How To Get What You Pray For

“Whatsoever Things Ye Desire When Ye Pray, Believe That You Have Received Them, And Ye shall Have Them”*

This is simply acting as though your prayer has already been answered. So, the answer to your prayers is not in what you ask for, rather it’s in how you prepare to receive it.

The correlation between my studies into the bible, the imagination, and the universal laws of mind is the same essential current that runs through many of my posts – that the secret to getting what you pray for is the law of assumption.

Feel from the end, because the end is the beginning. Assume that you already have what you pray for, or that you are already the type of person that you long to be. Then remain faithful in that assumption until what you pray for hardens into fact on the physical plane.

There’s no need to beg or plead. All you need to do is act as though it’s already yours, and then be grateful for it. The feeling of gratitude dials in the vibrational universal waves that will then send you even more things to be grateful for. It’s simple really.

“The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen”*

Most people pray in vain because they don’t really understand the truth that sets you free. Pray to your subconscious mind – which is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence – which is an all knowing energy that permeates everything.

Pray for what you want, and the universal waves and vibrations of energy that are set in motion by the law of attraction will send them to you.

How patient you need to be will depend on your faith, and what you ask for will be sent along already established lines of creation. In other words, an acorn does not become a mighty oak over night.

It depends on what you ask for, and how often you visualize it with feeling & gratitude as though it was already yours.

How ready you are to receive it depends on how much action you’re taking to prepare for it. For example, you water a seed daily because you have no doubt that if you keep watering it, it will soon become a beautiful flower, so have that same faith in your prayer.

“He Calleth Those Things Which Are Not, As Though They Were”*

To call the invisible into the visible, your faith is your fortune. Use the fourth dimension – your imagination – to see yourself as you want to be, or as already having the thing that you desire.

This is the bridge that spans the time-space continuum from where you are in the present to where you want to be in the future. Prayer is the fine art of believing that you already have what is denied by the senses.

Through the power of imagination and faith to believe, you set in motion universal laws of mind, and all is yours. This is the truth that sets you free that the bible speaks of.

“You Can Experience In Imagination What You Desire To Experience In Reality, And By Maintaining That Experience in Imagination, Your Desire Will Become An Actuality”*

Prayer is the fine art of feeling the fulfilled desire as though it was a present fact, and taking action to receive it. Develop this habit and…The World Is Yours…

All the best – Herb.

Quotes – *Mark 11:24,*Hebrews 11:1,*Romans 4:17,*Neville Goddard



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