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Is Bitcoin In A Bubble?

“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest”*

Because of my expertise in investments and human psychology, which are closely linked together, I’ve been asked if bitcoin is in a bubble. The short answer is no – not yet. And here’s why.

In The Road To Ruin {<Interview} and Currency Wars {<Free Copy}, Jim Rickards discusses how “the elite” know that a global economic crash is coming soon.

“Know What You Own, And Know Why You Own It”*

Although Rickards says that he doesn’t like bitcoin, I know that he has to defend his position because of his book The New Case For Gold. Yet, in all of his books, he states that because of the impending global crash, the governments, the Fed, and the central banks want to ban paper money, and push everyone into digital currencies.

Which is succeeding because most people pay with their debit card, etc. And soon enough most stores and restaurants will no longer accept payments in fiat paper form.

“The Four Most Dangerous Words In Investing Are: ‘This Time Is Different'”*

By accepting this unprecedented cycle in economic history, you can ride the wave up before the governments do what they have always done; which is to seize control of the monetary supply for their own profit while oppressing the masses.

This past week bitcoin hit a new high of about $11,500 per unit. It has also risen about 900% year to date.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that also in the past week, the US government decided to obtain transaction records in order to get their half of the profits from anyone who was astute enough to make money from bitcoin.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy because we’re all used to the government taking a nice chunk of our earnings, so that they can bail out the banks. And of course, pay for the politicians to go on a well deserved vacation after doing all that debating.

But, what most people aren’t aware of is that the US government and the Fed have made it legal for the big banks to short the gold and silver market in the futures exchange.

Basically, the banks print up paper derivatives at will in order to manipulate and suppress the precious metals market for huge profits. There are at least 100 paper claims to every ounce of metal. Of course, if anyone else did that they would be brought up on charges, but the banksters instead get bonuses.

Just look at what they got away with during and after the subprime mortgage crisis. And how the Hunt brothers were intentionally wiped out by continuously raised margin calls in order to pummel the price of silver from about $49 an ounce down to under $11 an ounce.

“How Many Millionaires Do You Know Who Have Become Wealthy By Investing In Savings Accounts?”*

The US government is desperately trying to hold onto the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency by pushing up their stock market to create the wealth effect. And because of the tell-tale signs in the prices of gold and silver they push those down.

But, only a fool is fooled by the Fed and their false data and fake unemployment numbers. Which is why China and Russia are buying tons of gold and silver.

But, it’s backfired on the US because people are piling into crypto currencies instead of precious metals – which have been proven to be real money for 5,000 years.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy. Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful”*

It may take up to a year for the US government to make it legal for the banksters to decimate the price of bitcoin in the futures market. But, don’t kid yourself and get too greedy, the US is full of malarkey.

Until then bitcoin should at least double in price, so buy some asap. It’s relatively easy – just make sure to quadruple check your wallet addresses because a third of all bitcoin investment has been lost due to wrong addresses. Copy and paste it, then check it several times, and you’ll be paid well for your due diligence.

Then watch the markets and future exchange news daily. Already on 18 December 2017 they’ll be listing bitcoin on the futures exchange, and if you actually think that the powers that be will let it go up to a hundred grand or more – you got another thing coming. But, then again – patience always wins the war..

Of course, I may be biased because of how much I dislike the self-righteous, hypocritical, and antiquated system. I’m a rebel, but I have a cause and an open mind,et still the best economic predictor I know of is Max Keiser.

Bitcoin is extremely volatile, but don’t let that bother you – it will keep going up because digital currency is the wave of the future. Don’t be duped by the Fed raising rates a quarter of a percent, or saying that they’re going to. They’re just trying to get ready for the next crash, so they can do what they did last time – print up trillions of dollars out of thin air while lowering interest rates way down.

It’s interesting to me that when someone robs a bank and gets caught that they go to prison for at least ten years, but the banksters blatantly steal from the masses on a regular bases and get bonuses for it.

But, this post is’nt about that. It’s to tell you that there’s still time to buy bitcoin, yet I prefer litecoin. I’m also into ethereum, stock index funds, and I hold PHYSICAL precious metals long term because the law of cycles always wins the war.

I’m also patiently waiting for the US stock market to crash, so that I can swoop down and buy up tons of stock index funds while they’re on sale. And I love real estate that is not in any major city – unless it’s a rental property.

Of course, my abundance mindset all started when I started to Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy}.

As I always say – do your own thing, but just do it now. And remember like Emerson said, “the first wealth is health.”

Vaya con dios,- The Unknown Musician

Quotes – *Ben Franklin, *Peter Lynch, *John Templeton, *Robert G. Allen, *Warren Buffet


Hang The Banksters

We the people, the common folk need to come together to claim what is inherently ours; freedom of speech, freedom to choose, and freedom from the archaic banking system.

“Anarchy May Await America, Due To The Daily Injustices That Are Suffered By The People”*

Those who know me well, or have read my words know that I love to learn, and when I decide to master something I put in the time and effort to do so.

Several years ago when I started to delve deeply into the realm of self-help, and when I first heard Jim Rohn say, “If You Want To Be Wealthy, Study Wealth,” I set out to do exactly that.

I read all the best books on everything from real-estate, stocks, precious metals, and bonds, etc. to business, but those are just some of the bridges to wealth. The truest wealth builder is to first develop a money consciousness – an abundance mindset, if you prefer to call it.

Then you’ll be ready for the opportunities that you’ll attract into your life by studying wealth because you’ll not only desire wealth, you’ll also believe that you can have it because you deserve it.

However, my in depth studies into the financial markets, regulations, and the so called system in which we are all conditioned to quietly take our place in line, taught me something – the system is flawed.

“I Will Die A True-Blue Rebel. Don’t Waste Anytime Mourning – Organize.”*

I won’t bore you with the details of the sub prime mortgage crisis that was caused by the central banks. I won’t rant about how the Fed printed up trillions of dollars out of thin air to save the global financial system, and bail out the central banks that caused the crisis in the first place. I also won’t rave about how they now collude together to prop up the stock market, and suppress precious metals which now have at least 100 paper claims for every 1 ounce of physical gold & silver.

I also won’t get into all the other facts that I’ve discovered in my study of wealth, but I will cut to the chase. Change is at hand, and that change has been growing steadfastly since the birth of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, and the decentralized platform Ethereum, are not only history making and earth shattering, but they’re also making people lots of money.

I know that the powers that be will try to put the kibosh on Bitcoin and other cryptos by listing them on the futures exchange then shorting them to suppress their prices. Then they’ll start issuing paper derivatives until there are over 100 paper claims to every Bitcoin – like there is in the precious metals complex, but that will be the criminal banksters downfall.

They’ll say it’s to help regulate the markets, but it will have the opposite effect because their malarkey will hit the fan. It will be another inside job, but eventually some Behemoth like Amazon will have to succumb to cryptocurrencies. Then another round of crypto HODLers will become millionaires.

We need to stick together during this transition period by using the trick to patience because patience always wins the war. Just remember that everything is cyclical, and what goes up must come down then… back up again.

The antiquated banking system is on its way out, and digital currencies are the wave of the future, so stay positive, keep the faith, and know that the banksters will get what they deserve thanks to the law of cause and effect.

“I Don’t Think Of Myself As A Rebel; I Just Say What I Think”*

Buy Ethereum or Litecoin during the next crash. Hold it long term, yet lock in some profits when they’re big enough. Don’t check the markets daily, and don’t believe the fake news and false data from the mainstream media. Eventually we will win the war if we stick together, so never panic and sell at a loss.

Logic and common sense should always prevail in any decision, especially investment decisions, and the proof is in the pudding, as they say. If you go to coinbase, which is the easiest of exchanges to start with, and check the charts you’ll see that all four cryptocurrencies listed there have gone up thousands of percentile in the past year.

And so have many others because digital currencies are the wave of the future, so it’s a wise move, and you could get rich by opening your mind and welcoming cryptos into your portfolio, but don’t go all in.

“My Pistols, However, I Always Kept By Me”*

What’s also important is that investing in digital currency also gives you a way to break away from the herd of sheeple who are blindly following each other to the slaughter. It won’t be that long before another and much worse financial crisis spreads like contagion around the world, thanks to the same culprits as last time – that mafioso also known as the banksters.

Ever wonder how come the central banks can control our money, and are also given free rein to gamble with it? Well, let’s cut out the middleman and the theft, inefficiencies, and risks that are inherent in the antiquated banking system.

Instead swim with the flow into the future – a peer to peer, cryptographic, decentralized, and more efficient system that is not controlled by those pusillanimous plunderers of entrusted power popularly known as the banksters.

In The Science Of Getting Rich {<Free Copy} by Wallace D. Wattles, he states that we shouldn’t complain about the wrongdoings of the banks and their government lackeys because all things are evolving and unfolding according to God‘s plan.

Exactly right. I’m actually just venting, and sharing my insights. But, most of all I’m trying to reach as many people as I can because I have been blessed with abundance thanks to self-help books, and by investing in crypto-currencies, and if I can do it – you can do it too.

Yet still, my motto remains – do your own thing. And like the elusive inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto once said…

“If You Don’t Believe It Or Don’t Get It, I Don’t Have The Time To Explain It To You. I Am Sorry”*

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician

Quotes -*Louis Farrakhan, *Joe Hill,* Jesse James,*Marjane Satrapi


10 Steps To Riches

Wherever you are in your life, you may become rich by determining that it will be so. Develop a burning intense desire and stoke the fire in your mind. The odds are against you winning big in the lottery, so you better come up with a long term plan.

Yes, it would be outstanding to win the lottery, but most people squander that in a few years anyways because they don’t have an abundance mindset, so…

1. Develop A Money Consciousness

This is the first step to wealth because it helps attract wealth. You’ve got to focus your mind on the abundant supply of the universe, never focus on lack or poverty. Think, act, and feel wealthy by using the law of assumption. And read  Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind {<Free Copy} by T.Harv Eker.

2. Study Wealth

Success leaves clues, so”If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”* There are many excellent self-help books that go into the attitudes of mind and proven methods that are necessary to achieve lasting riches:

3. Save At Least 10% Of Your Earnings

This discipline helps your mind to respect and appreciate the value of money. And the more you save and accumulate, the wealthier you’ll feel. And the wealthier you feel, the more wealth you’ll attract due to the law of attraction.

4.”A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”

What I mean specifically is to do more things by yourself, for yourself. For instance, I’ve developed lots of skills. I work on my own cars, my own house, and as you can probably tell – my own website. Not only do I save money, but I feel great about it. And as Brian Tracy says, “Everything is learnable.”

5. Invest What You Save

Never take a loss. If your investment goes down for a while like most do because everything is cyclical, do not sell. Invest in crypto-currencies, they are the wave of the future. Invest in a stock index fund by yourself & sit tight. No mutual funds because there are many hidden costs, and most fund managers lose their clients money, and get paid by commission per transaction. Invest in cryptos before the US government authorizes the banksters to quash them in the futures exchange – like they do in the gold and silver markets.

6. Think Long Term

  • Buy Ethereum and Litecoin, they are better than bitcoin at this point, and Hodl. Millionaires…ahem…are being made in the crypto space.
  • Buy a stock index fund when the market corrects, or better yet crashes, which it always does every 3 to 10 years because of cycles. Then hold long term. Invest what you can keep in and roll it over in compound interest until you retire. Get at least 10 % percent in physical gold and silver and a home safe.
  • ***Get into cryptos asap – Litecoin and Ethereum. Get started at if you’re a beginner. Then set it and forget it because cycles always win the war. Also read…
  • The Intelligent Investor {<Free Copy} by Benjamin Graham, or better yet
  • Unshakable {<Free Audiobook/podcast} by Tony Robbins and Peter Mallouk.

7. Study Cycles

Due diligence will tell you what’s going on – the global economy is one giant bubble of derivatives. Just look beyond the mainstream media which is in the elites’ and the bankers’ pockets.

8. Study Your Craft

Wherever you are in life, whatever you’re doing for a living – read, learn, and improve at it. And master whatever you’re passionate about. But don’t go into debt by going back to school. A study of most wealthy entrepreneurs will show you that most of them were self-educated. School is really just books, so turn your car into a university on wheels. Remember, “Formal education can make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune.”


It’s suggested to give away ten percent of your earnings, but I believe that it depends upon you. Give away what is in your heart to give. It may be time, effort, skill, or money. You can help an older person with home repairs, or even take them to a movie. Maybe, start feeding the homeless cats in your area. Whatever makes you feel good. It causes your subconscious to feel abundance which will attract more of the same. Let abundance flow through you instead of hording it.

10. Be Grateful For All That You Do Have

Then the law of gratitude will send you even more to be grateful for. Also start dressing and grooming yourself better. Clean up your car and home. And take 10% of your earnings, and spend it on you because you deserve it – then be really grateful for it.

Then after you’ve done those 10 steps you should be ready for #11 – Buy Real Estate after you study it & do due diligence…I digress.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes -*Jim Rohn