Chip Away At The Stone

I usually get up early on Sundays, write out my list of goals for the week, and then I read from a self-help book or two. This morning I was reading from The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth am I Here For? by Rick Warren.

In the past few years I am pretty sure that I found a major part of my life’s purpose, but I loved the title when I found that book amongst my mother’s belongings. There was an inscription on the inside cover that read, “To my sweet sister Joan, Love Joyce. Joyce was my biological mother who gave me up at birth to her sister Joan. And both of them died in the past year or so from cancer. So when I found that book, I kind of felt that my two mom’s were watching out for me from beyond.

Since Warren’s a preacher, it’s based upon teachings from the bible. It’s a good read with some valuable insights, but Warren spends a few chapters preaching about how we need to commune regularly with other Christians and church goers in order to find our purpose.

Well, I beg to differ. I do believe in a higher power – my subconscious mind which is in tune with an intelligent energy that permeates all things, that we call God. And Warren is a preacher, so let him preach, but it kind of turned me off.

I went to a lot of churches when I was out west in BC. I met some good people, some real flakes, and some total hypocrites in my search for enlightenment. But when I moved to Alberta I gave it a break because I didn’t really bond with any of my so called fellow worshippers.

When I returned to Quebec after many years, I went to my mom’s church several times until it disbanded. Then when I was taking care of her, near the end, we went once to a new church, and the preacher was the worst ever. He spent five minutes looking for his planned sermon which he never found, then he spewed forth about how we should all give bigger donations to his church because they were impoverished.

I’ve read hundreds of self-help books and many of them quote from the bible. I did read the bible several times during my teens and I tried to make sense of it. So I do get a lot of it’s meaning.

Jesus was the ultimate self-help guru. He taught how to pray properly – act as if you’ve already received what you are praying for and then give thanks for it. Basically, the law of assumption. He also taught that the universe is abundant, and that God wants us to be all that we were meant to be, and have many of the things that we desire.

Of course, the powers that be and the church at that time crucified him for spreading words about freedom, abundance, and happiness. He shook up the foundation of their antiquated system which was based upon people giving their lives, and most of what they had to the church. Then taking their place quietly in line – never wanting or asking for more than just being another commoner.

Anyways, I believe that everyone should do their own thing because we’re all different. Of course, just as long as we don’t hurt others. For myself, I exercise, read and write a lot, play guitar and sing, work on my house and on my cars, and I work for money too when I want to.

But I work hardest of all on me. I’m trying to create my own masterpiece. Day by day, I chip away at the stone, doing my best to sculpt my life into what I am uniquely destined to become. I asked my subconscious mind which is in tune with Infinite Intelligence for help and guidance in finding my life’s purpose. I also read The Millionaire’s Code by Paul B. Farrell. Then I harkened to the calling that stirs my soul, and makes my blood run cold with longing.

I’m here to tell you that if you find some task overwhelming then do what I do – break it up into smaller steps and chip away at the stone until you’ve created the masterpiece that you have envisioned in your mind’s eye.

All the best – Herb.

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