How To Truly Succeed

“Success Is Nothing More Than A Few Simple Disciplines, Practiced Everyday”*

Success usually means something different to different people. There’s several definitions for it, and there’s lots of books on success, but with that being said how come very few people are actually successful?

Most people take their place in line in their steel coffins doing nine to five just to pay the bills. They live lives of mediocrity all the while living vicariously through movie stars, musicians, or their sports heroes.

Most everyone knows that deep down inside they were meant for something more. They also know that they have the capabilities, talents, and yearnings to achieve much more.

Yet like their natural talents that never get developed, their hopes and dreams fade away until in their time of dying they say, “I shoulda,… I coulda.

“Success Is Steady Progress Towards One’s Personal Goals”*

Everyone’s idea of success may differ, but most of us would agree that we all desire to attain our own personal idea of success.

We already know that the basic rules for success are defining your goal, seeing it in your mind’s eye, feeling it as though it was a present fact, taking action, staying disciplined, determined, and studying up on whatever it is, etc.

But even harnessing the power of all those qualities of mind won’t get you true lasting success if there’s one essential ingredient that’s missing.

The reason that most of us line up during rush hour to get to some job that we don’t even like is because we have been conditioned since early childhood to conform – to blindly follow the rest of the herd.

Unfortunately, most of us are like human sheep unconsciously following the herd. Instead of tapping into our own dormant powers, we allow them to wither away along with our talents, hopes, and dreams.

“When Love And Skill Work Together, Expect A Masterpiece”*

And therein lies the trick to true lasting success – to break free from the conformity of the herd by realizing that you are a unique individual with special God given talents, abilities, and gifts.

In fact, since the beginning of time there has never been anyone quite like you. You possess massive amounts of dormant individuality just waiting for you to wake up and heed its call.

Take the initiative and start thinking for yourself. Do you really think the leaders give a crap about the rest of us? No, they reap all the choice rewards, and they know that the rest of us will just settle for their leftovers.

Take conscious possession of your unique individuality through the power of “I AM”. Heed the call from within to claim your birthright by daring to break free. Then develop your talents through practice, study, and belief in yourself.

“True Success, True Happiness Lies In Freedom And Fulfillment”*

The unique individuality that is inherent within you can be developed only through regular activity. Express yourself through the creativity that your talents warrant.

You don’t have to change the world overnight, all you need to do is wake up, and like Jim Rohn said, “your new life can start with an apple a day, a walk around the block, and the first good book that you read.”

Gradual and consistent improvement in keystone disciplines of your matrix will payoff huge through the power of compound interest.

And without your best efforts to harness the forces of your unique individuality that beckons from within, true and lasting success can never truly be achieved.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Jim Rohn, *Jim Rohn, *John Ruskin, *Dada Vaswani.



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