The Science Of Getting Rich

How To Use The Science Of Getting Rich

According to Wallace D. Wattles every person who uses the following 10 steps from The Science Of Getting Rich {<Free Copy} will become rich.

They also include insights from hundreds of other self-help books that I’ve read. Many of which are listed at the bottom with links to free copies wherever possible.

10 Steps To Getting Rich:

  • 1 – Acknowledge that there is an Infinite Intelligent energy in the universe that permeates all things.
  • 2 – Understand that a thought or image sent out into this Intelligent field of energy creates the thing that is imagined.
  • 3 – Therefore, you can imagine things in your mind’s eye then consciously send them out into Infinite Intelligence.
  • 4 – To do this successfully – never compete with others – just be creative.
  • 5 – Then get in harmony with the Infinite Intelligence by being sincerely grateful for all things.
  • 6 – Form the image you desire, be grateful for it like you already have it, and meditate upon it frequently.
  • 7 – Remember that things are sent to you along established lines of growth. So be patient & keep the faith – because an acorn does not become a mighty oak overnight.
  • 8 – Take as much action as you can discipline yourself to take, so that you have the channels open to receive riches.
  • 9 – Always give more in use value than you receive in cash value.
  • 10 – Hold positive to a sense of advancement at all times, in order to convey a sense of increase to everyone.

If you steadfastly follow these steps – you will get rich. I used them to go from debt to financial independence. “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”*

You should also learn how to use the universal laws of mind such as the law of assumption & the law of attraction.

These laws are a major part of how to make your dreams come true and how to get what you pray for.

Here’s 11 How To Get Rich Books

  1. Think And Grow Rich  {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill
  2. The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
  3. The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires {<Free Copy} by Brian Tracy
  4. Riches Within Your Reach by Robert Collier
  5. Think Yourself Rich by Joseph Murphy
  6. Keys To Success  {<Free Audio} by Napoleon Hill
  7. Your Infinite Power To Be Rich by Joseph Murphy
  8. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind  {<Free Copy} by T. Harv Eker
  9. How To Be Rich by Napoleon Hill & others
  10. Secret Of The Ages {<Free copy} by Robert Collier
  11. 7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness {<Free Copy} by Jim Rohn

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