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10 Steps To Riches

Wherever you are in your life, you may become rich by determining that it will be so. Develop a burning intense desire and stoke the fire in your mind. The odds are against you winning big in the lottery, so you better come up with a long term plan.

Yes, it would be outstanding to win the lottery, but most people squander that in a few years anyways because they don’t have an abundance mindset, so…

1. Develop A Money Consciousness

This is the first step to wealth because it helps attract wealth. You’ve got to focus your mind on the abundant supply of the universe, never focus on lack or poverty. Think, act, and feel wealthy by using the law of assumption. And read  Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind {<Free Copy} by T.Harv Eker.

2. Study Wealth

Success leaves clues, so”If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”* There are many excellent self-help books that go into the attitudes of mind and proven methods that are necessary to achieve lasting riches:

3. Save At Least 10% Of Your Earnings

This discipline helps your mind to respect and appreciate the value of money. And the more you save and accumulate, the wealthier you’ll feel. And the wealthier you feel, the more wealth you’ll attract due to the law of attraction.

4.”A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”

What I mean specifically is to do more things by yourself, for yourself. For instance, I’ve developed lots of skills. I work on my own cars, my own house, and as you can probably tell – my own website. Not only do I save money, but I feel great about it. And as Brian Tracy says, “Everything is learnable.”

5. Invest What You Save

Never take a loss. If your investment goes down for a while like most do because everything is cyclical, do not sell. Invest in a stock index fund by yourself & sit tight. No mutual funds because there are many hidden costs, and most fund managers lose their clients money, and get paid by commission per transaction. Don’t try to become a trader because it is a full time specialty that very few can master, and …

6. Think Long Term

  • Buy a stock index fund when the market corrects, or better yet crashes, which it always does every 3 to 10 years because of cycles. Then hold long term. Invest what you can keep in and roll it over in compound interest until you retire. Get at least 10 % percent in physical gold and silver and a home safe. In both cases don’t check the markets for months at a time because the Fed and the big banks manipulate and suppress them, but cycles eventually win out. Read:
  • The Intelligent Investor {<Free Copy} by Benjamin Graham, or better yet
  • Unshakable {<Free Audiobook/podcast} by Tony Robbins and Peter Mallouk.

7. Study Cycles

Due diligence will tell you what’s going on – the global economy is one giant bubble of derivatives. Just look beyond the mainstream media which is in the elites’ and the bankers’ pockets.

8. Study Your Craft

Wherever you are in life, whatever you’re doing for a living – read, learn, and improve at it. And master whatever you’re passionate about. But don’t go into debt by going back to school. A study of most wealthy entrepreneurs will show you that most of them were self-educated. School is really just books, so turn your car into a university on wheels. Remember, “Formal education can make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune.”


It’s suggested to give away ten percent of your earnings, but I believe that it depends upon you. Give away what is in your heart to give. It may be time, effort, skill, or money. You can help an older person with home repairs, or even take them to a movie. Maybe, start feeding the homeless cats in your area. Whatever makes you feel good. It causes your subconscious to feel abundance which will attract more of the same. Let abundance flow through you instead of hording it.

10. Be Grateful For All That You Do Have

Then the law of gratitude will send you even more to be grateful for. Also start dressing and grooming yourself better. Clean up your car and home. And take 10% of your earnings, and spend it on you because you deserve it – then be really grateful for it.

Then after you’ve done those 10 steps you should be ready for #11 – Buy Real Estate after you study it & do due diligence…I digress.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes -*Jim Rohn


Think And Grow Rich

How To Think And Grow Rich

“More Gold Has Been Mined From The Thoughts Of Men Than Has Ever Been Taken From the Earth.”*

I first discovered Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill while perusing self-help books at a bookstore. The title intrigued me, so I immediately bought it, took it home, and started reading it.

Within a few nights I had finished it. Then I started reading it again. Since that first time, I’ve read it and listened to it so many times that I can’t recall.

I was blown away that such a book even existed, and I wondered why it wasn’t taught in schools. Right away I started to apply its principles to my life, and the results were quick and amazing.

First, I attracted and seized hold of opportunities that I might have otherwise let slip by. I went the extra mile, and pretty soon my finances were turned around. Soon I had more money, possessions, and purpose than ever before.

Abundance and good fortune just seem to flow to me now. You see, the first seed that this book planted in my mind was a money consciousness. I began to realize that I could become wealthy if I first believed that it was possible, and if I determined that it would be so.

By using Hill’s principles of achievement, which he first disclosed in The Law Of Success, I opened my mind to the universal supply, and abundance flowed to me, just like it does to everyone who uses Hill’s principles mixed with the universal laws of mind mixed with action.

The Carnegie Secret

Andrew Carnegie urged Hill to spend 20 years of his life interviewing over 500 of the most successful people, inventors, and entrepreneurs of his era in preparation for this classic self-help book because he wanted Hill to produce a formula for getting rich that could be taught to the average person.

Carnegie, one of the richest men in the world, disclosed his “Carnegie Secret” to Hill. Which Hill hints at throughout the book, but he leaves it for the reader to figure it out on their own.

I understand the Carnegie Secret to have two parts. First, you must have a burning desire to accomplish something, and be wealthy and successful. Second, you must develop your definite major purpose.

Having these two core essentials instilled within will lead you naturally to developing the other principles. For example, your burning desire to succeed will give you the determination, perseverance, and the positive mental attitude that it takes to succeed.

And knowing what your definite major purpose is, will set in motion the powerful forces of the imagination, cosmic habit force, and the development of specialized knowledge, etc. All of which Hill discusses in depth.

The Fires Of Desire

Stoke the fires of your desire by frequently using the law of visualization. See it frequently in your mind’s eye, and use the law of assumption to live it, feel it, and breath life into it.

Then with all of your heart and soul, discipline yourself to work towards your definite major purpose with faith, determination, and perseverance. Indeed, welcome the disciplines by chipping away at the stone, day by day.

Your desire for riches and success will cause your subconscious mind to come up with creative ideas. One of which will grow into your definite major purpose. Then by launching it, you’ll start to attract opportunities and knowledge. And the how to do it will unfold itself unto you.

“What you need to know is how to acquire the state of mind that will attract riches”*

Here’s 2 more Free Books that will help you to develop the money consciousness that Hill speaks of:

Believe In Yourself

Hill writes a lot about faith and believing in yourself and your major purpose. A great Free Book to help develop this power is The Magic Of Believing {<Free Audiobook} by Claude Bristol.

Use Hill’s Mastermind principle to find like minded people who will help you to achieve your major purpose. Unfortunately, I can’t find anyone like minded, so I’ve formed a mastermind alliance with my subconscious mind, Infinite Intelligence {God}, and the laws of mind. But I do delegate things to others when I can, so that I can concentrate on my talents more.

Join The 3% Club

Write your definite major purpose down along with the plans for its obtainment, then read them daily. Remember that only 3% of the population ever writes down their goals, and those same 3% have more wealth than the other 97% combined.

There’s a chapter on the subconscious mind titled “The Connecting Link.” A great book is The Power Of The Subconscious Mind  {<Free Copy} by Joseph Murphy.

The Bottom Line

“If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”**

This is #3 of my Top 10 self-help books because of its insights into wealth building success principles, and also for its sheer historical value.

Everyone I meet would love to be rich and successful, but I’ve never met anyone personally who ever even heard of this classic, let alone read it. What a waste.

But, now that you know there’s a proven formula for wealth and success Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy}, I’m sure that you’ll at least check it out.

Then again, maybe there’s a reason that Hill said, “The ladder of success is never crowded at the top”

Regards, – Herb

Quotes – * Napoleon Hill, **Jim Rohn





Top 10 How To Get Rich Books

All Riches Start In The Mind

Desire to become rich, believe that it is possible for you, then determine that it will be so. I’ve studied investments, business, and much more on this subject, so I know that because of the law of attraction it’s essential to first develop a money consciousness.

Since everything is learnable including how to get rich, getting the right books to read is the best way to become rich.  So here’s my Top 10 How To Get Rich Books:

#1 – Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill

Based upon Hill’s interviews and studies of over 500 of the most successful entrepreneurs of his era, this classic is also #3 on my list of Top 10 Self-Help Books. Learn and use Hill’s 17 principles of success, and assimilate the Carnegie secret and you will become rich.

#2 – The Science Of Getting Rich {<Free Audiobook} by Wallace D. Wattles

This 99 page vintage wealth builder is what inspired Rhonda Byrnes to create The Secret {<Free Video Intro}. With laser-like precision Wattles focuses on how to get rich. First, he teaches how to overcome the mental blocks that push wealth away. Then he shows the right attitudes of mind to use while following his proven steps that lead to riches.

#3 – Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind {<Free Copy} by T. Harv Eker

This is a great self-help book on how to develop the abundance mindset that is critical to get rich. Eker goes deep into the false beliefs that most people have regarding wealth. And how to turn them around through affirmations, positive reinforcement, and mental focus.

#4 – Riches Within Your Reach by Robert Collier

Visualize riches frequently, feel as though you already have them, and riches are sure to flow to you. Mystical and magical, the brilliant Collier will teach you how to get rich through universal laws.

#5 – How To Be Rich – is a culmination from the best of the best on wealth building – including:

– Need I say more?

#6 – The Secret Of The Ages {<Free copy} by Robert Collier

This masterpiece is also #2 on my list of Top 10 Self-Help Books Of All Time. Collier goes into how to get rich plus much more. With insights into the Infinite Intelligence of Universal Mind {God} this is vintage Collier to the core. Wealth is a relative thing and Collier teaches how to become wealthy in more ways than just the monetary.

#7 – Think Yourself Rich by Joseph Murphy

Murphy also wrote The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} which is #4 of my Top 10 Self-Help Books. Murphy shows you how to tap into the power from the depths of your own mind, and how to stand up and claim your birthright of wealth and success.

#8 – The Richest Man In Babylon {<Free Audiobook} by George S. Clason

Through the power of story telling Clason reveals timeless get rich secrets. Inspiring and entertaining this monumental bestseller teaches the basics of wealth building that will put you on the path to prosperity.

#9 – Your Infinite Power To Be Rich by Joseph Murphy

Who better to teach about wealth than the master of the subconscious mind – where all riches are born? You deserve to be rich, to lead a happy and successful life, and through the fine art of gratitude, prayer, and other keys to wealth, Murphy shows you how to get rich.

#10 – The 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires {<Free Copy} by Brian Tracy

I think the title speaks for itself. And since success leaves clues I also posted a summary of this enriching self-help book here.

By studying wealth, you start to think, feel, attract, and therefore act wealthy. And this sets in motion the law of assumption.

I think that Jim Rohn’s quote from his mentor Earl Shoaff expresses it best, “Formal education will make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune.”

Regards, – Herb.