How To Get Over The Past

The Past Can Haunt

We’ve all made mistakes and done mean, stupid, and hurtful things. So almost everyone feels guilt and regret from the past. Truly the past can haunt you if you let it.

Have you ever wallowed in guilt? Do you ever re-play those old tapes of past mistakes over and over again in your head? I know I sure have, so I’ll bet you have too.

Intellectually we know that the past is gone, so why do we stay stuck back there? It doesn’t do us any good. And sometimes it just seems as though we’re stuck in those moments of time in which we made our biggest mistakes.

Break Free From The Prison In Your mind

But by finally learning how to let go of the past we are set free from its shackles. Then we’re free to enjoy life in the present moment and to create a compelling future.

Anyone who longs for success cannot waste time and energy dwelling on past mistakes. You must forgive yourself for only being human. Then learn from your mistakes and vow to yourself that you will never repeat them. And guilt, that monster that torments the best of spirits, can also be let go of in the same manner.

If someone you cared about came to you and apologized sincerely, wouldn’t you forgive them? What if they explained that they were only human and that they didn’t know any better at the time? Would you continue to punish them by bringing it up regularly?

Of course, it depends on what they did and who they are, but chances are that you would forgive them if you knew them intimately, and you could see the regret inside of their soul. Well, that person is you and you deserve a break.

The Past Is Dead

The Infinite Intelligent energy that we call God does not damn anyone for their mistakes, only humans condemn themselves and each other for their sins.

Don’t waste vital thought energy and time by brooding over old peeves, grudges, grievances, and regrets. To do so is like digging up a grave – all you find is a skeleton.

Let the past remain where it belongs – in the past. The past is dead so give it a decent burial and move on with your life. Forgive others, but most of all forgive yourself.

Give yourself a fresh start because you deserve it. You’re not a bad person just because you let go of your guilt, shame, and regret. And you’re not a good or better person for holding onto it.

If you had the opportunity, you would go back in time and do things differently, wouldn’t you? But of course you can’t. Yet you can change how you feel about it, the meaning that you give it, and what you focus on.

The Dickens Pattern

For myself, I had hit bottom and I felt like I couldn’t go on. My regrets were many, and the so called system was full of hypocrisy and lies. But then I used the Dickens Pattern to change my habits and to turn my life around and give things positive meaning.

I also learned how to get what I pray for. And by praying to my subconscious mind and the Infinitely Intelligent Universal energy that we call God for help and guidance, a world of enlightenment was unfolded unto me.

Self-Help Books are really self-improvement books. They;re powerful keys to positive change, success, wealth, and health.

Study the Universal laws of mind. They are just as scientifically real as is the law of gravity. And you wouldn’t jump of a building, so why go through life without using the winds of change that will help you to soar like a hawk?

Draw a line under the past and then turn the page. Remember that what you think about the most – you become. So by dwelling on past mistakes you keep them fresh and vivid in your mind, and therefore heighten their intensity.

You also lower your self-esteem and feel negative. Then you set in motion the law of attraction which then sends you more mistakes, regrets, and negativity into your life. It’s a vicious cycle that can be broken by breaking free from the chains that shackle you to the past.

The Law Of Assumption

By dwelling on past mistakes and regrets you also maintain a poor concept of yourself. And by the law of assumption you then remain as you are. Which is what you think and feel yourself to be.

Conversely, by reading self-help books you’ll learn to focus on wealth and success. “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth,” is so much more than just a great Jim Rohn quote. It’s a fundamental principle that is also applicable to health, success, positive change, and much more.

“Everything Is Learnable”*

If you want to get over the past – study how to do that. You can change the meaning of things by using submodalities . For instance, by consciously changing the image of the past event in your mind’s eye from vivid color to black and white – you lower its intensity.

Live in the moment and focus on what you want for the future. Take responsibility for your life and keep in mind that the past is in the past. You’re not the same person that you were then.

The Past Is Gone, So Let It Rest In Peace!

-Good luck with that, – Herb.

Quotes – *Brian Tracy





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  1. goaskrita says:

    Had we known where the future lay, weld have disputed it all the way there. Brightly so, we were quieted by its mystery or its sheer defiance to tell all. Thus, we didn’t have a choice but to make mistakes while journeying– they contributed to getting to the end and perfect goal– His for us. GOASKRITA

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