How To Break Bad Habits

“Habit is either the best of servants, or the worst of masters”*

You’re free to choose what to think, but the effects of your thoughts are always governed by universal law. So any thought that is frequently dwelled upon, whether it be bad or good, will produce results in your life.

It’s of vital importance to learn how to control your thoughts in order to replace your bad habits with good ones because your mental habits are at the root of your bad habits.

One Minute At A Time

One hour at a time, one day at a time, practice, practice, practice. It takes 21 days to develop or break a habit. When I catch myself replaying old negative mental tapes from my past, I shake my head and say “change it.”

I studied physiology, the law of assumption, and I know how to use the law of attraction, so I force myself to stand tall, breath deeply, and put a confident smile upon my face.

Then I laugh at myself for only being human and I redirect my thoughts. I think about my goals or pull out my list and read them. Then I continue to chip away at the stone.

Questions Are The Answer

I habitually use a chapter from Tony Robbin’s  book Awaken The Giant Within  {<Free copy} titled “Questions are the Answer.” I focus on where I want it to go by asking the right questions because whatever you ask of your computer like mind it will come up with an answer.

For example, if you ask yourself why am I so unlucky? Your mind will come up with an answer. Then you start to believe your answers, feel their truth, and so you end up attracting even more bad luck into your life.

Conversely, if a question like my favorite from how to use the law of gratitude, which is – what do I have to be grateful for? Your mind comes up with answers and you feel the corresponding emotions, and therefore attract even more things to be grateful for.

The more answers that you come up with the better you’ll feel. This is why I have learned how to use the universal laws of mind. And this is why I passionately share them with all those who search for change.

The Dickens Pattern

To quit smoking cigarettes, etc., I used the Dickens Pattern. I longed for change because I knew that those bad habits were harmful, wasteful, and foolish. They were just crutches that I leaned upon to help suppress my feelings. But I have since got in touch with and am learning how to take charge of my feelings.

I changed my lifestyle by watching who I hung out with because we all tend to be affected by those whom we share time with. I don’t know anyone personally who is so into self-help and improvement as much as I am.

I learned how to welcome the disciplines. I also used the power of the “I Am” consciousness, affirmations, and I listened to and read:

“The First Wealth Is Health”*

I started placing more value on my health. Then I started doing more aerobics instead of weight training. And I searched for some purpose for my life beyond just making a living.

Through my deep desire to change, I started reading and using hundreds of self-help books and audios. Which focused my mind on the keys to change and improvement.

If only they taught the laws of mind in school. If only somebody had told me about them. When I was fourteen I had a social-worker who told me to read A Catcher In The Rye {<Free copy] by J.D Salinger. I thought it was a lousy book, and that the main character was nuts, so I asked why she wanted me to read it. She said that it was to show me that other teenagers had problems too. As if I didn’t already know that.

10 Great Ways To Break Bad Habits:

  • Value your health and prioritize it – without it nothing else really matters
  • Use the Dickens Pattern {<Free Audio/Video} by Tony Robbins
  • Consciously make the pain of any habit outweigh the pleasure
  • Get help from support groups – they’re free online
  • Go on hiatus if you can afford it & break up the pattern
  • Use the tapping technique for a quick fix
  • Placebo it – replace a bad habit with a good one – i.e. smoking with exercise
  • Read self-help books for motivation and inspiration
  • Meditate and visualize what you want
  • Walk away from the 97% {<Free Audio/Video} by Jim Rohn

The Bottom Line

I started my blog and have written my book {which is ready for publication} because of my love and gratitude for self-help books. And one day, someone, somewhere will read my words and they’ll see what I see. Then like me they too will be changed “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.”

Like Andrew Carnegie said, “Anything worth having is worth working for.”

Because after all, true lasting change does start from within.

Regards, – Herb

Quotes by * Nathaniel Emmons & * Ralph Waldo Emerson.




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