How To Overcome Fear

“Fear Is The Mind-Killer”*

Deep within you whispers a desire to accomplish something great. Your dreams beckon, and your heart aches for its expression, but then the quarrel within starts.

Fear of failure rears its ugly head, or perhaps it’s fear of success, ridicule, or one of the others – you don’t even know. But next thing you do know, before you even get to work on making your dreams come true, you’ve already given up.

Therein lies the reason that most people die with their music still in them. The desire that calls to them from within is like an Angel of God telling them what their purpose for being here is, yet instead they listen and give in to their fears.

“Fear Is The Great Paralyzer”*

To kill the fear thought that challenges your desire, you must face it courageously by taking action despite your fear.

You must learn how to believe that you can do a thing, before you can do it. Develop the tremendous forces of faith and courage to help insure that your desire sees the light of day.

Because the Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind is just and kind, the burning desire of your longing to do a thing is proof that you can do it, for God never mocks us.

“Courage Is Resistance To Fear, Mastery Of Fear, Not Absence Of Fear”*

You must breath life into your dreams of a better life that haunt you. When you wake up and when you go to sleep, seize hold of your imagination and direct it by visualizing your dreams made manifest.

Tap into the treasures of your subconscious mind which is In Tune With The Infinite {<Free Copy} by Ralph Waldo Trine, and creative ideas will just seem to flow through you.

The end is the beginning, therefore harness the powers of the law of assumption by acting as though you are already the type of person that you long to be. Then your subconscious mind will find the ways to make it so.

“Every Action Must Be Prompted By A Motive”*

Define specifically what it is that you want. Then turn the fire of your desire into a blazing inferno by making a list of the reasons why you want it.

Since only 3% of the population put their goals in writing, and those same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined, put your major definite purpose down on paper along with the plans for its obtainment.

Then follow through by doing what you plan to do, and you’ll break on through to the other side of fear where success has been waiting for you all along.

“I Learned That Courage Was Not The Absent Of Fear, But The Triumph Over It”*

When we harbor a fear thought, for example the fear of poverty, the fear thought fuses itself into the very texture of our existence, and thus makes us a magnet that attracts even more poverty into our life.

Resolve that you will break through your fears by taking action, and the fear will wither and die. And conversely the courage and momentum from taking action will rise up to the challenge growing stronger still.

Hold on tenaciously to your dreams, to your purpose, to your ideal, and the Universe will help you to achieve what you long for.

Every great achievement was first born in the mind of its creator. Then by chipping away at the stone blow by blow, and day by day, a masterpiece was created.

“Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind”*

It might seem like a miracle to the unenlightened, but really it is just an exact success formula that is governed by the laws of mind.

Isn’t it time to stand up and claim your birthright as a remarkable human being? I know that you can do it my friend, so just do it now.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Frank Herbert, *Herb Norcott, *Mark Twain, *Leonardo Da Vinci, *Nelson Mandela, *Romans 12:2.


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