How To Overcome Procrastination

All the self-help books that I read and listened to taught me that knowledge is only potential power, and the key distinction that creates miracles is taking action.

Goal setting taught me to define what I wanted and to dream big, but then I struggled between lying on the couch reading more books, and getting to work on my goals.

Paralyzed by fear of the unknown, failure, rejection, success, and reluctant to get out of my comfort zone, I then set out to master overcoming procrastination.

I read lots of books on the subject, mixed them with my own insights, then I got into motion and kept the momentum going.

This is critical – once you get started on a project, keep on keepin’ on as they say because it’s a lot easier than stopping and starting again.

A great tip is to just get started working on your goal for fifteen minutes to half an hour – that’s all it takes to start building the skills and confidence to break through your fears.

Another tip is to meditate and internalize all the reasons why you choose to accomplish your goal. Life is full of choices, so decide if you really want to do it or not, if yes then commit to it, and if not then guiltlessly cut it loose.

The third tip is to balance your work with play by scheduling to recharge with friends and family, or to just do your own thing and taste deeply from the fruits of your labor.

It’s often in our times of relaxation when we come up with new ideas, insights, and can improve on our plan in our imagination.

One of the best self-help lessons I ever learned, inadvertently came from an interview that I read with the legendary guitarist Tony Iommi where he said, “you’ve got to learn to walk before you can run.”

First, I applied it to my guitar playing, then because I saw how universally applicable and simple it was, I applied it to everything else that I wanted to learn.

It’s genius lies in the fact that when we dream big dreams, we can get overwhelmed by how much we have to do and learn.

Eventually, I added to it and changed it to, “you’ve got to learn to crawl before you can walk, to walk before you can run, and to run before you can… fly like the wind.”

So at the beginning of any project, just get started slowly, break it down into steps, and chip away at the stone until your masterpiece is unfolded.

Now you know how to find your purpose, how to start working on it, and next time I’ll show you how to stay determined.

I’ll be back, – The Unknown Musician.


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