How To Finish What You Started

Cycles Rule The Universe

Even success itself is a cycle = decide, plan, start, continue, finish, and complete.

Our very thoughts emit waves that travel out into the universe magnetizing to and pulling in that upon which they are focused with clarity and feeling. These are the basics of the law of attraction.

The seasons come and go as they must just as sure as the night meets the day. The masses struggle under the weight of the herd mentality every 9.3 years approximately as they panic out of the stock market. This  understanding of the cycles of life has given me a long term outlook.

The Thief In Your Mind

I’m sure that you’ve experienced that bitter, nagging feeling that comes along with a job left undone. We’ll get into the fears that cause procrastination later, but now let’s focus on what we want – the feeling of success that accompanies a job well done.

When I finally clean up a list of decisions that I’ve been putting off. Or when I finally take some action on previous decisions that were made, I feel inspired and incredible.

It’s akin to the feeling that you get after spending the winter inside cluttering up your house. Then when spring arrives you take a deep breath of fresh air and do some cleaning and gardening. It rejuvenates.

Any area in your life where you have incomplete projects, or where you haven’t got closure with certain people leaves you with that nagging feeling that robs you of vital thought energy.

Questions Are The Answer

Ask yourself what you need to do or say to complete every task. In Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} Napoleon Hill tells a story about Charles M. Schwab that I love. Schwab hired an expert to teach him and his employees how to increase production, and it worked incredibly well.

It’s the same strategy that Brian Tracy teaches in Eat That Frog {<Free Copy} which is to prioritize and take immediate action on one thing until it is finished. Pick the things that will make the biggest difference in your day or in your life.

Use The Pareto Principle

20% of your choices will make 80% of the difference, so choose wisely.  In other words, it is far better to complete three projects than it is to start twenty that forever remain incomplete.

Use The 4 D’s: Do It, Delegate It, Delay It, Or Dump It

When you first consider any undertaking ask yourself if it’s really worth your time and effort. If not dump it. If it’s important then just do it now, as I like to say.

Delegating it, is akin to hiring someone else to do it. Personally, I love to learn how to do most things for myself, but certain things are best left to the specialists who will do it quickly & efficiently. Which will free up my time to concentrate on my own areas of expertise.

Finally, you can always delay it until other more important projects are completed first. But do set a deadline and stick to it.

Sweep Away The Cobwebs In Your Mind

Clean up your house and car. Get rid of old clothes and other unnecessary items and welcome in the new. Make room physically as well as mentally because clutter and incompletes only keep us from manifesting abundance, relationships, and success.

When you work with the cycle of change you go with the flow instead of struggling against the tide. Make a list of incomplete projects that have been bothering you then prioritize them.

Plan a “Massive Action Weekend” as I call it. Then wallow in the pleasure that comes along with the completion of any goal by tasting deeply from the fruits of your labor.

“Assume A Virtue If You Have It Not”

To become enthusiastic – act enthusiastically. Study the law of assumption. I also use empowering self-talk to get motivated. Or the mirror technique from The Magic Of Believing  {<Free Audio} by Claude Bristol.

I also use the cape walk which I learned from  Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy} by Tony Robbins.

One of the best ways to move through the cycle of success is to eliminate those pesky little daily things that bug you the most. Just make a list and get rid of them so you can move on to your real priority – how to make your dreams come true.

Win or lose – it’s all up to you.

Regards, – Herb.




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