How To Get Revenge

“Living Well Is The Best Revenge”*

It’s an internal truth that by rising above those who’ve done you wrong, you become better than them, and you turn the pain around by becoming better than you were.

We all have to deal with ignorant, rude, and mean people. They can be hard to figure out, but one core trait that they all have is that they enjoy getting a reaction.

“Misery Loves Company”*

When someone provokes you by saying or doing hurtful things, they do it to get a reaction because they’re miserable inside, and they want others to be miserable too. But when you don’t react, you win and they lose.

When someone steals from, or hurts you or someone you love, that goes way beyond simple provocation, yet either way, by keeping cool and level headed even though you’d love to give them what they deserve, you join forces with the Gods.

Besides, if you beat someone up, you run the risk that they’ll seek revenge back upon you. And there’s plenty of psychos out there who are just waiting to snap.

You always have the option of killing them, but while they rest in peace , you worry about getting caught, or you rot away in prison – or both.

“How People Treat You Is Their Karma; How You React Is Yours”*

The laws of cause and effect, sowing and reaping, and karma can also be called the law of the boomerang because what you give eventually comes back to you in one form or another.

I understand dreams of vengeance. Tossing and turning at night. Making mistakes at work because you’re unable to concentrate.

I’d lie in bed thinking about how much this person deserved my wrath, and I’d envision what I might do if I could get away with it.

It affected my moods, level of happiness, and my health. I became irritable and angry which then affected my other relationships.

“On Wrongs Swift Vengeance Waits’*

Fortunately, it got so bad that I decided to study patience, how to deal with lunatics, and how to get vengeance without going to prison. Then I mixed it all with my insights from self-help books.

I meditated on it until it clicked inside, like entering the numbers to the combination of a safe. Yet, what I found in the vault of my mind was more valuable than money – it was peace of mind.

Don’t try to figure people out and try to change them, just accept them as they are. Then thank God that you’re not like them.

Rise above them by not lowering your standards to their level. Chase thoughts of them out of your mind because they’re not worthy of your time and thought energy.

“If You Can’t Change Something, Then Change How You Feel About It”*

When someone provokes you, they want you to react, so by yelling, swearing, or hitting them – they win and you lose.

By reacting, even if they deserve it, you may feel better in the short term, but you’ve actually made things worse for yourself.

Instead take a deep breath, bite your tongue, and just walk away. Then you not only win the battle, but eventually you’ll win the war.

Gun-toting Americans and Hollywood encourage “Payback“, and burning down houses, blowing up cars, and beating people to death might make a great movie, but it will land you in prison or in a coffin.

Remember that if someone is rude and mean it’s because they’re miserable inside. And in their instability they show a lack of self-control and discipline.

Therefore, they probably don’t eat healthfully and exercise regularly. So, get to work on you, and live a long healthy life, while they suffer illness, pain, and an early death.

Chances are that they’ll waste their life away lying on the couch watching TV. but, you’re reading self-help books, achieving goals, and making your dreams come true.

In essence, rise above those who deserve your vengeance, and you’ll become stronger, wiser, healthier, and better than they ever will be.

Then in the fullness of time, you’ll not only win the war, but the game of life.

All the best – Herb.

Quotes – *George Herbert, *John Ray, *Wayne Dyer, *Alexander Pope, *Jim Rohn


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