How To Use The Science Of Getting Rich

According to Wallace D. Wattles every person who uses the following 10 steps from The Science Of Getting Rich {<Free Copy} will become rich.

They also include insights from hundreds of other self-help books that I’ve read. Many of which are listed at the bottom with links to free copies wherever possible.

10 Steps To Getting Rich:

  • 1 – Acknowledge that there is an Infinite Intelligent energy in the universe that permeates all things.
  • 2 – Understand that a thought or image sent out into this Intelligent field of energy creates the thing that is imagined.
  • 3 – Therefore, you can imagine things in your mind’s eye then consciously send them out into Infinite Intelligence.
  • 4 – To do this successfully – never compete with others – just be creative.
  • 5 – Then get in harmony with the Infinite Intelligence by being sincerely grateful for all things.
  • 6 – Form the image you desire, be grateful for it like you already have it, and meditate upon it frequently.
  • 7 – Remember that things are sent to you along established lines of growth. So be patient & keep the faith – because an acorn does not become a mighty oak overnight.
  • 8 – Take as much action as you can discipline yourself to take, so that you have the channels open to receive riches.
  • 9 – Always give more in use value than you receive in cash value.
  • 10 – Hold positive to a sense of advancement at all times, in order to convey a sense of increase to everyone.

If you steadfastly follow these steps – you will get rich. I used them to go from debt to financial independence. “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”*

You should also learn how to use the universal laws of mind such as the law of assumption & the law of attraction.

These laws are a major part of how to make your dreams come true and how to get what you pray for.

Here’s 11 How To Get Rich Books

  1. Think And Grow Rich  {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill
  2. The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
  3. The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires {<Free Copy} by Brian Tracy
  4. Riches Within Your Reach by Robert Collier
  5. Think Yourself Rich by Joseph Murphy
  6. Keys To Success  {<Free Audio} by Napoleon Hill
  7. Your Infinite Power To Be Rich by Joseph Murphy
  8. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind  {<Free Copy} by T. Harv Eker
  9. How To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill & others
  10. Secret Of The Ages {<Free copy} by Robert Collier
  11. 7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness {<Free Copy} by Jim Rohn

Regards, – Herb

Quotes – *Earl ShoaffJim Rohn



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