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The Greatest Secret

Imagine The Possibilities

Sitting atop his portable amp, Luca Amadeo gazed out upon the water. His skin tingled gratefully from the warm glow of the sun that rippled its reflection across the water. Overhead he saw a gaggle of geese flying in formation to some unknown destination.

He loved sitting by the lake playing guitar, enjoying nature, and contemplating what he had learned from all the self-help books that he had read.

Luca now felt that the greatest secret to transforming a person’s life was the law of assumption. And so, as he did with most things of value, Luca decided to master it.

He understood clearly what it took to excel at the guitar – practice, practice, practice. And the same was true of any other worthwhile endeavour.

The Law Of assumption

He first heard of the law of assumption by listening to Wishes Fulfilled {<Free video} by Wayne Dyer. In it Dyer quoted one of his major influences – the mystic Neville Goddard.

Intrigued by the ability to make his dreams come true, Luca bought an audio by Neville called The Power Of Awareness. {<Free copy} Then he bought a few books including the consummate Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader {<Free copy} which includes all ten of Neville’s books.

Neville professed that by frequently assuming the feeling of the type of person that you desire to be, that you would indeed become that person. And after giving it his best shot, Luca discovered that it really did work.

To change your life, you must change your inner talk, and your conception of yourself. Consciously trying to live your new conception of yourself in imagination was the key to fulfilling your desires.

Inner talk takes root in the dark soil of your mind. Then it grows outward into the light of day. Your self-talk should be that which would be yours if you had already realized your ideal.

By your new conception of yourself you are reborn in imagination. First, the ideal you is conceived then by ignoring the evidence of your senses, and by holding strong to the feeling of the future you, as though it was a present fact, your imaginings become your reality.

The Truth That Sets You Free

That was how to get what you pray for because your subconscious mind taps into the flow of the Universal Mind called God, and you then set in motion the law of attraction.

Sitting there by the lake, Luca reaffirmed his commitment to become the master of assumption. For therein lied the key to living his dreams. The seeds planted in his inner world would grow into his outer world.

On the opposite shore, a boy stopped along a trail to listen on the wind. He thought that he heard the sound of a guitar in the distance, but he wasn’t sure. Maybe, it was all in his mind, he thought to himself, because his heart ached to express itself through music, and he had always loved the sound of a guitar.

Feeling that it must be some kind of a sign, the boy rushed home. As he ran, he decided that he was going to take his savings and buy himself a guitar. Because, after all, deep down inside, he knew that he was a great guitarist.

“Imagination is all, and all is imagination” – Neville Goddard.

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.




How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Ride The Waves

Most people take their minds for granted. In fact, many people willingly destroy their minds with drugs and alcohol. But I challenge you to explore the powers of your mind.

Consisting of ten billion cells that generate, receive, transmit, and record energy, the human brain and nervous system is an electric wonder. Yet it only weighs 50 ounces.

You can’t see them, but your brain sends out energy in the form of brain waves. This energy is intense power that can not only affect others, but also objects.

Your mind is affected by powers known and unknown – composed of two parts – the conscious and the subconscious.

The Subconscious Is The Healer

Your subconscious never sleeps because it’s the guardian of your soul. Ever wonder how a cut heals? No, probably not because we take it for granted. Just like how your heart beats, your lungs breath, and the rest of your body heals itself – it’s your subconscious mind working its magic.

The best things in life truly are free. Your subconscious is in tune with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind. Which is an intelligent energy that permeates all things that we call God.

Thoughts have an electrical charge, and feelings have a magnetic charge, so all that you think and feel emits an electromagnetic pulse that transcends the space-time continuum, and sets in motion the law of attraction.

Dream Big Dreams

The most powerful gift that humans have is the imagination. It is imagination that writes great novels, creates classic songs and movies, and helps Olympians win the gold.

Therefore, by learning how to use the law of visualization, you become the master of your fate because the vision that you create in your mind is the roadmap to your destiny.

But first you need to break free from the mental and emotional patterns of the past because you can’t create a better future while holding onto the habits of mind from the past.

When you awaken and just before you fall asleep, send your mind and emotions into the future by vividly imagining your dream life. Learn how to get what you pray for by using the law of gratitude.

The World Is Yours

When you learn how to harness the power of the universal laws of mind, you’ll find that what you want often just seems to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

For example, by using the law of assumption , you then set in motion the law of attraction. Then you transcend the bridge between the present and the future.

Live from the end, because truly the end is the beginning. And your subconscious which is in tune with the Universal Mind will do the rest.

Watch your mind movie in a relaxed state as frequently as possible and have faith that it is already yours. Then it will turn into physical results on the material plane of existence much sooner than you ever thought possible.

In essence, with a bit of knowledge, practice, and vision you really can make your dreams come true.

All the best, – Herb.




The Bullet’s Blues

As was his custom, Luca Amadeo woke up early Sunday morning. Stretching, he put his feet over the edge of the bed and got up.

On his way to the kitchen to make himself a coffee, Luca looked out the window. As the sun peaked over the horizon, the early morning shadows crept along the ground like a thief in the night.

Smiling contentedly, Luca sent out his gratitude into the universe. Sunday was his day. The rest of the week, he fulfilled his obligations; he did what he had to do to survive. But on Sunday he did his own thing, in his own time.

Smelling the aroma before he took a sip, the coffee warmed his throat on its way down. Then after drop tuning his guitar, Luca plugged it into his amp. He fiddled around for a bit, warming up his fingers, then he began to wail.

As all musicians tended to do, he couldn’t help but have inflections of his guitar heroes infused throughout his own compositions. His original song “The Bullet’s Blues” was named after his dog that had died because she ran like a bullet.

His song was an exercise in blues bends and vibrato that sent chills right up his spine. This was his tribute to two of his fallen heroes left behind: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore.

Heavily influenced from the SRV classic “Tightrope” and Moore’s heart wrenching “Still Got The Blues“, Luca played through “The Bullet’s Blues” the first time around, then he repositioned himself in his seat.

Now, he was ready to get inside of those notes and feel them. The amp screamed out Luca’s lament as he thought about his past. Family and friends left behind, but not forgotten.

And Marita – his love lost, yet still deep inside of his soul. All could somehow find expression through those blues notes that weren’t on the chromatic scale, but that were registered by the human nervous system. They helped to vent Luca’s tormented soul.

While playing, he started to think about a self-help book that he had once read, Unlimited Power [<Free Audiobook} by Tony Robbins, and the chapter in it called “Physiology: The Avenue Of Excellence”.

As he played, he began to realize that physiology could indeed alter and effect a persons mood just like those blues notes that cried out on that Sunday morning. And wasn’t that what it was all about?

People read books, watch movies, and listen to music because of how it makes them feel. Music was a gift that a musician truly understood and appreciated.

And physiology was like a musician because it could alter a person’s feelings at will. Stand up tall, breath deeply, and put a smile upon your face and you can’t help but feel happier, stronger, and more energized and confident.

But sitting down hunched over while taking shallow breaths, and looking down with a frown on your face was like injecting some blues notes right into your system.

Luca now understood the power of physiology, but still he sat there playing the blues for another eight hours. Because after all, this was his time – his life. And in this place, on this day, he was free if only for a little while. And Luca Amadeo was living his dream.

“You can’t change it, you can’t rearrange it – time is all that we’ve got…so let’s take it.” – Stevie Ray Vaughan from Change It.

Vaya con dios – The Unknown Musician.