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The Law Of Success

How To Use The Law Of  Success

“Success Is A Science; If You Have The Conditions, You Get The Result”*

In schools they teach the laws of mathematics and science, but not the universal laws of mind. Yet those laws are just as exact as those of math and science, and are much more valuable and beneficial to daily living.

Fortunately, to those who seek self-improvement, the master wealth-builder Napoleon Hill created The Law Of Success.

Andrew Carnegie challenged Hill to come up with a formula for success. Then Hill spent more than twenty years researching and interviewing over 500 of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time.

Hill formulated his Law Of Success Course, initially teaching 15 principles, but later in Keys To Success  {<Free Audio} and the classic Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} Hill professed his 17 principles of personal achievement.

Just like in The Science Of Getting Rich  {<Free Copy} by Wallace D. Wattles, if you follow proven steps you’ll always get the same results.

Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success are:

#1 – Develop Definiteness Of Purpose

The road to riches begins when you specifically define what it is that you want. Then put those goals in writing because only 3% of the population ever put their goals in writing – and those same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined.

#2 – Establish A Mastermind Alliance

When two or more minds work together toward a common goal they call upon the forces of nature. With the power of an alliance toward a greater purpose you achieve results way more efficiently.

#3 – Assemble An Attractive Personality

A well-rounded pleasing personality not only wins friends, but helps to build a network that often leads to opportunity. People always remember and want to help other people that they like.

#4- Use Applied Faith

When you are aware of and believe in a Higher Power, you get in tune with the universal laws. With faith to believe in your purpose you can overcome all obstacles on your road to success. And by using the power of prayer properly you then manifest what it is that you want much quicker.

#5 – Go The Extra Mile

When you give more and better service then you are paid for, eventually you will receive compound interest for your investment because every seed you sow will inevitably blossom with the harvest of abundance.

#6 – Create Personal Initiative

When you take it upon yourself to do those things that should be done without being told, you call attention upon yourself and create opportunities for advancement.

#7 – Build A Positive Mental Attitude

Above all else, PMA gives you the winner’s edge. In fact, my favorite self-help book is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. Boiled down to its core, life is the result of only two choices – a positive or a negative mental attitude. To me the choice is obvious.

#8 – Control Your Enthusiasm

Used in harmony with PMA, controlled enthusiasm is the fuel that drives you along the road to success. Remember to “assume a virtue if you have it not”* by using the law of assumption, and your subconscious mind will do the rest.

#9 – Enforce Self-Discipline

When you welcome the disciplines you join those who have achieved greatness. Become a lord of self-discipline because the ability to take action is really what separates people.

#10 – Think Accurately

Since thoughts are things, you do become and manifest what you think about most. To me, when in doubt I use my powers of deduction to reason things out because logic and common sense always prevails.

#11 – Control Your Attention

Through concentration of effort, working diligently toward your goal, you always reap a bountiful harvest. Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams and you will make them come true.

#12 – Inspire Teamwork

After you form a Mastermind Alliance, you then reap the benefits of increased enthusiasm, knowledge, and imagination. Working together in harmony towards a greater purpose will always achieve your desired results.

#13 – Learn From Adversity And Defeat

You can learn from every mistake, and in so doing turn it around and give it positive meaning. This is how to get over the past and look toward a brighter future that lies upon the distant shores of wisdom.

#14 – Cultivate Creative Vision

Stimulate and learn to harness the powers of your imagination in which all ideas, inventions, artistic endeavours, and creative expressions are born.

#15 – Maintain Sound Health

Nothing is more important than good health. Money can’t buy happiness, and it can’t buy good health. And without good health, happiness is rarely possible. A few simple habits practiced daily can make a huge difference long term. Here’s my Top 10 Tips To Good Health.

#16 – Budget Your Time And Money

These precious resources must be mastered. By mastering time, day by day, you chip away at the stone. By saving money you feel wealthier, develop a money consciousness, and are grateful for what you do have.Then you attract more into your life to be grateful for.

#17 – Use Cosmic Habit Force

Your consistent habits, both mental and physical use the same natural forces that cause the stars and the planets to revolve around each other with clocklike precision. Indeed, you become a force of nature to be reckoned with when you turn off the TV, and turn your car into a university on wheels, and take massive action.

Like Jim Rohn said, “If you want to reach the things on the higher shelf, you’ve got to stand on the books that you read.”

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – * Ralph Waldo Emerson









7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness

Lessons From The Master

7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness  {<Free Audiobook} is the culmination of principles that Jim Rohn learned from his mentor, the self-made millionaire and motivational speaker Earl Shoaff. Shoaff shared his wisdom with Rohn who then became a self-made millionaire and motivational speaker himself.

There are about a half-dozen things that make 80% of the difference. In any undertaking, ask yourself what are the half-dozen things that will make the biggest difference in the results.

One essential to all wealth & happiness is discipline. When you welcome the disciplines you take hold of the master key that unlocks abundance and opportunity because action completes the miracle process .

Strategy #1- Unleash The Power Of Goals

Only 3% of the population ever put their goals in writing. And those same 3% have more wealth than the other 97% combined. You can read my Top 10 Goal Setting Tips. Putting your goals in writing activates the power of your subconscious mind which is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the universe. Then what you focus on and think about acts like a magnet that sets in motion the law of attraction.

Strategy #2- Seek Knowledge

When you understand that income and happiness rarely exceed personal development, you will seek out knowledge which is the pathway to wisdom. By learning to work harder on yourself than on your job, you tap into the miracle of personal development. Turn your car into a university on wheels. And remember, “You are what you read.”

Strategy #3- Learn How To Change

The type of person that you become is much more important than what you get. A self-made millionaire is truly wealthy in ways beyond the monetary. To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are. If you want your life to get better, you must get better. And all change starts from within.

Strategy #4- Control Your Finances

It was Rohn’s quote from his mentor Shoaff that first prompted me to open my mind to wealth. “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.” Indeed the first step to wealth is to develop a money consciousness.

Here’s 3 great FREE books to help you do just that:

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill,

The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles,

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

Strategy #5- Master Time

Become the master of your life. Control your thoughts and control your life. Know yourself well and take advantage of the peaks and ebbs in your energy cycles. Concentrate your time and effort on the things that will make the biggest difference in your day and in your life until they are completed. And always finish what you started.

Strategy #6- Surround Yourself With Winners

You can watch this great Jim Rohn video. Walk Away From The 97%.. Remember that you are greatly influenced by, and therefore tend to become like those people that you hang around with. Peer pressure has helped ruin many unsuspecting youths and adults.

Strategy #7- Learn The Art Of Living Well

The good life is not an amount. It’s an attitude. The good life comes from a fully developed lifestyle. Most of all, a good life starts from within. Do yourself a favor and listen to this FREE audiobook Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone – it’s really inspiring and motivating, and one of my favorites.

Jim closes the book with chapter 11 which is also a great short video which you can watch here > “The Day That Turns Your Life Around“. Just a moment in time where you’ve had enough and can’t take it anymore.

Fortunately, when I hit bottom I was able to tap into a wealth of knowledge from a great self-help book that I had read many years before called Awaken The Giant Within {<Free Copy} by Tony Robbins.

We all have been blessed with many innate gifts and talents, but it’s up to us to develop and use them. Like Jim Rohn said, “If we want to get the things on the higher shelf, we’ve got to stand on the books that we read.”

Regards, – Herb.



21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

The main reason that most people never achieve wealth is because it never occurs to them that they can. But like Jim Rohn said, “If you want to be wealthy, study wealth”

In 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires {<Free Copy}, Brian Tracy shares what self-made millionaires think and do because everything is learnable.

Secret#1 – Dream Big Dreams.

Allow yourself to dream. Imagine the possibilities for your life and remember that nothing great has ever been achieved if not first a dream.

Secret#2 – Develop A Clear Sense Of Direction

As Earl Nightingale said in The Strangest Secret {<Free Audiobook}, “We become what we think about.” And at the top of Napoleon Hill’s list of success principles in Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} is having a definite major purpose. By putting your dreams into a clearly defined written down goal you develop a sense of direction and set in motion the law of attraction.

Secret#3 – See Yourself As Self-Employed

Take responsibility for your life. Become the president of your own personal service corporation – no matter who signs your paycheck.

Secret#4 – Do What You Love To Do

Figure out what you enjoy doing the most, have the natural talent for, and then wholeheartedly master it. Find that one thing that you love to do, and do it well, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Secret#5 – Commit To Excellence

Resolve to be the very best at what you do. Commit to excellence and join the top 10% in your field.

Secret#6 – Work Harder And Longer

Develop a reputation for being the hardest working person in your career. When your at work – work. Thanks to The Science Of Getting Rich  {<Free Copy} by Wallace D. Wattles I always work efficiently. You don’t always have to work at top speed – just plan ahead, organize, and do things efficiently.

Secret#7 – Dedicate Yourself To Lifelong Learning

You have the potential to achieve all of your goals. When I used The Dickens Pattern on myself, my new cool became reading, learning, and growing as a human being. Turn your car into a university on wheels.

Secret#8 – Pay Yourself First

Save and invest at least 10% of everything you earn. Study investments and don’t waste commissions and fees on money managers who rarely earn anything for their clients. I suggest at least 10% in physical precious metals in a home safe, and buy a stock index fund during the next downturn in the stock market. Then don’t check the markets regularly by thinking long term. Study cycles and compound interest. And real estate is always great if you do due diligence.

Secret#9 – Learn Every Detail Of Your Business

Become an expert in your chosen field by learning every important detail about it. Then continually find ways to improve upon it and you. As I like to call it, chip away at the stone.

Secret#10 – Dedicate Yourself To Serving Others

Rewards are always in proportion to our service to others. By going the extra mile, the law of returns will insure that you will always get paid extra, one way or another. So look for new and better ways to serve your customers and your company.

Secret#11 – Be Absolutely Honest With Yourself & Others

Successful businesses are built on trust. Be true to the very best that is within you. Set high standards then keep raising the bar.

Secret#12 – Determine Your Highest Priorities & Concentrate On Them Single-Mindedly

Set daily priorities then concentrate on accomplishing those things that make the biggest difference. Develop the habit of working on one important task until it’s completed. Always finish what you start.

Secret#13 – Develop A Reputation For Speed & Dependability

Everyone today is in a hurry. I’m in the habit of saying to myself, “Just do it now.” Instead of thinking about and putting things off…just do it now. Don’t waste time on the non-essentials. And develop an eye for quality.

Secret#14 – Be Prepared To Climb From Peak To Peak

Everything is cyclical, so think long term and watch for trends as they develop. Then go with the flow.

Secret#15 – Practice Self-Discipline In All Things

The biggest difference between people is the ability to take action. Most people lie on the couch watching TV, but the 2 – 5% who are successful welcome the disciplines  by taking action whether they feel like it or not. You should check out The Lords Of Self-Discipline.

Secret#16 – Unlock Your Inborn Creativity

You’re a potential genius with the unlimited creative capacity to develop ideas, inventions, and artwork. Harness the God-like gift of your imagination and the world is yours.

Secret#17 – Get Around The Right People

Listen to Jim Rohn’s free audio Walk Away From the 97%. Need I say more?

Secret#18 – Take Excellent Care Of Your Physical Health

You should check out my Top 10 Health Tips  and How To Break Bad Habits.

Secret#19 – Be Decisive & Action Oriented

Think carefully then decide quickly after all the facts are in. And take action to see your decision through, yet remain flexible enough if new info comes in.

Secret#20 – Never Allow Failure To Be An Option

As Frank Herbert said, “Fear is the mind-killer.” The fear of failure causes the very thing that is feared by paralyzing you so that you don’t even try. Break on through to the other side of fear – and you’ll find success.

Secret#21 – Pass The Persistence Test

Persistence is having An Iron Will {<Free Copy} by Orison Swett Marden.   Stay determined and you’ll overcome all the roadblocks along the road to success.

Remember that anything anyone else can do, you can do at least equally as well if you determine it to be so. And if you learn how they did it.

All the best, – Herb.