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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

“Life should be much more than just existing”*

Most people spend their days trying to make a living, instead of pursuing their dreams. Day after day, they take their place in line during rush hour traffic only to get to some unfulfilling job that they don’t even like.

And deep down inside they’re miserable because they know that they are capable of so much more. Yet, still they settle for a life of mediocrity – why?

Despite having at their command something that is far more powerful than any computer, they still haven’t figured out how to use it properly.

Ironically, most people will study up on how to use a computer properly, but not their own mind. They’ll spend hours every night surfing the web, or watching TV, but not figuring out how to achieve wealth, health, and happiness.

“The Treasure House Within You”*

If somebody came along and showed you simple, practical, and proven ways to harness the power of your own mind, and it was free, wouldn’t you at least check it out?

With The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy}, Joseph Murphy has helped lots of people to change their lives from mere existence to a meaningful, rewarding, and successful life.

A clergyman, Murphy mixes the mystical powers of spiritual wisdom with proven scientific analyses to help explain why the subconscious mind is so powerful. Then he delivers simple and practical exercises to take command of it.

“The Master Secret, The Miracle-Working Power Of Your Own Subconscious Mind”*

Life skills, universal laws of mind, and how best to use them seem to be the secrets of the select few, but Murphy gives you the keys to unlock those life changing secrets.

Murphy’s findings are rooted in the bountiful insights of many great theologians, philosophers, and prophets. He also often refers to the bible, and explains the universal truths behind many biblical quotes.

With several examples and stories throughout this self-help classic, as well as lots of inspiring quotes, Murphy teaches many empowering things including:

  • Happiness – “Choose to be happy and make happiness a habit.”
  • Wealth – How to get the right attitude toward money – and attract it. “Poverty is mental illness.”
  • Forgiveness – how to forgive others, but most of all yourself. “Self-condemnation is called hell; forgiveness is called heaven.”
  • Health and mental healing – “All disease originates in the mind.”
  • Remove fear and mental blocks – “A person’s greatest enemy is fear.”
  • Success – how to do what you love. “There is no true success without peace of mind.”
  • Staying young – “Age is the dawn of wisdom.”
  • How your mind works – “You have the right to choose.”
  • Sleep – “Sleep in peace and wake in joy.”

All 20 chapters have Murphy’s “ideas to remember” at the end of them. It’s no wonder that this self-help classic is number 4 on my top 10 list of the best self-help books ever.

You can’t see spirit, but you can see the spirit of the artist, and you can hear the spirit of the musician.

And you too can learn how to let your spirit soar like a hawk high above. Only to look back at what you once were and say, “I did it.”

Let The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Audiobook} show you how.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – Dr. Joseph Murphy





The Power Of The Critical Six

“The Man Who Has Done His Best Has Done Everything”*

One of my favorite success stories is about the legendary Charles M. Schwab, the great steel magnate and associate of Andrew Carnegie.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} which is #3 on of my top 10 list of self-help books, told the amazing story that changed Schwab’s destiny, and that of many others – including myself.

Back at the turn of the 20th century, Schwab, president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, met with a man named Ivy Lee.

Lee planned to sell Schwab his services by helping him to become more efficient. But Schwab told Lee that he wouldn’t pay for his services because his people already knew what they were doing. However, the problem was – getting them to do it.

Lee purposed that he would give the reluctant Schwab a tool for free, an idea that he guaranteed would make Bethlehem Steel more efficient. He asked Schwab to try it for twenty-one days, and if it worked, to share it with his employees, then send him a check for whatever he thought it was worth.

“Always Do Your Best. What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later.”*

Lee told Schwab, “At the beginning of every day, or better yet, at the end of the day before the following day, take out a piece of paper and write down the six most important things you need to do to achieve your objectives on that particular day.”

He told Schwab to do it right then and there. And after thinking about it, Schwab thought about it, Schwab wrote down six action items. Then he put them in order of importance, as Lee had told him to do.

“Starting tomorrow first thing, start on number one,” Lee said. “Do not go onto item number two until you have completely finished item number one. Then continue in succession with each number.

“If you get to the end of the day and have not completed your full list of action items, then roll over your actions to the next day. If five and six are left undone, they automatically become items one and two for the next.”

A Priceless Tool

Within a month after that historic meeting, Ivy Lee got a check in the mail for $25,000 – which would be worth about $325,000 today. Attached was a note from Schwab that stated, “That’s the most powerful tool for achievement that anyone has ever taught me, and here’s a fraction of what it’s worth.”

Relatively unknown at the time, within five years, Bethlehem Steel would go on to become the largest steel producer in the world.

Schwab himself earned over $100,000,000 – which today would be well over a billion dollars. He also became the most powerful and famous steel man alive.

“Aim For The Highest”*

Since then, lots of wealthy and powerful people have attributed their success to the Critical Six. And since anything anyone else can do, you can also learn how to do, at least equally as well – why not start today?

Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple disciplines. A few changes in your daily habits that grow into a lifetime of achievement and happiness. And isn’t that what life is all about?

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes –  *Charles M. Schwab,  *Og Mandino, *Andrew Carnegie





The Power Of Decision

Follow The Logic

All that you are today is the direct result of your past thoughts and actions. And all of your past actions were the direct result of your past decisions.

Since consciousness is your only view of reality, at any given point in time, you’re free to make your own decisions. And if for any reason, a decision is forced upon you, then you can still decide how to feel about it.

“Your Destiny Is That Which You Must Inevitably Experience” 

Inevitably you must decide your life’s path. Your career, your mate, your health and financial decisions, and how you choose to feel about your life in general is all a matter of your decisions.

When you understand that your decisions are the root causes of your experience of life, you are able to create the contents of your life. Good or bad, rich or poor, sick or healthy, are all usually built upon the foundation of your decisions.

For example, It is you who decides to lie on the couch watching TV instead of going for a brisk walk, and if that decision is consistent, you will eventually pay the price for it.

“As A Man Thinketh, So Is He, And As A Man Chooseth, So Is He”

When you assimilate that part of your reason for being here is to rise up to higher states of consciousness, you’ll then start to manifest more of life’s infinite wonders. Then through your own desires and subsequent decisions, you can conceivably create your own destiny.

The universal laws of mind all vibrate on frequencies that are in tune with your desires. The quantum field that I choose to call God, also known as Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, the Source, etc., is constantly sending back to us whatever we think about most.

This is why I love self-help books and audios so much – because they empower us to take control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then how to use that control in sync with the universal laws of mind.

When you start to dream big dreams, and imagine the possibilities for your life, you’ll soon discover your purpose, and formulate your life’s mission.

“It Is In Your Moment Of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped”

Deciding to read some self-help books is a life changing decision in itself. The first one that I ever read was called Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy} by Tony Robbins. It is #5 on my Top 10 List of the best self-help books. If you want to improve your life – then check it out.

“Destiny Is Not a Matter Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice”

The first key to success is to decide what it is that you want. Decide what your definite major purpose is then assume the feeling of already being that which you desire to be.

When you frequently use the law of assumption, and your imagination through the law of visualization, mixed with action, you set in motion the powerful law of attraction, and your desires materialize way faster.

Then people and opportunities that can help you accomplish your goal will just seem to flow to you effortlessly out of the quantum field.

Think On Paper

Less than 3% of the population puts their goals into writing. And those same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined.

To me, the choice is obvious, however you must decide which percentile you’d rather be in. Choose the simple step of thinking on paper, and it will immediately start to shape your destiny.

Standing At The Crossroads”*

At any given moment in time, you are at a fork in the road between good and bad, rich or poor, healthy, happy and wise, or full of regret. It is all up to you to decide today what road to turn down.

Be clear about what you want. Believe in yourself. Then complete the miracle process by taking action. Then you won’t end up with those “Crossroad Blues.”*


Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician

Quotes -*Neville Goddard. *Ralph Waldo Emerson,*Tony Robbins, *William Jennings Bryan,

*Robert Johnson – *Robin Trower’s version