How To Truly Succeed

“Success Is Nothing More Than A Few Simple Disciplines, Practiced Everyday”*

Success usually means something different to different people. There’s several definitions for it, and there’s lots of books on success, but with that being said how come very few people are actually successful?

Most people take their place in line in their steel coffins doing nine to five just to pay the bills. They live lives of mediocrity all the while living vicariously through movie stars, musicians, or their sports heroes.

Most everyone knows that deep down inside they were meant for something more. They also know that they have the capabilities, talents, and yearnings to achieve much more.

Yet like their natural talents that never get developed, their hopes and dreams fade away until in their time of dying they say, “I shoulda,… I coulda.

“Success Is Steady Progress Towards One’s Personal Goals”*

Everyone’s idea of success may differ, but most of us would agree that we all desire to attain our own personal idea of success.

We already know that the basic rules for success are defining your goal, seeing it in your mind’s eye, feeling it as though it was a present fact, taking action, staying disciplined, determined, and studying up on whatever it is, etc.

But even harnessing the power of all those qualities of mind won’t get you true lasting success if there’s one essential ingredient that’s missing.

The reason that most of us line up during rush hour to get to some job that we don’t even like is because we have been conditioned since early childhood to conform – to blindly follow the rest of the herd.

Unfortunately, most of us are like human sheep unconsciously following the herd. Instead of tapping into our own dormant powers, we allow them to wither away along with our talents, hopes, and dreams.

“When Love And Skill Work Together, Expect A Masterpiece”*

And therein lies the trick to true lasting success – to break free from the conformity of the herd by realizing that you are a unique individual with special God given talents, abilities, and gifts.

In fact, since the beginning of time there has never been anyone quite like you. You possess massive amounts of dormant individuality just waiting for you to wake up and heed its call.

Take the initiative and start thinking for yourself. Do you really think the leaders give a crap about the rest of us? No, they reap all the choice rewards, and they know that the rest of us will just settle for their leftovers.

Take conscious possession of your unique individuality through the power of “I AM”. Heed the call from within to claim your birthright by daring to break free. Then develop your talents through practice, study, and belief in yourself.

“True Success, True Happiness Lies In Freedom And Fulfillment”*

The unique individuality that is inherent within you can be developed only through regular activity. Express yourself through the creativity that your talents warrant.

You don’t have to change the world overnight, all you need to do is wake up, and like Jim Rohn said, “your new life can start with an apple a day, a walk around the block, and the first good book that you read.”

Gradual and consistent improvement in keystone disciplines of your matrix will payoff huge through the power of compound interest.

And without your best efforts to harness the forces of your unique individuality that beckons from within, true and lasting success can never truly be achieved.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Jim Rohn, *Jim Rohn, *John Ruskin, *Dada Vaswani.




Let Your Soul Shine

“When You Can’t Find The Light, That Got You Through A Cloudy Day”*

Throughout my life there has often been an ongoing struggle between my intentions, goals, hopes, and dreams, and my fears, doubts, and negative thoughts.

I didn’t just study self-help books because the black clouds were rollin’ in, I studied them because I knew that there had to be more to my life – a purpose for the insanity of it all.

Along the way I not only discovered the universal laws of mind, but also the various states and attitudes of mind that when consciously directed and harnessed rocked my world.

“When The Stars Ain’t Shinin’ Bright, You Feel Like You Lost Your Way”*

It’s true that all of my greatest accomplishments took imagination, desire, and disciplined action, but after a great idea was sent to me out of the ether, my spirit needed to be inspired by the gods with enthusiasm.

By tapping into this source of power at will, you become like a magnet that radiates attractive forces in all directions, and you influence those who enter into your force field of energy.

This power comes from deep within, from inside your soul. I’ve written much about a positive mental attitude, and second only to gratitude, the best way to get a PMA is through the power of enthusiasm.

“When Those Candle Lights Of Home, Burn So Very Far Away”*

No one has ever attained success without it, and no one ever will because there’s no internal power that compares to the right sort of enthusiasm in making your dreams come true.

Few people realize its value, but those who do, use it as an impetus to accomplish great things. Everyone has it potentially, yet most don’t stoke their desires intensely enough by believing in themselves.

Enthusiasm breeds optimism which in turn builds confidence, faith, determination, and perseverance. It’s also contagious because an enthusiastic person vibrates with an aura of success.

“Hey Now People Don’t Mind, We All Feel This Way Sometime”*

Without enthusiasm your efforts can often be wasted and your results impaired. The trick to mastering it is to develop your standards such that you always do your best.

If you do your best, even if things don’t turn out as you hoped, you were still victorious by reaching the finish line. And along the way, you became so much more than you were before, so you truly did succeed because you now have what it takes inside for the next time.

Whereas conversely, when you quit or never even get started, that nagging feeling of what could have been will always haunt you for the rest of your days subconsciously.

“You Gotta Let Your Soul Shine… Shine ‘Til The Break Of Day”*

Fix your mind upon the goal, and shake off those doubts, fears, and negative thoughts that always seem to rear their ugly heads. Chase them away when you hear them calling, and soon it will become a habit.

Remember that true heroism is enduring for one more moment in the face of adversity. And it’s in that moment that the winners and losers are separated.

“And When Your World Seems Cold, You Got To Let Your Spirit Take Control”*

No one is dead as long as their heart beats, and no one has lost the struggle within as long as they have some fight left in them. And more often than not it’s just one more moment when the enemies of doubt, fear, and negativity release their hold and drop back beaten.

And that my friends, is one of life’s greatest treasures – to taste deeply from the fruits of your labors for having done your best. For that’s when your soul shines its brightest for all the world to see.

“You Gotta Let Your Soul Shine… Shine ‘Til The Break Of Day”*

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes – The Allman Brothers Band“Soulshine”






Let There Be Light

“All Things Become Visible When They Are Exposed By The Light, For Everything That Is Made Manifest Is Light”*

Scientific law states that all manifest substance flows from a field of light waves. In other words, light particles, electrons, form the atom which is the root of all material manifestation.

When you accept this infallible scientific fact as truth, you can then consciously connect your mind to the king of all kings, the keeper of light – Universal Mind.

Recognize this to be true and you’ll then realize that humans have the capacity within to extract form out of the formless substance.

We are constantly incorporating ideas that seemingly come to us out of the blue, and giving them form and shape according to this truth.

“The Highest And Most Excellent Thing In Man Is Formless, And We Should Guard Against Giving It Shape In Anything Less than Noble Dress”*

What you imagine can be brought out into the light of day if you use the proper method of development. Whatever you imagine yourself as doing, being, or having, you can achieve.

Most people take this imaging power for granted, but when you consciously decide to unify your imagination with your strength of will, virtually all things become possible.

Go into the silence, and welcome the divine ideas that come to you, then use them. And don’t forget to be grateful to the Higher Power, the Source from whence all things come.

“Choose Ye This Day Whom We Shall Serve,”* Fear Or Faith”*

According to the law of increase, you must use your talent in order for it to increase. Develop faith in this law then forge ahead with faith and confidence.

If you let yourself think of any outer condition as hindering your increase, indeed this becomes a hindrance to you. Fear it, and you then become timid and bury your talent, may it rest in peace.

Conversely, when you keep your focus on the abundant inner reality and don’t let the outer appearance cause you to falter, you develop your soul and manifest your destiny.

Pray in the affirmative, for that is the prayer of faith. Never beg, for that is the prayer of doubt. See what you desire as already manifest and yours.

To let go of all anxiety, then trust in this inner power does not mean to sit down and do nothing. You must help what you have created in your minds’ eye to take shape.

Just like a sculptor, you must chip away at the stone, day by day, and blow by blow until one day your masterpiece appears for all the world to see out in the light of day.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Ephesians 5:13, *Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, *Joshua 24-14 & *Florence Scovel Schinn.