously through our heroes; because it seems easier to let them develop the disciplines of playing an instrument for hours, or practicing their chosen sport while we just dream that we were like them.

This is why the masses put celebrities up on pedestals and give them awards, wealth, and fame while the rest of us resign ourselves to living lives of mediocrity. Forever tormented by the certainty that we could have been so much more if only we had the courage to truly believe in ourselves. Or like so many of us do, we blame our parents for our failings.

“Live With Great Expectations And Great Things Happen”*

Most creatures on earth operate solely by instinct, but humans have the power of choice. Depending on circumstances, we may have many choices or very few, yet either way we always have the ability to choose how we feel and react to any circumstance that comes our way – and what to do about it.

Certainly physical limitations may limit our choices, however the law of choices gives us the power to choose how we respond, and this power is with us throughout our lives. Claim it, work with it, and the world is yours.

“We Have To Live And We Have To Die, The Rest We Make Up”*

Sometimes we may feel that our choices are already made for us by family, friends, employers, or God, but wherever we are today is a direct result of our past decisions. You must choose to go for your dreams, and rise above those who would keep you stuck in mediocrity with them. You must choose to live your own life.

When we learn to trust the intuitive messages that are sent to us from our subconscious mind, we attract experiences, opportunities, and people into our lives that we need in order to learn, and to achieve our greater purpose.

Most of us choose the easy path, but those greats among us choose the path less trodden. Their path may be wrought with hardships and uncertainty, but along their road to success, they will taste deeply from the delicious fruits of their labor. For we always reap what we have sown.

“Creativity Is Always A Leap Of Faith. You’re Faced With A Blank Page, Blank Easel, Or An Empty Stage”*

Creative energy is a surging, dynamic force that needs only to find its channel of expression. Choose to channel it into creative projects and activities that make your life heroic. Dare to summon the courage to go for the gold. Break through to the other side of your fears where success has been waiting for you from the day you were born.

Go with the flow of creative energy by imagining the possibilities for your life. Then welcome the disciplines because taking action is what creates miracles.

All energy demands release, so choose your venues wisely. All of those bundled up emotions that dwell within you, all of that love, hurt, and joy is capable of great works of art, music, and literature. If only you choose that it will be so.

Stand up and claim all that you are meant to be. Then shape it, mold it, and chip away at the stone. Awaken the hero that lies waiting deep within you. Then you will manifest your truest destiny, and make your life what it deserves to be – a masterpiece.

“Don’t Forget, You Are The Hero Of your Own Story”*

Wherever this day may find you, claim your power to choose. Choose to create the life of your dreams, and to express yourself in positive ways instead of negative ones. Make today the day that turns your life around.

Transcend the rainbow bridge from where you are today to where you want to be in the future by choosing to be your own hero. Then soon you will surely find that great things start to happen.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Michel de Montaigne, *Art Fettig, *Anonymous, *Julia Cameron, *Greg Boyle


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