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The Lawman Cometh

“Imagine All That You Long To Be

 Work Towards It And One Day You’ll See

 The Key To Life Is All In The Mind

  So Keep On Dreaming And One Day You’ll Find

  That Deep Within You Lies A Treasure Chest

  That Only You Can Open By Doing Your Best” – Walter Paxton


Mesmerized by the flame’s hypnotic rhythm flickering back and forth, Luca watched the candlelight as it danced in tune with his breathing, casting eerie shadows across the tent.

He had been alone in the woods for close to five months. The summer had turned into the fall, and with it came the autumn chill.

The creek water had become too unbearable for him to wash in, and at night the frosty mountain temperatures had begun to freeze his fingers, so that he could no longer play his guitar.

He had only left the park on three occasions to go the convenience store that was no more than a hundred feet from the front gate in order to replenish his supplies.

Knowing that the time had come for him to go back into the city, Luca stared into the flame of the candle, reflecting on his time well spent alone in the woods.

After reading all the books that he had brought with him several times each until they were all fully assimilated, he then used what he had learned to transform his mind until it conformed to his vision of his ideal self.

Like the rhythm of the flame that flickered in tune with his breathing, Luca’s soul burned with an intense desire that was in tune with every beat of his heart.

His thoughts were full of the insights from all of the universal laws of mind that he had learned. Secrets that had been buried in the sands of time, only to be unearthed by those lonely warriors who had sought them out in desperation.

It was all so clear to him now – by assuming the feeling of the person that he longed to be, by living from the end as though it was a present fact, then by taking consistent action to work towards it, was the way to make his dreams come true.

First he defined exactly what it was that he wanted, then by visualizing it often and feeling it to be a present fact, he transcended the bridge of the time space continuum to manifest his destiny.

After applying what he had learned to change his habits, he had quit smoking cigarettes and he no longer had the occasional desire for drug or drink.

He made a conscious decision to change what he had mistakenly believed to be cool. For instance, he no longer considered smoking to be cool. Instead, he now believed that reading, learning, and growing as a human being was cool.

But most of all, to express his deepest feelings through the lyrics of his original songs and his guitar playing had now become the ultimate in cool.

For close to five months he was in the habit of playing guitar everyday for ten to twelve hours a day. While playing, he tapped into the creative forces of the universe while thinking about Marita, life, and all that he had learned. Then he let those feelings flow out into his original compositions.

He also always imagined that he was playing before a huge audience of his adoring fans – seeing a fog of dry ice wafting across the stage, colored lights flashing, as he heard the crowd going wild.

.Luca had come to believe that the law of assumption was the most powerful of all the universal laws of mind because by assuming  the role of the person that he desired to be, his subconscious mind then took over and directed his actions accordingly, which then set in motion the law of attraction.

By directing his thoughts, feelings, and imagination to focus only upon what he wanted, then by being grateful as though it were a reality, ignoring any doubts, they would then harden into fact on the material plane of existence.

He didn’t fully understand all of the science behind it – atoms having electromagnetic pull attracting like unto themselves – he just knew that it was.

Then again, he didn’t fully understand all the theory behind the law of electricity either, but he did know that when he flicked the switch that he got the light.

He also used the law of cause and effect by practicing the guitar everyday, essentially chipping away at the stone, so to speak, day by day chiseling away at the masterpiece that he envisioned in his mind’s eye.

The burning desire that was aflame within him, filled Luca with a certainty that it was part of his purpose to create music. Just like a spark had the same properties as a lightning bolt, surely he was given the power to create so that he could light up the sky for all to see, only to leave behind a beautiful rainbow after he was gone.

But he knew that there was something more because every night he woke up in a cold sweat with the vision of a girl vivid in his mind.

Perhaps, in her late teens, she was very beautiful, and Luca felt a deep sense of love for her. But it wasn’t like the love that he felt for Marita, it was a protective, caring kind of love.

The girl was always sitting on the other side of the creek, staring into the water. She was sad, and her wet eyes glistened from the sunlight reflected in the water.

Luca screamed, jumping up and down waving his arms, trying to get her attention, but she just kept staring into the creek.

Finally, he would give up and just stand there wondering why she didn’t see him. He could hear the creek and he saw the sun reflecting off the water, sparkling like jewels, but he felt cold.

It was as though he was in another dimension, standing in the shadows. He could see her, but she couldn’t see him, yet somehow he knew that she was thinking about, and was sad about him.

After he woke up from that dream, Luca would always lie there wondering about its meaning. He knew instinctively that she was also part of his life’s purpose, and that the dream was sent to him out of the blue from Universal Mind.

The next morning as he was getting ready to go back into the city, Luca admired the majestic beauty that was all around him for the last time. In early October the first snow had fallen, and the pine trees were heavily laden with white flakes. Just like the changing of the seasons, the calling that had beckoned from within Luca’s tormented soul had caused a change within him, and now he was ready to reap what he had sewn by going back into civilization.

At the front gate to the park, he turned around to look back remembering his time there, then with a deep sense of gratitude, Luca smiled.

He knew that he would come back to that special place where he had learned to transcend time and space through the portal of his imagination.

Every night as he fell asleep, he envisioned kissing Marita goodnight, and he knew that he would see her again, if not in this lifetime, then in the next.

He also knew that he would see Julius Szabo a.k.a. “the Hungarian hitman” again, and when he did that he would win the war, because Luca had a plan.

Then armed with his arsenal of universal laws and his six string gun, the winds of change blew Luca Amadeo from his time by the creek back into the big city of Vancouver by the sea.

This is Chapter 6 of Bound To Change: Imagine The Possibilities an original book by Herb Norcott.


Misery Loves Company

“How People Treat You Is Their Kharma, How You React Is Yours” – Wayne Dyer

Sheree Dumas loved three things most of all in life. The first was jelly donuts. It didn’t really matter what kind of filling was inside, just so long as they were fresh and heavily laden with icing sugar.

The second thing she loved was being the president of her union. It enabled her to regularly take a couple of days off per week with pay to take care of important union matters, which usually meant hanging out at the donut shop, looking over a few papers. However, the best thing about being the president was the job security.

The third thing she loved was her job. When she was in court, she could distort the facts and lie so well that even she was in awe of her own prowess. As she was leaving the courtroom she often felt like she had just given an Oscar winning performance.

When it came to her clients, Sheree loved to see them squirm. Most of the idiots had no idea what the rules were, so she could make many of them up as she went along. She could also virtually provoke them with impunity because her supervisor would always backed her up.

Very few of her clients could afford a good lawyer, so they usually had to settle for a legal aid lawyer, and very few of those ever got involved in the interactions between the social workers and their clients because all they cared about was the money.

Sheree’s home life was sheer misery. Her husband usually worked late and came home too tired to do anything except lie on the couch watching sports for the rest of the night. They never talked anymore. They never did anything anymore.

Sheree wondered if he was having an affair but if he was, she really didn’t want to know about it. After seventeen years and four kids together it was too late to find someone else. Besides, she was comfortable with him. The sex was non-existent, but so what? She had her jelly donuts.

Her kids however, frustrated her immeasurably. She had to constantly nag them to do their homework. They didn’t seem to have any respect for her at all. Unlike her clients who were forced to respect her, or pay the price.

Sheree escaped her miserable home life through her work. It was a totally different world there because she was in control – she was the boss.

She loved provoking the parents because they had to watch their mouth or get written up. She would watch them squirm in their seat, their face turning red with their furrowed brow telling the tale of their inner turmoil.

To Sheree Dumas, misery loved company, and occasionally when some loser snapped and dared to raise their voice to her, she savored those moments. They were just as sweet as biting into a fresh jelly donut.

She would stay calm, then with a knowing smirk, she’d pull out her black book and write them up. She had them – checkmate loser.

Their body posture would change when they realized that they had just blown it. Now they were back to square one. Then she would tell them that because of their little outburst, they now had to take an anger management course.

In protest they’d tell her that the only reason they got mad was because she provoked them. Then with a huge grin, she would tell them that it was part of her job to provoke and lie to them.  Besides, if they couldn’t stay calm with her then how could they be expected to stay calm with their children?

Then they would sit there quietly for a while until they saw the method to her madness, and they started apologizing profusely, but it was too late.

Sheree had always wanted to be a police officer. If they didn’t get respect then they could beat it out of you. And she couldn’t recall all the times that she wished she could have handcuffed one of her clients and then taken a billy club to them.

But when she found out that the police had weight restrictions, and that exercise was part of the training to become a police officer – her career as a cop ended before it began.

Even as a child Sheree was overweight. The other kids always laughed and made fun of her in gym class. Children could be so cruel, which was part of the reason that she hated the whiny little brats that came under her jurisdiction so much. Plus, they were always crying and blaming everything on their parents.

But one thing she did like about children was that they were even more naive than their parents. She could tell them almost anything and they would believe her. It was amazing to her how malleable their minds were.

Sheree considered herself to be the master of false dream syndrome, taking enormous pride in the fact that she had personally manipulated more than fifty children into testifying in court to things that never actually happened.

She knew when the parents were innocent, but that didn’t matter. If they were stupid enough to get themselves into a predicament like that then they deserved to rot in hell.

Sitting down with a fresh box of donuts, Sheree thought about how much she loved jelly donuts. The feel of the fresh pastry as she bit into it. The way the fruit filling exploded into her mouth – it was ecstasy.

She could always tell what kind of filling would be inside just by smelling it. First, the pungent aroma would fill her nostrils. Then she would lick some of the icing sugar off of it, playing with the donut – teasing it – nibbling around the outside. Then when she couldn’t take it anymore, she’d clamp down on it as it exploded in her mouth.

This is Chapter 3 of Bound To Change: Imagine The Possibilities an original book by Herb Norcott.


Lest Ye Be Judged

“The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth” William Shakespeare

The downpour spattered hard against the window. Looking out, Marita watched as the front gate opened into the courtyard. Locked in her room like a prisoner, she flinched when she saw her father’s limousine drive through the front gate, then her tears started to fall almost as profusely as the drops of rain outside the window.

She was scared of her father, although he had never hit her, his possesiveness and his intense stare often felt worse than any slap in the face ever could.

She remembered how much she loved him when she was a child. How he often read her a bedtime story, then tucked her in and kissed her goodnight on the cheek.

He seemed happy back then. He regularly took the time to play with her. They often played board games – usually checkers, and he always let her win.

She was the apple of his eye; she was daddy’s little girl, but everything changed drastically after her mother died.

Gina Vespuccio had known Luigi Campese since they were children in Palermo, Sicily. They went to the same school together, and Luigi walked her home almost everyday, carrying her school books for her.

Luigi always let it be known that he had a crush on Gina, and that one day he would make her his bride. Gina always giggled at his over-zealous exuberance and she would say, “Never.”

But deep down inside she was flattered, and even as a boy Luigi was a leader who had a way with words, and Gina always admired his confidence.

When they were sixteen years old, Luigi told her that he was running away to America, promising that he would return one day and take her away with him to be his bride.

Even though he didn’t tell her, Gina knew the real reason that Luigi was leaving town. He said that he had been working in Napoli, but she had heard otherwise and so had the police.

He had gotten himself involved with some bad boys, but he was an enterprising young man, and he had given her some rather lavish presents with his ill-gotten gains, so who was she to question him?

Before he left, Luigi took Gina out for dinner, then afterwards he took her in his arms and kissed her for the very first time. Again he confessed his love for her and vowed to return for her when the time was right.

Luigi had always kept his word, and Gina vowed to herself that she would wait for him. She always regretted not telling him that she loved him too when he had kissed her that night, but her heart was beating so fast that she could hardly catch her breath, let alone speak.

Luigi left Palermo with his good friend Leno Bellini. They ended up in Montreal because Bellini had some family there that were involved in the construction business, which was mostly organized by the mafia.

Leno’s uncle Roberto took a liking to Luigi and treated him as one of his own. At night, while Leno went out gallivanting with the other youths, Luigi would visit with Roberto.

They played chess, and Roberto would talk about business. He taught Luigi about how his construction business was perfect for laundering all the money that was made from his extra curricular activities: drugs, prostitution, gambling, and loan sharking.

Luigi had a natural talent for negotiation, organization, and collection of payments, so over the next couple of years with his help, Bellini Construction and their black market subsidiaries grew substantially.

Hungry for wealth and power, Luigi developed a network of connections on his way up through the ranks. Yet still, he did not forget about Gina.

They wrote to each other regularly, and Gina savored every word of every letter. Fortunately, both of them found it easier to express their deepest feelings for each other on paper.

Every month Luigi sent her more than enough money so that she lacked for nothing, and Gina always graciously accepted it without question.

When everything was in place, instead of taking the risk of going back home, Luigi sent Gina the airfare to Montreal. She flew first class, of course.

Despite being raised to wait until she was married, Gina gave herself to Luigi on her first night in Montreal because after all, Luigi had proposed to her that night, and she had said yes.

With Gina by his side, Luigi’s empire grew. Gina never questioned how her husband became so wealthy. He provided her with an opulent lifestyle and that was all that she needed to know.

Don Luigi, as he came to be known, had many philanthropic endeavors. He was also well loved in the community because he never abused his power.

Marita grew up more than a bit spoiled, but Luigi taught her to respect money. The more you had, the more you had to give, and sharing was a gift to both parties.

When Marita was a teenager, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luigi spent a fortune and used his many connections to get her the best care possible. For over two years he prioritized his wife’s treatment.

After Gina passed away, Luigi fell into a deep depression and started drinking excessively. Whereas before he was known as a level headed negotiator, now he easily ordered a hit on anyone who became problematic to his business.

He also became overly possessive of Marita. He had her taken out of public high school and sent to a private girls school. She also could not leave the estate without just cause, and without two bodyguards in tow. Occasionally, her best friend Amanda could come over on weekends, but that was about it.

Only after she legally became an adult and begged her father to let her go to public college did Luigi let her have some semblance of normalcy to her life, but boys were strictly forbidden.

All through college, Luigi had her driven to and from the campus. He also had her spied on regularly during school hours.

Marita always got extremely high marks and proved herself to be a serious student. After she graduated from college, Luigi gifted her with a Bentley Continental T, and only then did he loosen up on the leash a little bit.

During her first year in university, Marita met Charles Stokes, or Chuck as she liked to call him. Despite being forbidden to date, she felt that as an adult, she did deserve to have a life.

She was aware that her father had her spied on regularly, so she made allowances for that. For almost a year, she arranged regular secret meetings with Chuck by coordinating their agendas. She also dropped some of her classes and started wearing a disguise, so that she could sneak off campus with him.

Chuck accepted that her father was overly possessive, but because Marita did not tell him exactly who her father was he did not fully understand the possible repercussions of getting involved with her. However, he did find out abruptly.

After Don Luigi found about their relationship, instead of having Marita taken out of school, he had Chuck beaten up so severely that he couldn’t finish out the semester, and of course, until he was too scared to ever see Marita again.

Marita hated her father for what he had done to Chuck, but she remained determined to graduate from university. Yet she wouldn’t even dare look at another young man out of fear of him being threatened or beaten to a pulp.

When she first saw Luca Amadeo in her father’s home office, she knew. Although Luca tried hiding it, there was no denying the spark of desire that flashed in his eyes.

His stature, his very essence exuded an inner confidence, and his dashing good looks turned her insides to jelly. Marita made up her mind right then and there that if an opportunity ever presented itself, he would be hers.

Then she found out everything that she could about mister Luca Amadeo. Which was easy because she often overheard her father and his cohorts talking about Amadeo because they were all so impressed with him.

Marita had loved Chuck in her own way, but he came from a well-to-do family, and he was a bit soft, whereas Luca was a tough looking wiseguy who wouldn’t cow down to anyone.

She often went downstairs to her father’s home office in hopes of seeing Luca again, but she didn’t see him again until a few months later when he suddenly appeared at their country estate.

On that fateful Friday night when he was invited for dinner, in order to discuss business with Don Luigi, it was all Marita could do to hide her excitement. When she heard that he was to spend the weekend in their guest house, she knew immediately what she must do.

She knew that her father would stay up late drinking too much, as was his custom, so she served him a few extra strong drinks herself just to make sure that he would sleep late the next day.

After Chuck had been scared off, Marita got a prescription of valium to help her sleep, and on that Friday night she crushed some up and slipped it into a few of her father’s drinks, and those of his two bodyguards.

Bruno and Johnny had been with Don Luigi for many years and they had become good friends. They often drank with the Don when they were off duty, so they also kept the same hours as him, and Luigi usually went to bed drunk around three o’clock in the morning and woke up around noon.

Marita got up early that Saturday morning to shower and shave her legs, then she put on her bikini bathing suit and left the mansion undetected.

She planned to knock on the door of the guesthouse, then while striking a pose, ask Luca if he wanted to join her for a swim in their private lake, but just before knocking she heard the faint sound of music coming from around the side of the house.

Peeking around the corner, she saw Luca sitting on the beach playing guitar. Listening intently, she was surprised to hear him playing a classical piece.

Approaching from behind, she waited until he finished playing then she applauded. Luca jumped up and glared at her, but when he noticed that she was in a bikini his face mellowed out.

“Good morning, sorry that I startled you, but that was a lovely song you were playing.”

“Yes, good morning. That’s okay… that was one of my own compositions, so I’m glad you liked it.”

“I just came to see if you might like to go swimming with me? My father rarely gets up before noon nowadays, and I’m sure that Bruno and Johnny are probably sleeping one off too.”

“Yeah, they sure out drank me last night,” Luca said, “so…well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

“Ah yes,” Marita said,”that saying never gets old, especially to us Italians.”

When Luca came back out of the guesthouse with his shorts on, Marita was just as stimulated by his physique as he was with hers.

For the next couple of hours they swam and had fun in the sun sitting on the beach. The conversation just flowed. and Marita was impressed. She was a well read university student, and Luca was able to converse with her on virtually any subject. He also had a penchant to doth poetic, and she loved poetry.

Luca on the other hand, found Marita to be interesting and intelligent, but he often found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. The sun cascading off the surface of the lake sparkled in her enticing brown eyes, and her healthy, tanned skin conjured up images in his mind of her ancestors filling up their baskets full of grapes on some Italian hillside.

Her ample bosom and curvaceous hips filled him with a yearning that he had never known before. He had to keep telling himself that she was Don Luigi’s one and only daughter, and that Don Luigi was not a man to fool with.

Marita however, had already made up her mind. She refused to spend the rest of her life catering to her father’s overprotective insecurities. She was a good girl. Only once had she gone against her father’s wishes, and she had paid dearly for that, but enough was enough.

As soon as she graduated from university she planned to write her first novel, and one day she would have a husband and some children and a life.

Her mother had died, and in a way so had her father, but the time had come for her to spread her wings, so to speak, and leave the nest. She knew that she had to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity, or she’d forever live in regret.

Just before ten o’clock that morning Marita said,”Luca, I’m getting chilly, why don’t we go inside for a cup of tea?”

Inside the guesthouse Luca sat at the kitchen table watching Marita prepare the tea. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Walking around the kitchen in her bikini, arching her back while she poured the water – she knew what she was doing.

Luca was grateful that the tabletop top was hiding what was underneath – his prodigious manhood as it throbbed in appreciation of Marita’s efforts to entice him.

He kept telling himself that it was okay to talk to her and to look at her, but nothing more. He couldn’t let himself get involved with Don Campese’s daughter. He was his Don, and to be disloyal to him could be fatal.

He kept repeating that over and over again in his mind, and it seemed to be working, but then Marita leaned over the table to give him his tea.

Her cleavage spilled over before his eyes. He could smell her femininity, and he ached to taste deeply of its pleasures.

“You want to know something Luca?” Marita said.”My father is a well respected man who likes to control everything, but I’m twenty-four years old now, and it’s time for me to break free from his tyranny.”

Luca throbbed even more when Marita moistened her lips with her tongue seductively and leaned closer to him.“Luca, do you find me attractive?”

His manhood started pulsating in sync with his rapidly beating heart. Forget about Don Campese. Mesmerised by Marita’s beauty and intoxicating aroma Luca said, “You’re absolutely stunning.”

Moving in closer to him, Marita said. “Then kiss me.”

Later, at around eleven thirty in the morning, Marita slipped her bikini back on. She was going to dive into the lake then make her way back into the mansion. If anybody saw her then she would just tell them that she had gone for a swim. “Luca, that was incredible. I’ll see you later at dinner, okay sweetie?”

Smiling contentedly, Marita left the guesthouse thinking that Chuck was nothing compared to Luca, and she already felt that she was head over heels in love with Luca.

With his heart still pounding rapidly, Luca lied motionless on the bed staring up at the ceiling in disbelief about what he had just done.

He had always been a risk taker, but not a fool. The rush of adrenaline from breaking a few rules had always been a weakness of his, but this time was different.

He had always calculated the risk factor into his decisions. He had always weighed the pros and cons of whatever he did, but not this time.

Then after he recalled the earth shattering experience of their intimacy, he decided that it had been worth it. It’s all right – she’s a goddess sent from heaven. And although it seemed a bit too soon to him, he knew that he was already in love with Marita.

For close to six months after that day, Marita would sneak over to Luca’s place to visit him whenever she was sure to get away with it. Every golden moment was savored by the both of them.

Marita grew to hate her father even more for making her sneak around with the man that she loved, so she devised a plan – two weeks later she intentionally let herself be seen sneaking out of the mansion so that she would be followed to Luca’s place.

The next day, Don Campese sent Bruno and Johnny around to give Luca a talking to that was intended to be much worse than the one that had been given to Charles Stokes. However, there were some major differences between Charles Stokes and Luca Amadeo.

Bruno and Johnny had spent too many years relying on intimidation. As Don Campese’s personal bodyguards they were still respected and feared, but too much pasta and vino through the years had slowed them down. Conversely, Luca ate well, exercised often, and practised self-defense regularly.

Luca did what he had to do to defend himself, and both Bruno and Johnny ended up with broken noses and a couple of broken bones each.

Their lives had been spared because Luca knew first hand about all the legal repercussions involved in taking a life – even in self-defense.

Marita needed things to reach the breaking point because she longed to be with Luca all the time. She intentionally let herself be followed to his place because she knew how strong he was, and she had watched him practice his zen karate combat techniques.

Stealing from her father was easy. He had a fortune in blood money, and he had profited greatly from the addictions and misery of others.

All of her life she had been a good girl, but what did that get her? Lonely and broken hearted, or sneaking around like some kind of criminal with the man that she loved.

Marita sometimes wondered how many lives her father had taken with his own hands on his way to the top, and how many people he had ordered to be killed since then.

Plus, the more than quarter of a million dollars in cash that she took from his home safe was only a minute fraction of what would one day be hers. But if she had to wait until her father died in order to be free – she would rather lose a fortune, but gain a life.

Of course, she always knew that her father’s home safe was behind her mother’s portrait above the fireplace, and that the combination was her mother’s birth date.

What might be a fortune to many was a mere pittance to the mighty Don Campese, but with that kind of money her and Luca could go almost anywhere.

However, it would be too risky to try to get out of Canada right away because she knew that her father would immediately have all of the border crossings, airports, train, and bus stations monitored.

Disguising themselves and driving out west was so simple. It was an adventure driving across Canada, and everything was going so well until Julius Szabo found them on Vancouver Island.

And now here she was all alone like a prisoner in solitary confinement and for what? For falling in love? For daring to live her life?

Shaking, Marita closed her eyes and pictured Luca. His lopsided grin with the one dimple, the powerful physique that could be so gentle, and those piercing green eyes that seemed to look right into her soul.

Her heart ached to hold him, to keep him safe. He was her soul-mate and she could never give up hope. She just couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again.

Her eyelids flew open at the sound of the key unlocking her bedroom door. Then she heard her father’s heavy footsteps approaching until she could see him standing behind her reflected in the window.

Determined not cry, Marita did her best to compose herself. She could not let this man that she had grown to despise take control of her emotions.

However, Luigi saw the fearful look on her tear stained face reflected in the window, so he went and sat on the edge of her bed.

Waiting, hardly able to breath, Marita didn’t know what to expect. Whatever it was that he had to say, he would say it, and it would be done. Just like all moments in time, eventually this too shall come to pass. Luca had taught her that.

At first, she thought that she heard some distant thunder growing louder, but after listening intently, Marita realized that it was her father starting to sob.

“When you were a little girl, you were the greatest joy in my life. I would deal with the cold outside world then I would come home, and you would always run up to me shrieking “daddy”, and I would lift you up in my arms, giving you a hug and a kiss.”

But that was long ago and far away, thought Marita.

“I was never happier than when I was with you and your mother together. I did what I had to do to provide for my family as best I could. I wasn’t proud of some of the things that I had to do, but I wasn’t ashamed either. Another time and place, and I would have been other than what I was.”

Marita had never heard her father talk like that before. It was certainly better than what she had feared might happen.

“Such is fate, such is life. You do your best with the hand that you are dealt, or you lose the game.

“I never wanted anything more than to be with you and your mother, and for the both of you to be happy and healthy.

“And I knew that one day some lucky young man would ask for your hand, and that I would let you go as all fathers must do. But somehow, I lost sight of that when I lost your mother.”

As she listened to her father’s sobbing grow louder, the tears began rolling down Marita’s cheeks again.

“She was my love, she was my life, but she was also your mother, and I am ashamed that I was not stronger for you, and… I am sorry Marita,”

As she heard her father get up and slowly walk towards the door, Marita wanted to run over and give him a hug, but then she remembered what he had done.

She also wanted to ask him about Luca, but she just couldn’t. She had to believe that Luca was still out there somewhere in the world, and that one day they would be reunited.

She heard her father close the door, but she didn’t hear him lock it. Still stunned, Marita sat there motionless until the wave of nausea hit her.

Just like she had done for the past few mornings, Marita ran to the washroom to throw up. At first she thought that it was because she was so worried about Luca, but now Marita wondered if maybe it was something more.

This is Chapter 5 of Bound To Change: Imagine The Possibilities an original book by Herb Norcott.