A University On Wheels

You Were Meant For More

Do you ever feel your blood run cold with the desires that lay dormant deep within your soul? It’s Your life’s purpose and the dreams of your youth calling from within.

The time has come for you to claim your birthright, and so the law of attraction guided you here because your destiny has been waiting for you to awaken. But conditioning and fear have paralyzed you from believing in yourself and the possibilities for your life.

Everyday all over the world people waste their lives away stuck in rush hour traffic trying to make a living because we’re conditioned since birth to take our place in line.

We follow the rules & regulations of the so called system and few among us ever break the mold that oppresses the masses. But there’s a way to break free from the herd who lead lives of quiet desperation. And instead to run with the pack of wolves whom we all respect and admire – the leaders among us.

Surely the gift of life wasn’t given to us to waste it away in mediocrity – unfulfilled, unhappy, and living paycheck to paycheck. Always wondering what could have been if we only had the courage to truly believe in ourselves.

We must welcome the disciplines that will develop our God given talents. For without regular use they only wither and die like a flower out of water, and like a dream left merely as a wish. But with practice they grow, flourish, and blossom for all the world to see.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been because the past is dead. And where you are now has brought you to this moment where you’re ready to heed to your inner calling and revive your dreams.

As Brian Tracy says, “everything is learnable.” And as Jim Rohn said when quoting his mentor Earl Shoaff, “formal education will make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune.”

The Key To Your New Life

The average university education is basically the equivalent of 50 books of study. It also costs ridiculous amounts of money, and often leaves the graduate in debt, unemployed in their chosen field of study, and settling for a job that is unfulfilling.

An average person spends 1 hour a day, five days per week, fifty weeks a year going to and from work. And most of them waste it listening  to commercial radio, music, or just sitting impatiently, frustrated in traffic.

You can take that 5 hours per week and listen to an entire audiobook. And over the course of a year you could listen to 50 audiobooks. Essentially, you could get the equivalent of a university diplomas’ worth of knowledge in one year just sitting in your car.

I love self-help books & audio programs because they help me to consistently improve as a human being. They’ve also helped me to change my bad habits, taught me about the universal laws of mind, and helped me to believe in myself, and much more.

I’ve read & listened to hundreds of them, so I would estimate that I have the equivalent of several university diplomas’ worth of knowledge in a powerful field of study that is isn’t even taught in schools.

They helped me to turn my life around, and have instilled within me the desire to help others in my own unique way – one post at a time. I don’t need or want any money for it – I’m just passionate about spreading and sharing the words of change.

Audio Programs On Virtually Every Subject

Whatever it is that you want to improve at – study that. Through the years I’ve studied and mastered so much more than just self-help.

It just so happens that I’ve discovered that self-help books & audios encompass much more than just psychology: Universal laws, business, relationships, purpose, wealth, health, etc., etc. are to be had for all those who seek to grow & improve.

When I’ve listened to audios in my car I’ve often found that a concept or insight that I didn’t get before will suddenly just hit me because sometimes I get more by listening than from reading. And together they are the dynamic duo that will tag team you to success.

A Few Simple Disciplines Make A Huge Difference

You don’t have to spend every night & day at this stuff. The greatest baseball players don’t hit a homer every time they come up to the plate. They average getting a hit 3 out of every 10 at bat. And all you need is just a few simple habits practiced every day.

Since most self-made millionaires never graduated from university, you can create your own success program in anything you want. Then graduate by tasting deeply from the fruits of your labors.

Start Today

Realize that you have the potential to be great as in any worthwhile endeavour. Since success leaves clues – follow the steps that will lead you to your own form of greatness.

By listening to audiobooks in your car, you will hear something inspirational that will shift the tides and change the course of your life, landing you on the shore of the promised land – where your destiny has been waiting for you all along, and where all your dreams will come true.

All the best, – Herb.





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