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You Are A Shooting Star

“When The Night Is Darkest, The Stars Come Out”*

Luca had always been haunted by a longing to play the guitar. Sure, he was a good carpenter, and a conscientious worker, but his heart had never really been in it.

His artistic nature had always yearned for its expression, and his work had begun to feel like drudgery, and his whole soul, he had began to loathe it. But, he was afraid.

He was afraid of giving up his job security, and risking it all on his pipe dreams of being a musician. He had always taken his place in line with the rest of the herd. He had conformed to the conditioning and rules of society. Yet, he had usually been miserable in doing so.

He kept wanting to break away from the pack, to live his own life, and follow the longings of his ambition, but he was too afraid of the hardships and obstacles that he would have to encounter if he answered the call that ran in his blood.

Sure, he chipped away at the stone, practicing the guitar here and there, just enough to keep his dreams alive – in broken bits and pieces, in stolen moments of time.

But, he had given up his best energy to make a living instead of designing a life. He had spent the better part of his youth conforming to the design that the so called system had imposed upon him.

He kept waiting for an opportunity to break free until finally his ambition had withered away like a flower out of water. But, now that the doctor had told him the horrible news, he realized fully that he had never expressed the real meaning of his life.

He had never dared to reach for the highest that was within him, settling instead, like so many do, for a life of mediocrity. Settling for less than he knew that he was capable of.

His great unsatisfied ambition had always seemed to mock him. And all the more, now that he knew that he was dying.

But, now things were oh so different. Nothing else seemed to matter, but somehow leaving his mark upon the world. Some kind of legacy left behind as a memoir of his time here on earth.

Picking up his guitar and portable amp, Luca headed downtown. He felt like a caged eagle that had suddenly been set free.

When he got to the subway station, he plugged his guitar into the amp and just started playing. He let his heart soar as the people passing by occasionally stopped to throw a coin into his guitar case, to listen, and to reflect.

Nothing else mattered anymore. He was here now, and as he played Luca left the third dimension of time and space and rose above himself. Looking down at himself playing, he felt complete.

And he thought to himself, this thing within that beckons us to aim higher, this God-given talent, is a prophecy of what our life can be, and ought to be. 

Everyday for several months, Luca went to the subway and played his heart out. Until one day a young lady who had secretly had a crush on him was on her way to work, and she noticed that he wasn’t there.

She never did see Luca again, but everyday she remembered his deep soulful playing. And when she did, she wondered what had become of him, and she always regretted not telling him how she felt.

But, for the rest of her time, wherever she went, when she listened on the wind, she could still hear him play.

What about you my friend? Cherish your dreams and do your best to make them real before it’s too late. Because after all, you too are a …shooting star.

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – *Ralph Waldo Emerson





The Power Of Self-Confidence

The Winner’s Edge

When you back up your ideas and plans with self-confidence you have a supreme advantage over those who give up and quit at the first obstacle in the road – like most people do.

Success doesn’t come to those who sell themselves short through a lack of self-confidence. But it does favor those who know what they want, are determined to get it, and who believe that virtually anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

You can win Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude {<Free Audiobook} by Napoleon Hill and W.Clement Stone. Which is #1 of my top 10 self-help books of all time.

“Believe In Yourself”*

When you know in your heart and soul that you are capable of achieving what it is that you want, and you are willing to pay the price for its obtainment, then you become unstoppable.

Successful people believe in themselves. They have a system for conditioning their minds with their goals, purposes, and life’s mission. And they do it so intensely that they attract the opportunities and people into their lives that help them to succeed.

They stay confident even when things go wrong by using The Power Of Positive Thinking {<Free Copy] by Norman Vincent Peale.

“There’s Genuine Magic In Believing”**

Like all things, self-confidence can be learned. You can do the cape walk which I learned from Tony Robbins.

Or the mirror technique, as well as positive affirmations and visualization. All of which you can learn by listening to The Magic Of Believing {<Free Audiobook} by Claude Bristol.

Harness The Subconscious

The subconscious has unlimited powers that you can tap into and direct towards making your dreams come true.

The method by which you can direct your subconscious is so simple – talk to it directly. For instance, when I pray, I don’t just pray to God, I also pray to my subconscious mind because I know that it is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the quantum field that is all knowing and permeates all things.

The subconscious believes whatever you tell it. This is why when you use the art of assumption by changing your self-concept, your subconscious starts to act accordingly. Which then sets in motion the law of attraction and other universal laws of mind.

It believes and acts upon your words and your thoughts – especially thoughts that are intensely emotionalized with either faith or fear.

The subconscious is also highly susceptible to the repetition of thoughts and words. Which means that it can go to work on your behalf towards your desires.

“We Become what We Think About all Day Long***

This also explains why people who dwell upon poverty, failure, and poor health – get exactly what they focus on. And why success comes to those who feed their minds with their goals, dreams, and ambitions.

When you learn how to use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} by Joseph Murphy to build your self-confidence, then your mind will help you in all that you do. Then happiness, health, wealth, success, and all the world is yours.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Norman Vincent Peale, **Claude Bristol, *** Earl Nightingale


Johnny B. Goode

“Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, way back up among the evergreens”

In the late 1950’s when Chuck Berry wrote this classic rock n’ roll tune, he tapped into the pulse of a generation.

Of course, Chuck had consciously developed a formula for writing a great song – cars, girls, and that rock n’ roll rebel beat.

“There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood, Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode

And all music starts with the beat…the heartbeat – the rhythm of life. That’s why music moves the spirit and stirs the soul; because those notes resonate into the human nervous system.

“Who never ever learned to read or write too well, but he could play a guitar just like a-ringing a bell”

That’s why when you listen to a certain special song, it triggers the same old feelings that you felt the first time you heard it. And you always remember who you were with, and what you were doing.

“Go – go, go Johnny go!”

Herb recently wrote a post called how to get motivated, but he left out something that always gets my juices flowing.

And that is, if you ever need to motivate yourself to exercise {who doesn’t?}, get to work on a project, or do something that you don’t particularly want to do, one trick is to put on some of those special songs that open up the flood gates of emotion.

“He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack, Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track”

The combination of enthusiasm and creativity that are unleashed will start the ball rolling, or should I say…rock n’ rolling?

Then you just got to keep the momentum going because a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless subjected to a force applied against it… such as fear.

“Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade, Strummin’ with the rhythm that the drivers made”

Can you just imagine if while writing this legendary song, Chuck Berry gave into his doubts and fears, and stopped writing it?

Which he easily could have done because he had been convicted of armed robbery in his late teens, and spent three years incarcerated.

Then he settled into married life, and got himself a job at an automotive assembly plant.

“People passing by they would stop and say, Oh my how that little country boy can play”

Plus, Chuck had two other disadvantages that could have easily filled him with doubt and fear: He was playing rock n’ roll at a time when the parents of that generation of teens hated rock n’ roll.

And he was an African American at a time when prejudice and segregation were all too abundant.

But, Chuck Berry had something inside of him that drove him onward and upward, against all the odds.

“Go-go, Johnny go!”

Even after he made the big time, in 1962 Chuck still went to prison for three years for transporting a 14-year-old girl across state lines.

But, Chuck still kept on keepin’ on.

“His mother told him ‘someday you will he be a man, And you will be the leader of a big old band”

How many countless hours do you think Chuck Berry spent all alone practicing the guitar, singing, and writing songs?

Considering how many classic hits this rock n’ roll pioneer wrote, and how many generations of musicians he influenced, I can’t even begin to guess.

Nobody could say for sure, but even though Chuck died recently, he will forever live on through his music, and as a shining example of determination, perseverance, and hard work.

“Many people coming from miles around, To hear you play your music when the sun go down”

Personally, I always thought that Chuck wrote that song for himself, and about himself. Because after all, up until that point, he was the ultimate expression of Johnny B. Goode.

And many called Elvis Presley the King of rock n’ roll, but just who are we trying to kid here? Chuck blew Elvis away with a smokin’ six string gun.

“Maybe someday your name will be in lights, Saying Johnny B. Goode tonight”

Every generation since Chuck’s heyday, has had countless versions of what is probably the best rock n’ roll song ever written.

Everybody from:

Countless others have copied it, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in life? Learn from your mentors, pick up the torch, and add your own intense burning desire to it?

“Go-go, Johnny go, go-go … Johnny B. Goode!”

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.