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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

“Life should be much more than just existing”*

Most people spend their days trying to make a living, instead of pursuing their dreams. Day after day, they take their place in line during rush hour traffic only to get to some unfulfilling job that they don’t even like.

And deep down inside they’re miserable because they know that they are capable of so much more. Yet, still they settle for a life of mediocrity – why?

Despite having at their command something that is far more powerful than any computer, they still haven’t figured out how to use it properly.

Ironically, most people will study up on how to use a computer properly, but not their own mind. They’ll spend hours every night surfing the web, or watching TV, but not figuring out how to achieve wealth, health, and happiness.

“The Treasure House Within You”*

If somebody came along and showed you simple, practical, and proven ways to harness the power of your own mind, and it was free, wouldn’t you at least check it out?

With The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy}, Joseph Murphy has helped lots of people to change their lives from mere existence to a meaningful, rewarding, and successful life.

A clergyman, Murphy mixes the mystical powers of spiritual wisdom with proven scientific analyses to help explain why the subconscious mind is so powerful. Then he delivers simple and practical exercises to take command of it.

“The Master Secret, The Miracle-Working Power Of Your Own Subconscious Mind”*

Life skills, universal laws of mind, and how best to use them seem to be the secrets of the select few, but Murphy gives you the keys to unlock those life changing secrets.

Murphy’s findings are rooted in the bountiful insights of many great theologians, philosophers, and prophets. He also often refers to the bible, and explains the universal truths behind many biblical quotes.

With several examples and stories throughout this self-help classic, as well as lots of inspiring quotes, Murphy teaches many empowering things including:

  • Happiness – “Choose to be happy and make happiness a habit.”
  • Wealth – How to get the right attitude toward money – and attract it. “Poverty is mental illness.”
  • Forgiveness – how to forgive others, but most of all yourself. “Self-condemnation is called hell; forgiveness is called heaven.”
  • Health and mental healing – “All disease originates in the mind.”
  • Remove fear and mental blocks – “A person’s greatest enemy is fear.”
  • Success – how to do what you love. “There is no true success without peace of mind.”
  • Staying young – “Age is the dawn of wisdom.”
  • How your mind works – “You have the right to choose.”
  • Sleep – “Sleep in peace and wake in joy.”

All 20 chapters have Murphy’s “ideas to remember” at the end of them. It’s no wonder that this self-help classic is number 4 on my top 10 list of the best self-help books ever.

You can’t see spirit, but you can see the spirit of the artist, and you can hear the spirit of the musician.

And you too can learn how to let your spirit soar like a hawk high above. Only to look back at what you once were and say, “I did it.”

Let The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Audiobook} show you how.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – Dr. Joseph Murphy





How To Achieve Peace Of Mind

“What I Am Looking For Is Not Out There, It Is In Me”*

Once you realize that in the higher sense of the word, wealth goes way beyond the monetary, you’ll discover some of life’s greatest riches.

For example, health, happiness, and a purpose for being here cannot be bought. They are some of life’s treasures that most of us take for granted, yet you can seek them out.

Peace of mind is priceless because it can add years to your life by giving you freedom from fear and worry. You can start to enjoy the contentment and tranquility that it offers by being grateful for who you are as a person, and for what you already have.

“Opportunity Often Comes Disguised In The Form Of Misfortune, Or Temporary Defeat”*

The bad experiences in life are not important in and of themselves. How you feel and react to them, and what you do about them is all that counts.

When you take life’s bad experiences and find the good in them, there’s no such thing as failure because you succeed in learning from them. Then you can use the pain as the impetus for greatness.

The law of growth dictates that life’s disappointments and heartaches are meant to teach us valuable lessons that can make us stronger, better, and wiser.

Most people have to hit rock bottom before they find themselves. But, you don’t have to be like O. Henry who had to be imprisoned before he refined his writing talents. Instead you can choose to make any given day the day that turns your life around**.

“The Frontier Between Heaven And Hell Is Only The Difference Between Two Ways Of Looking At Things”*

Stripped of all non-essentials, life boils down to having either good or bad thoughts. This is heaven and hell, right here, right now.

Train your mind to shake off every negative thought. When one enters your mind, claim your right to choose what you dwell upon. Then flick that switch in your mind and focus on pleasant thoughts, and eventually it will become habit.

Believe that there is a Higher Power of some sort. Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind{<Free Copies}, get in tune with the universal laws of mind, and good things will just seem to flow your way.

Eventually you will move on to the next dimension of life, so do the best you can while you’re here. Forgive others, but most of all yourself for your mistakes because you are only human.

“Miracles Do Not, In Fact, Break the Laws Of Nature”*

Give your life more meaning by finding and defining your life’s purpose. Then create miracles by taking action towards it.

Find your balance point. Work and play, and savor every day.

When you hit a roadblock along life’s road realize that it’s not meant to stop you. It’s only meant to guide you to change your course.

Trust your instincts because it just might be the silent work of your invisible friend, your subconscious mind saving you from trouble.

You can rise above rude, mean, and ignorant people by not lowering your standards to their level. Besides, they’re already being punished internally or they wouldn’t be so miserable.

Truly the greatest riches in life are free. To name just a few – love, happiness, and peace of mind are all mental and emotional states that you can be learn to access at will.

“I Had No Shoes And Complained, Until I Met A Man With No Feet”*

Perhaps, the best way to achieve a constant state of peace of mind is by always putting things in perspective. In other words, no matter what happens – things could always be worse.

Besides, if you are alive and enjoy a reasonable degree of health then you have it made.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Helen Keller, *Napoleon Hill, *George Bernard Shaw, *C.S. Lewis, *Indian Proverb.

Videos – **Jim Rohn.








How To Get Revenge

“Living Well Is The Best Revenge”*

It’s an internal truth that by rising above those who’ve done you wrong, you become better than them, and you turn the pain around by becoming better than you were.

We all have to deal with ignorant, rude, and mean people. They can be hard to figure out, but one core trait that they all have is that they enjoy getting a reaction.

“Misery Loves Company”*

When someone provokes you by saying or doing hurtful things, they do it to get a reaction because they’re miserable inside, and they want others to be miserable too. But when you don’t react, you win and they lose.

When someone steals from, or hurts you or someone you love, that goes way beyond simple provocation, yet either way, by keeping cool and level headed even though you’d love to give them what they deserve, you join forces with the Gods.

Besides, if you beat someone up, you run the risk that they’ll seek revenge back upon you. And there’s plenty of psychos out there who are just waiting to snap.

You always have the option of killing them, but while they rest in peace , you worry about getting caught, or you rot away in prison – or both.

“How People Treat You Is Their Karma; How You React Is Yours”*

The laws of cause and effect, sowing and reaping, and karma can also be called the law of the boomerang because what you give eventually comes back to you in one form or another.

I understand dreams of vengeance. Tossing and turning at night. Making mistakes at work because you’re unable to concentrate.

I’d lie in bed thinking about how much this person deserved my wrath, and I’d envision what I might do if I could get away with it.

It affected my moods, level of happiness, and my health. I became irritable and angry which then affected my other relationships.

“On Wrongs Swift Vengeance Waits’*

Fortunately, it got so bad that I decided to study patience, how to deal with lunatics, and how to get vengeance without going to prison. Then I mixed it all with my insights from self-help books.

I meditated on it until it clicked inside, like entering the numbers to the combination of a safe. Yet, what I found in the vault of my mind was more valuable than money – it was peace of mind.

Don’t try to figure people out and try to change them, just accept them as they are. Then thank God that you’re not like them.

Rise above them by not lowering your standards to their level. Chase thoughts of them out of your mind because they’re not worthy of your time and thought energy.

“If You Can’t Change Something, Then Change How You Feel About It”*

When someone provokes you, they want you to react, so by yelling, swearing, or hitting them – they win and you lose.

By reacting, even if they deserve it, you may feel better in the short term, but you’ve actually made things worse for yourself.

Instead take a deep breath, bite your tongue, and just walk away. Then you not only win the battle, but eventually you’ll win the war.

Gun-toting Americans and Hollywood encourage “Payback“, and burning down houses, blowing up cars, and beating people to death might make a great movie, but it will land you in prison or in a coffin.

Remember that if someone is rude and mean it’s because they’re miserable inside. And in their instability they show a lack of self-control and discipline.

Therefore, they probably don’t eat healthfully and exercise regularly. So, get to work on you, and live a long healthy life, while they suffer illness, pain, and an early death.

Chances are that they’ll waste their life away lying on the couch watching TV. but, you’re reading self-help books, achieving goals, and making your dreams come true.

In essence, rise above those who deserve your vengeance, and you’ll become stronger, wiser, healthier, and better than they ever will be.

Then in the fullness of time, you’ll not only win the war, but the game of life.

All the best – Herb.

Quotes – *George Herbert, *John Ray, *Wayne Dyer, *Alexander Pope, *Jim Rohn