An Iron Will

On the road to success there are always many roadblocks to overcome. It takes determination and perseverance to plow through those inevitable difficulties that we all must face when we strive for a goal, especially big goals.

One of the main reasons that I’ve read hundreds of self-help books is to overcome the fears and doubts that I used to struggle with.

Along the way, I’ve read An Iron Will {<Free Copy} by Orison Swett Marden many times for a quick blast of determination and inspiration.

Only 62 pages long, this concise yet powerful classic inspires and instructs how to discipline your strength of will.

“We Must All Suffer One Of Two Things: The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret”*

Marden instills within the courage that it takes to succeed by giving examples of many great achievers throughout history who overcome incredible hardships.

We all have dreams of our own vision of success, but it takes action to make those dreams come true. And most people struggle with procrastination that is usually brought on by fear of some kind.

They start out with good intentions, but when the going gets tough, they give up. The shores of fortune are littered with the shipwrecks of many brilliant minds who got lost along the journey to their life’s purpose due to lack of willpower.

“The King Is The Man Who Can”**

With many inspirational quotes like the one above, and through persuasive examples, Marden infuses the reader with the force of will to win.

Since taking action is what completes the miracle process, harnessing the power of the will is essential. The ability to stay the course no matter what happens is really what separates peole. And that ability to get yourself to do what you know must be done can be developed into a habit.

“The First Wealth Is Health”***

There’s even a chapter on how to train the will to overcome sickness and to maintain good health. As everyone know it takes discipline to eat right and exercise regularly.

And the power of the will is a strong tonic to the body. It has taken many people from their death-bed and enabled them to perform wondrous deeds of valor.

It is characteristic of all great achievers to develop the resolve and the courage to struggle against overwhelming odds. If you keep going, the morning light will dawn.

True success is not measured by what you’ve accomplished, but by the obstacles that you overcame along the way. And like all things, the ability to keep on keeping on no matter what happens, is learnable.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Jim Rohn, **Thomas Carlyle, ***Ralph Waldo Emerson


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