Beethoven & The Blind Girl

“Assume a virtue, if you have it not”*

In the context in which I’m using it here, a virtue can be any empowering feeling or emotion that enhances your abilities. In this example – enthusiasm.

It takes enthusiasm to succeed in most worthwhile endeavours, and the lack thereof can doom you to failure before you even begin, or at least guarantee mediocrity.

By using the law of assumption, you assume a state of mind, then act accordingly, then your subconscious mind kicks in along with universal laws, and soon you are one with the feeling.

In Pushing To The Front {<Free Copy} Orison Swett Marden shares a story that I love from the biography of Beethoven. It’s about how the great composer came to write my favorite classical piece “Moonlight Sonata”. It’s also a great example of the power of enthusiasm.

“One moonlight evening in winter, we were walking through a narrow street of Bonn. ‘Hush!’ said the great composer, suddenly pausing before a little, mean dwelling, ‘what sound is that? It is from my Sonata in F. Hark! how well it is played.’

“In the midst of the finale there was a break, and a sobbing voice cried: ‘I cannot play anymore. It is so beautiful; it is utterly beyond my power to do it justice. Oh, what would I give to go to the concert at Cologne!’

‘Ah! my sister’, said a second voice; ‘why create regrets when there is no remedy? We can scarcely pay our rent.’ ‘You are right,’ said the first voice , ‘ and yet I wish for once in my life to hear some really good music. But it is of no use.’

“‘ Let us go in,’ said Beethoven. ‘Go in!’ I said; ‘what should we go in for?’ ‘I will play to her,’ replied Beethoven in an excited tone; ‘here is feeling, – genius, – understanding! I will play to her, and she will understand it.

‘Pardon me,’ Beethoven said as he opened the door and saw a young man sitting by a table, mending shoes, and a young girl leaning sorrowfully upon an old-fashioned piano; ‘I heard music and was tempted to enter. I am a musician. I – I also overheard something of what you said. You wish to hear – that is, you would like – that is – shall I play for you?’

“‘Thank you,’ said the shoemaker, ‘but our piano is so wretched, and we have no music.’

”No music!’ said the composer; ‘how, then, does the young lady – I – I entreat your pardon,’ he added, stammering as he saw that the girl was blind; ‘I had not perceived before. Then you play by ear? But where do you hear the music, since you frequent no concerts?’

“‘We lived at Bruhl for two years; and, while there, I used to hear a lady practicing near us. During the summer evenings her windows were generally open, and I walked to and fro outside to listen to her.’

“Beethovem seated himself at the piano. Never, during all the years I knew him, did I hear him play better than to that blind girl and her brother. Even the old instrument seemed inspired. The young man and woman sat as if entranced by the magical, sweet sounds that flowed out upon the air in rhythmical swell and cadence, until, suddenly, the flame of the single candle wavered, sank, flickered, and went out. The shutters were thrown open, admitting a flood of brilliant moonlight, but the player paused, as if lost in thought.

“‘Wonderful man!’ said the shoemaker in a low tone; ‘who and what are you?’

“‘Listen!’ replied the master, and he played the opening bars of the Sonata in F. ‘Then you are Beethoven!’ burst from the young people in delighted recognition. ‘Oh, play to us once more,’ they added, as he rose to go, – ‘only once more!’

“‘I will improvise a sonata to the moonlight,’ said he, gazing thoughtfully upon the liquid stars shining so softly out of the depths of a cloudless winter sky. Then he played a sad and infinitely lovely movement, which crept gently over the instrument, like the calm flow of moonlight over the earth.

This was followed by a wild, elfin passage in triple time – a sort of grotesque interlude, like the dance of the fairies upon the lawn. Then came a swift agitated ending – a breathless, hurrying, trembling movement, descriptive of flight, and uncertainty, and vague impulsive terror, which carried us away on its rustling wings, and left us all in emotion and wonder.

‘Farewell to you,’ he said, as he rose and turned toward the door. ‘You will come again? asked the hosts in a breath. ‘Yes, yes,’ said Beethoven hurriedly, ‘I will come again, and give the young lady some lessons. Farewell!’

Then to me he added: ‘Let us make haste back, that I may write out that sonata while I can yet remember it.’ We did return in haste, and not until long past the dawn of day did he rise from his table with the full score of the Moonlight Sonata in his hand.”

Can you get inside of it and feel it?

– The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – * William Shakespeare




10 Steps To Happiness

Hall of famers didn’t always get a hit every turn at bat, but they did get great averages over the long haul. And in life that’s all it takes – have more great days than strike outs.

Keep things simple by setting some standards – some rules to live by, and you’ll greatly increase your odds for a meaningful and happy life.

“Baseball Is Like Driving, It’s The One That Gets Home Safely That Counts”*

Here’s 10 Steps To Happiness:

1. Count Your Blessings

When you realize how much you have going for you, the sun will always shine. Sure, you’ll still have some rainy days, but you’ll make it through them with courage and confidence. Plus, when you’re grateful for all that you are and have, you attract even more to be grateful for into your life.

2. Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you what not to do again. Nobody wins them all, so don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes. Think of them as stepping stones for growth and improvement. Shake them off, and don’t give up because your turn will come.

3. Laugh At Yourself

Sometimes events in your life may seem so ridiculous that the best medicine is laughter. Banish stress and worry by learning to laugh at life’s challenges, then you’re mind will be free to focus on solutions. Never take yourself too seriously.

4. Welcome Every Day With A Smile

Think of every day as a special gift from your Creator. Every day is a golden opportunity to begin again, or to finish what you’ve already started. Today will never happen again, so go boldly into the future by greeting the new day with a smile because you were born to win.

5. Chip Away At The Stone

Take time every day to get to work on your dreams. For example, if you have a calling to play an instrument, then practice at least a half hour every day with one day off per week. Then in some small way, you’re dreams will be coming true, day by day, until your masterpiece is unveiled for all the world to see.

6. Go The Extra Mile

Don’t neglect the little things, or skimp on a little extra effort because that’s a big part of what separates the winners from the losers. No matter what, universal law will always pay you for doing your best. Besides, there are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile because almost every else is taking a nap in that rest area called the comfort zone.

“I Guess My Thermometer For My Baseball Fever Is Still A Goose Bump”*

7. Find Your Purpose

Instill within, and remind yourself often of the fact that you were created for a purpose more than merely existing. You have the power within you to achieve any dream by daring to believe in yourself. Let the vision in your heart soar like a hawk by claiming your birthright as an incredible human being.

8. Live Your Own Life

When you dream big dreams, most of your friends and family will try to keep you stuck in a life of mediocrity along with them by telling you to be realistic. Instead remember that anything great that has ever been achieved, you can also achieve by learning how it was done.

You can learn how to find your purpose and model greatness by listening to NLP: The New Technology Of Improvement {<Free Audiobook}

9. Find The Seed Of Good In Every Adversity

Master this principle and you will arm yourself with a powerful shield that will help you through the darkest of days. Remember that when things are at their darkest, the stars will shine their brightest. Plant the seed of good, and you will reap what you have sown.

10. Happiness Is Within

Don’t think that happiness lies in the completion of some far off goal. Happiness is a state of mind that is obtained when you focus your mind on happy things. Enjoy the journey, and peace and happiness will be yours. Share a smile with others, and believe in your dreams, then welcome the disciplines, and the world is yours.

“A Baseball Swing Is a Very Finely Tuned Instrument. It Is Repetition, And More Repetition, Then A Little More After That”*

All the best, – Herb

Quotes – *Tommy Lasorda, *Vin Scully, *Reggie Jackson.



How To Use The Law Of Cycles

“It Is The Business Of Science To Predict”*

Everything in the universe is a form of energy. Therefore, because all energy flows in waves from higher to lower levels in a repeating pattern, everything is cyclical.

The sun and the moon, the flow of the tides, and the seasons of the year all come and go with predictability. And so it is that all things are governed by the law of cycles.

A basic understanding of the cycles of our lives helps us to create better timing. For example, many people think that when the stock market is on the rise that it will keep going up, but a study of the markets’ history and business cycles shows that what goes up must come down – then back up again. And there’s not much worse than doing the right thing at the wrong time.

“When You’re Truly Unshakable, You Have Unwavering Confidence Even Amidst The Storm”*

The herd mentality is also predictable. When stocks and cryptocurrencies are going up people get greedy, hoping to ride that wave up forever. But, when there’s a correction, it can easily turn into a crash if the herd panics and sells at a loss.

Of course, nowadays with the Fed ordering the banksters to prop up the stock market, suppress precious metals, and to do something about the cryptos, everything is unnatural and harder to predict, but patience always wins the war.

In Unshakable {<Free Audiobook/Podcast} Tony Robbins tells us that corrections of at least ten percent have occurred about once a year on average since 1900. When the stock market declines by at least 20% it’s called a bear market, and less than 20% of all corrections turn into bear markets.

“The Two Most Powerful Warriors Are Patience And Time”*

The point is that if you just hold tight, or HODL as they say nowadays, you’ll ride the wave back up again, and you’ll reap the rewards for your patience and determination. And so it is with all things in life.

And at this point in history, riches are being made in the crypto space, so jump in and ride that wave into the sea of destiny. Change is at hand, and the criminal banksters and their politician lackeys will eventually reap what they have sown.

Get in harmony with the rhythm of life. Hibernate in the winter of your life by reading self-help books. Then when spring comes, you’ll have planted many seeds of opportunity in the fertile soil of your mind.

Which will then grow and ripen into tangible reality during the summer. And come the fall, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest, and will taste deeply from the fruits of your labor.

“Patience Is Power; with Time And Patience, The Mulberry Leaf Becomes Silk’*

The cycle of life goes up and down, around and around, so prepare yourself for the abundance of wealth and opportunities that are bound to flow your way by reading Think And Grow Rich {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill.

And remember that when things are looking down, keep the faith that they will always go back up again.

Regards, – Herb.

Quotes – *Edward R. Dewey, *Tony Robbins, *Leo Tolstoy,* Chinese Proverb