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Rain, Rain, Go Away

“The Best Thing One Can Do When It’s Raining Is Let it Rain”*

Throughout your journey on the planet earth, you’ve no doubt had to put up with those annoying human beings that just love to rain on your parade.

Misery indeed does love company, and unfortunately we will most likely have to continue to put up with these schmucks throughout our lives.

They usually aren’t worth my in depth analysis as to why they’re such jackasses, nor are they worthy of my empathy or compassion. I’ve struggled enough with them to know that their underlying reason is that they’re miserable, and they get some twisted kind of pleasure from trying to make others miserable too.

“No Person Has The Right To Rain On Your Dreams”*

In my post How To Live Your Own Life I talk about doing your own thing, in your own time, and not conforming to the expectations of others and society – breaking free from the herd, as I like to call it.

Because when you strive for improvement and for great things, there are many of your friends and family who, subconsciously perhaps, will not want you to break free from them.

They would prefer that you to stay stuck with them in a life of mediocrity, living vicariously through others that you watch on TV like sports heroes, actors, and musicians.

Society has lead us to believe that these heroes are special beings, and the rest of us must put them up on pedestals, give them fame, fortune, and awards while we work at some unfulfilling job.

“Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall”*

But if life has brought you here then you’re searching for self-help, meaning, and purpose to your life because you know that you were meant for more. You have natural gifts and talents that are calling to you from within, and you also know that you are capable of more.

Welcome to the 3 to 5 percent, but in order to join this elite club, you just might need to walk away from the 97%. It’s kind of like if you wanted to lose weight or quit smoking, you would be wise not to continue to hang out with overeaters and smokers, otherwise you’d remain as you are.

Basically, life boils down to controlling your thoughts. Don’t give into negative thoughts by lowering your standards to the level of those cretins who are trying to rain on your parade.

If you can’t avoid them ’cause they’re family or for some other reason, then consider it a challenge. Just remember that when you react like they want you to, then they win and you lose. Yet conversely, when you rise above them, stay true to your dreams, and live congruent to your beliefs, they lose and you win.

“If You Want The Rainbow, You Gotta Put Up With The Rain”*

Human beings are fragile creatures that can easily succumb to harsh words from others, but never take it personally. Les miserables will eventually get back what they give, for it is universal law, so never let anyone or anything rain on your parade.

There will always be pessimists, critics, and those who are envious of your noble pursuits, but your time is too precious to let yourself indulge in their cynicism.

If you dwell on their harsh words they will magnify and ruin your efforts, but ignore them and chase them from your mind, and they will gradually lose all their power.

Remember that you and you alone have the power to control your thoughts, shape your destiny, and claim your birthright as a truly amazing human being. So if anyone rains on your parade and ruins your mood, it’s only because you let them.

“Rainy Day, Dream Away, Ah Let The Sun Take A Holiday, Flowers Bathe An’ Ah See The Children Play, Lay Back And Groove On A Rainy Day”*

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, *Mary Wright Edelman, *Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, * Dolly Parton, *Jimi Hendrix.


Let There Be Light

“All Things Become Visible When They Are Exposed By The Light, For Everything That Is Made Manifest Is Light”*

Scientific law states that all manifest substance flows from a field of light waves. In other words, light particles, electrons, form the atom which is the root of all material manifestation.

When you accept this infallible scientific fact as truth, you can then consciously connect your mind to the king of all kings, the keeper of light – Universal Mind.

Recognize this to be true and you’ll then realize that humans have the capacity within to extract form out of the formless substance.

We are constantly incorporating ideas that seemingly come to us out of the blue, and giving them form and shape according to this truth.

“The Highest And Most Excellent Thing In Man Is Formless, And We Should Guard Against Giving It Shape In Anything Less than Noble Dress”*

What you imagine can be brought out into the light of day if you use the proper method of development. Whatever you imagine yourself as doing, being, or having, you can achieve.

Most people take this imaging power for granted, but when you consciously decide to unify your imagination with your strength of will, virtually all things become possible.

Go into the silence, and welcome the divine ideas that come to you, then use them. And don’t forget to be grateful to the Higher Power, the Source from whence all things come.

“Choose Ye This Day Whom We Shall Serve,”* Fear Or Faith”*

According to the law of increase, you must use your talent in order for it to increase. Develop faith in this law then forge ahead with faith and confidence.

If you let yourself think of any outer condition as hindering your increase, indeed this becomes a hindrance to you. Fear it, and you then become timid and bury your talent, may it rest in peace.

Conversely, when you keep your focus on the abundant inner reality and don’t let the outer appearance cause you to falter, you develop your soul and manifest your destiny.

Pray in the affirmative, for that is the prayer of faith. Never beg, for that is the prayer of doubt. See what you desire as already manifest and yours.

To let go of all anxiety, then trust in this inner power does not mean to sit down and do nothing. You must help what you have created in your minds’ eye to take shape.

Just like a sculptor, you must chip away at the stone, day by day, and blow by blow until one day your masterpiece appears for all the world to see out in the light of day.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Ephesians 5:13, *Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, *Joshua 24-14 & *Florence Scovel Schinn.


Help Fate Cast Its Spell

“All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them”*

You can make your dreams come true, one day at a time, by setting goals for each day – not overwhelming lists of endless projects, but valuable chores that can take you, step by step, onward toward your paradise.

Write your goals down. Only 3% of the population ever bother to establish this simple daily habit, and amazingly those same 3% enjoy more wealth than the other 97% combined.

“I Like The Dreams Of The Future Better Than The History Of The Past”*

Limit your daily list to your critical six priorities. Complete each one starting in order of importance and degree of difficulty. Never waste your valuable time on low priorities, and carry over whatever is not finished into the next day.

Master the habit of thinking long term. It’s not just investors who profit by developing long term patience, it’s also a valuable keystone habit that leads the field in any worthwhile endeavor because you cannot build your pyramid, or create your legacy in twenty-four hours.

“Hold Fast To Your Dreams, For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken-Winged Bird That Cannot Fly”*

Never let a day become so cluttered that you neglect your most important goal. Stay true to your long term vision by chipping away at the stone, blow by blow, day by day.

Do your best, yet take one day off per week to just relax and taste deeply from the fruits of your labor. Learn from any mistakes, refine your strategies, and visualize your dreams as though they were a present reality.

Remember that everything can be learned including success, so read inspiring self-help books, and turn your car into a university on wheels by listening to audio programs.

“A Nail Is Driven Out By Another Nail. Habit Is Overcome By Habit.”*

If you’re unsure of what to do then just get started, and the way will unfold itself unto you. Overcome any fears by taking action for just one half hour – that’s all it takes to get started. Then make that half hour a daily habit.

Next thing you know, you’ll build your confidence, faith, and enthusiasm. Then those states of mind will help give you the courage, determination, and perseverance that it will take to stake your claim as a truly incredible human being.

Your destiny has been waiting for you since the beginning of time to gamble with your life, to make your sacrifice, so fate can cast its spell… one day.

All the best, – Herb.


Quotes – *Walt Disney, *Thomas Jefferson, *. *Langston Hughes, *Desiderius Erasmus.