10 Steps To Riches

Wherever you are in your life, you may become rich by determining that it will be so. Develop a burning intense desire and stoke the fire in your mind. The odds are against you winning big in the lottery, so you better come up with a long term plan.

Yes, it would be outstanding to win the lottery, but most people squander that in a few years anyways because they don’t have an abundance mindset, so…

1. Develop A Money Consciousness

This is the first step to wealth because it helps attract wealth. You’ve got to focus your mind on the abundant supply of the universe, never focus on lack or poverty. Think, act, and feel wealthy by using the law of assumption. And read  Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind {<Free Copy} by T.Harv Eker.

2. Study Wealth

Success leaves clues, so”If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”* There are many excellent self-help books that go into the attitudes of mind and proven methods that are necessary to achieve lasting riches:

3. Save At Least 10% Of Your Earnings

This discipline helps your mind to respect and appreciate the value of money. And the more you save and accumulate, the wealthier you’ll feel. And the wealthier you feel, the more wealth you’ll attract due to the law of attraction.

4.”A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”

What I mean specifically is to do more things by yourself, for yourself. For instance, I’ve developed lots of skills. I work on my own cars, my own house, and as you can probably tell – my own website. Not only do I save money, but I feel great about it. And as Brian Tracy says, “Everything is learnable.”

5. Invest What You Save

Never take a loss. If your investment goes down for a while like most do because everything is cyclical, do not sell. Invest in crypto-currencies, they are the wave of the future. Invest in a stock index fund by yourself & sit tight. No mutual funds because there are many hidden costs, and most fund managers lose their clients money, and get paid by commission per transaction. Invest in cryptos before the US government authorizes the banksters to quash them in the futures exchange – like they do in the gold and silver markets.

6. Think Long Term

  • Buy Ethereum and Litecoin, they are better than bitcoin at this point, and Hodl. Millionaires…ahem…are being made in the crypto space.
  • Buy a stock index fund when the market corrects, or better yet crashes, which it always does every 3 to 10 years because of cycles. Then hold long term. Invest what you can keep in and roll it over in compound interest until you retire. Get at least 10 % percent in physical gold and silver and a home safe.
  • ***Get into cryptos asap – Litecoin and Ethereum. Get started at coinbase.com if you’re a beginner. Then set it and forget it because cycles always win the war. Also read…
  • The Intelligent Investor {<Free Copy} by Benjamin Graham, or better yet
  • Unshakable {<Free Audiobook/podcast} by Tony Robbins and Peter Mallouk.

7. Study Cycles

Due diligence will tell you what’s going on – the global economy is one giant bubble of derivatives. Just look beyond the mainstream media which is in the elites’ and the bankers’ pockets.

8. Study Your Craft

Wherever you are in life, whatever you’re doing for a living – read, learn, and improve at it. And master whatever you’re passionate about. But don’t go into debt by going back to school. A study of most wealthy entrepreneurs will show you that most of them were self-educated. School is really just books, so turn your car into a university on wheels. Remember, “Formal education can make you a living, self-education can make you a fortune.”


It’s suggested to give away ten percent of your earnings, but I believe that it depends upon you. Give away what is in your heart to give. It may be time, effort, skill, or money. You can help an older person with home repairs, or even take them to a movie. Maybe, start feeding the homeless cats in your area. Whatever makes you feel good. It causes your subconscious to feel abundance which will attract more of the same. Let abundance flow through you instead of hording it.

10. Be Grateful For All That You Do Have

Then the law of gratitude will send you even more to be grateful for. Also start dressing and grooming yourself better. Clean up your car and home. And take 10% of your earnings, and spend it on you because you deserve it – then be really grateful for it.

Then after you’ve done those 10 steps you should be ready for #11 – Buy Real Estate after you study it & do due diligence…I digress.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes -*Jim Rohn

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