Becca’s Gift

Thanks to all the self-help books & audios that I’ve assimilated, I am financially independent. However, I still choose to use my skills as a contractor and tradesman a few days per week.

I usually delegate chores to my employees, so that I can concentrate my energy on my specialties. Yet, despite my deep understanding of the power of positive thinking, I am still only human.

With that said, the other day I had a spirited debate with one of my workers because I referred to another employee as an idiot because he showed up late with the wrong material.

Then because of the law of attraction several other things went wrong throughout the day which then triggered me to resort back to some of my old mental habits.

When I got home after work I sat down to eat dinner, and I turned the TV on to distract my thoughts from the day’s events.

I watched the true-to-life story about Becca Schofield, a seventeen year old girl who has inoperable brain cancer. And as I watched it not only changed my state of mind, but it changed my life forever.

As I heard how Becca touched the lives of people all around the world, and inspired acts of kindness with her positive attitude, I was deeply moved.

I’m 55 years old now, and even though I used to smoke cigarettes, etc., I am now blessed with an excellent degree of health. But, this 17 year old angel is incredibly ill to the point of knocking on heaven’s door.

My favorite self-help book of all time is Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill & W.Clement Stone. Yet, it’s interesting that after reading it many times, as well as hundreds of other self-help books, that nothing has ever changed me so quickly and as drastically as the tale of Becca Schofield.

Many other people have generously donated money, so that Becca’s parents can stay home and take care of her during her final months. And since such acts of kindness are a worthy cause, I will do the same.

But, perhaps an equally as nice gesture is living by and spreading the words of this wonderful young lady. So, the next time an employee messes up, I’m going to laugh at their humanity, and smile as I remember the gift of Becca and what she said, “positivity is a choice.”

This is dedicated to Becca Schofield.

All the best, – Herb.

© 2017, Herb Norcott. All rights reserved.