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How To Use The Universal Laws Of Mind

“Man Possesses Within Himself All The Creative Power Of The Universe”*

In analyzing the states of consciousness and universal laws of mind that prevail in our lives, I discovered that everything in the universe had its origin in Universal Mind.

It is Mind that sends us ideas seemingly out of the blue. And ideas themselves are centers of consciousness in that all that you are is derived from the ideas to which you give your attention to.

This is a hard concept to grasp for most people, but it’s also why the law of assumption is so powerful. In deed whatever you conceive yourself to be and focus your attention upon, tends to manifest itself on the material plane of existence.

“All Is Mind. Then The Things That Appear Must Be Expressions Of Mind”*

Very few people understand the relationship that exists between the energy that we generate with our thoughts, which if we dwell upon and visualize, will materialize in tangible form.

In other words, all forms of the human experience on the physical plane of existence are created through the inner activity of conscious thought.

God is life, and life is God, if you chose to call Him that. He is an Infinitely Intelligent energy that permeates all things, everywhere, and at all times. Science has proven that it is so.

It is a proven scientific fact that every material thing is a visual symbol of the vibratory rate of the atoms that comprise it.

“Through All The Ages Man Has Believed In An Invisible Power, Through Which And By Which All Tings Have Been Created”*

Since a human being is part of the same life energy that we call God, it follows that we use the same creative process.

Everything is inside of and a part of one united force field of intelligent electromagnetic energy. Everything comes from the Source, and so must remain part of it.

Since all that we see before us came into existence from what we do not see, it follows that you can make of yourself what you wish yourself to be by following the same universal laws of mind that govern all things.

The light goes on for those who learn how to flick the switch that controls the law of electricity, and in like manner, once the mental and spiritual laws of creation are understood and harnessed, they give freedom to chose to all those that learn how to flick that switch.

The Lawman Cometh

Before we can consciously manifest intelligently on the physical plane, we must learn and conform to these laws. When we harness their power and subject them to our use, then health, wealth, purpose, and success will be ours.

At all times we are either drawing things to us, or pushing them away because our thoughts are magnetic, just like all forms of energy. This basic understanding is at the core of how to use the law of attraction.

In order to manifest what we want, we need to continuously persist in affirming our oneness with it. Then we must take action and work towards it, as it works its way towards us.

All universal laws of mind are just as exact as the law of gravity. For example, my favorite – the law of assumption, casts back at the thinker, everything that they conceive and believe themselves to be, do, and have.

Whether we are aware of it or not, an aura of electromagnetic thought energy surrounds us all. And what we think into it, always returns to us. You attract into your life only that which you first mentally become and feel yourself to be.

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”*

There is only one sure way to bring about our deepest desires, and that is to live in and affirm our oneness in the now, with the vibratory currents that make for wealth, success, happiness, and purpose.

This is why in Think And Grow Rich {<Free copy} Napoleon Hill, after studying over 500 of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time, put having a definite major purpose at the top of the list of his 17 Principles Of Success, {<Free audiobook}

Indeed, concentration of mental energy is a powerful force of nature to be reckoned with. The greatest riches of life, most of which go beyond the monetary, come to those who understand and adhere to law.

We are all unique souls unfolding from different planes of consciousness, and the seemingly vacant space that surrounds us all actually contains an abundant cornucopia of ideas and riches that are ours to claim. For it is law.

Believe in yourself, and check out The Magic Of Believing, {<Free audiobook} by Claude Bristol, and do your best to master the universal laws of mind because really – it will be the best thing that you ever do.

All the best, -Herb

Quotes – *F.W. Sears, *Florence Scovel Shinn, *Charles F. Haanel, *Walt Disney





How To Use The Law Of Assumption

“Belief Creates The Actual Fact”*

Of all the universal laws that I’ve unearthed while digging up treasures of the mind, none have been more valuable than the law of assumption at transforming my life.

I first learned about it while listening to Wayne Dyer’s audio program Wishes Fulfilled {<Free Video about it}. In essence – the root of all that you are or ever will be lies within your self-concept.

Because of The Secret  {<Free Copy} by Rhonda Byrne, everyone’s heard of the law of attraction, but few people know about the law that is the medium by which you attract things into your life – the law of assumption.

When Dyer turned me onto one of his mentors – Neville Goddard, I immediately bought his 2 cd set The Power Of Awareness {<Free Audiobook}.

After reading a couple of his books I decided to study all things Neville, so I bought Neville Goddard-A Great American Mystic-The Complete Reader{<Free Copy} which includes all 10 of his books.

“Change Your Self-Concept, Change Your Destiny”*

You can not command things to appear by mere words or affirmations. Things start to come to you by what you believe yourself to be – your concept of yourself.

For example, believe that you are unlucky, and you end up attracting bad luck. Conceive yourself to be lucky, and good fortune and opportunities will just seem to come your way. Rich or poor, brave or cowardly, great or mediocre, it all starts with your self-concept.

By consciously acting the part of the type of person that you long to be, you set in motion The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} which is in tune with the Universal Mind. Then you transcend the bridge between where you are now, and where you want to be in the future.

“As You Think, So You Become”*

Acting from the end is the beginning of your new life. By harnessing the power of assumption, you then set in motion the law of attraction because thoughts and feelings are magnetic energy that attract like unto themselves.

Neville believed that we are all Gods. A bold statement indeed, but after meditating upon it, I realized that we do all have God-like powers; just like a spark has the same properties as the lightning bolt, we are all Creators.

All inventions, songs, and books, etc. are first born in the imagination. Then by acting and feeling that you are an inventor, writer, or musician, you manifest corresponding circumstances into your life. Then by taking action you complete the miracle process.

“I Had Therefore To Remove Knowledge, In Order To Make Room For Belief”*

By seeing and feeling life as you desire it to be instead of as it is, you become one with your desires. By acting the part of the type of person that you desire to be – by living from the end, your thoughts, feelings, and actions manifest your fulfilled desire.

Realize that your outer world is just your mental activity made visible. What you are today is a direct result of your past thoughts, decisions, and actions. And they were all only a direct result of what you believed you were capable of achieving – your self-concept.

Since thoughts and feelings emit magnetic waves out into the universe that attract whatever it is that you dwell upon back unto you, by assuming that you are already the person that you want to be, you transcend the time-space continuum between where you are, and where you want to be.

“When You Call Up At Will Whatsover Image You Please, When The Forms Of Your Imagination Are As Vivid As The Forms of Nature, You Are Master Of Your Fate”*

To be realized, your wish must be felt as a state that is. This is how to get what you pray for. This is the gift that Jesus gave to the world. This is “The Truth That Sets You Free.”*

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *William James, *Herb Norcott, *Bruce Lee, *Immanuel Kant, *Neville Goddard, *John 8:32




Let There Be Light

“All Things Become Visible When They Are Exposed By The Light, For Everything That Is Made Manifest Is Light”*

Scientific law states that all manifest substance flows from a field of light waves. In other words, light particles, electrons, form the atom which is the root of all material manifestation.

When you accept this infallible scientific fact as truth, you can then consciously connect your mind to the king of all kings, the keeper of light – Universal Mind.

Recognize this to be true and you’ll then realize that humans have the capacity within to extract form out of the formless substance.

We are constantly incorporating ideas that seemingly come to us out of the blue, and giving them form and shape according to this truth.

“The Highest And Most Excellent Thing In Man Is Formless, And We Should Guard Against Giving It Shape In Anything Less than Noble Dress”*

What you imagine can be brought out into the light of day if you use the proper method of development. Whatever you imagine yourself as doing, being, or having, you can achieve.

Most people take this imaging power for granted, but when you consciously decide to unify your imagination with your strength of will, virtually all things become possible.

Go into the silence, and welcome the divine ideas that come to you, then use them. And don’t forget to be grateful to the Higher Power, the Source from whence all things come.

“Choose Ye This Day Whom We Shall Serve,”* Fear Or Faith”*

According to the law of increase, you must use your talent in order for it to increase. Develop faith in this law then forge ahead with faith and confidence.

If you let yourself think of any outer condition as hindering your increase, indeed this becomes a hindrance to you. Fear it, and you then become timid and bury your talent, may it rest in peace.

Conversely, when you keep your focus on the abundant inner reality and don’t let the outer appearance cause you to falter, you develop your soul and manifest your destiny.

Pray in the affirmative, for that is the prayer of faith. Never beg, for that is the prayer of doubt. See what you desire as already manifest and yours.

To let go of all anxiety, then trust in this inner power does not mean to sit down and do nothing. You must help what you have created in your minds’ eye to take shape.

Just like a sculptor, you must chip away at the stone, day by day, and blow by blow until one day your masterpiece appears for all the world to see out in the light of day.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Ephesians 5:13, *Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, *Joshua 24-14 & *Florence Scovel Schinn.