Count Your Blessings

“You’re Riding So High, Sailing The Seas Of Success”*

One of the most essential and timeless secrets that I had to learn the hard way is that in order to improve your life, and take it to a whole new level, you need to count your blessings.

Have you ever wished that you were slimmer, taller, smarter, stronger, more talented, better looking, or better in some way other than what you are? Well, join the club.

You may have debts, a job you don’t like, bad relationships, bad habits, or regrets about past decisions, but what do you have to be grateful for?

“But How Long Will It Last Babe? That’s Just Anybody’s Guess”*

The best law of mind that you can learn to harness the power of is the law of gratitude. Because when you develop the habit of counting your blessings, you’ll then attract and be blessed with even more.

The best way to count your blessings is to put things into perspective, and to focus on your blessings by making a list of them.

For example, can you walk, talk, and hear? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have nutritious food and potable water? Well, take a look around the world because lots of people don’t have those things.

And what country do you live in? I live in Canada where I’m free, have free medicare, and lots of options of what to do with my life.

“Let Me Give You Fair Warning, Tomorrow Never Knows”*

But, no matter where you live, can you read? Because if you can then you have the ability to improve your lot in life by reading self-help books, and if you don’t like reading then you can listen to free self-help audio books.

And if you wish that you were more talented then keep in mind that talents are developed. Yes, there are people with genetic advantages, but even they need to improve by practicing regularly, or their talents will fade away.

The best things in life are free, and since questions are the answer to counting your blessings – can you see? And if you were blind, what would you give for the priceless gift of sight?

“Ever Since Time Was Dawning, That’s Just The way It Goes”*

I’m often inspired by one of my heroes and his music. Adopted as an infant, Jeff Healey lost his sight to cancer when he was only one year old.

But, as fate would have it, Jeff was given a guitar at the age of three. Because he was so young and blind, he developed his unique way of playing the guitar on his lap.

Although later in life Jeff also mastered playing the trumpet, he was better known as a blistering blues rock guitarist and a singer. When you hear Jeff play the blues, you just know that he was the real deal.

“So Many Times I’ve Seen It Happen, Count Your Blessings While You May”*

Jeff struggled with cancer his whole life, and it finally took his life when he was just 41 years old, but he left us with the gift of his spirit and his soul that will live on forever through his music.

So, do you see that things could be worse? That even if you have genetic disadvantages, talents can be developed?But, most of all can you see that if you’re alive, and enjoy a reasonable degree of health that you’ve got it made?

Either way, next time you’re feeling down about your lot in life, or feel like complaining about what you don’t have, think about Jeff Healey or one of my other heroes – Terry Fox.

Then count your blessings, and remember to savor every day – even the bad ones.

“‘Cause Just When You Think, You Got It All,It Could All Get Blown Away“* {<Jeff Healey Song}

Vaya con dios, – The Unknown Musician.

Quotes -*Jeff Healey.


A Friend In Need

“The Purpose Of Human Life Is To Serve, And To Show Compassion And The Will To Help Others”*

As I’m reading a self-help book, I’ll often put it down to meditate upon its meaning, and as I did so this morning, I was transported back in time.

Being a teenager can be a difficult time to say the least. For myself, I have many regrets that have haunted me from those early years, but that’s part of why I’ve read hundreds of self-help books – because for lasting change to occur, you must want to change, and it must start from within.

A long time ago I was walking down the street when I saw a friend of mine walking towards me. I hadn’t seen Dave for several weeks, and as we shook hands I noticed his big smile and the happy vibes that he was sending out.

I asked him why I hadn’t seen him around, and with great pride and joy he said, “I have a girlfriend now, and I’m really in love with her, and we’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

I always liked Dave a lot because he was a really nice person despite his story – his parents were divorced, his dad was long gone, he lived alone with his mom, and his older brother was in prison.

I won’t lie to you, Dave smoked dope and drank alcohol sometimes as many teens with shattered home lives tend to do. So I was incredibly happy that he had found himself a girlfriend, and was in love because he deserved it.

After walking and talking for a while, we went our separate ways. I knew that I probably wouldn’t see or hear from him for some time, but I understood why.

“The Language Of Friendship Is Not Words But Meaning”*

About a month later as I was walking down that same street, I saw Dave in the distance. As we walked towards each other I immediately noticed a difference – he was walking slowly, looking down at the ground, and as we met, there was not even a hint of a smile on his face.

I asked him what was going on, and he told me that his girlfriend had broken up with him. Although I had never met her, and she wasn’t my girlfriend, my heart sank for my friend.

I did my best to help him with some words of wisdom. I told him that we were young, and it was rare for people to spend their whole life with their first love. It was sad, but it was just a part of life.

I told him that this too shall come to pass, that his pain will ease up in time, and that he’d meet the right lady for him one day. But, none of that seemed to cheer him up at all.

We sat at the park together for a couple of hours as I listened to him talk about her. Like I said, I never met her, and I know that Dave adored her, but I hated her for what she had done to him because he had already been through enough pain in his short life.

“The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One”*

Before we went our separate ways I told Dave to call me, that we should take in a movie, or go shoot some pool. Neither of which seemed to interest him.

A week or so later I tried calling him because I was really concerned about him, but no one answered the phone. A few days after that I met another friend at the mall and he said, “Did you hear about Dave?” Well, I hadn’t so he gave me the news.

Apparently, Dave went into the underpass that ran underneath the highway, drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol then proceeded to smack his head against the concrete wall until he was no longer a part of this world. Dead at eighteen!

“I Think I Love You Too Much”*

We all understand the pain of life. We’ve all loved and lost. We all have regrets, guilt, and bad memories. And I’m sure that you’ll agree that the teens can be really hard.

In fact, a big part of the reason that I started my blog was to turn my own pain around by trying to help others. Once I delved deep into many classic self-help books, I wondered why they didn’t teach them in school. If they did, it might have saved my tormented soul – and perhaps Dave’s life.

“The Mind Is Its Own Place, And In Itself Can Make A Heaven Of Hell, A Hell Of Heaven”*

Then again maybe if I hadn’t have gone through hell, I wouldn’t be in heaven now. When my own life had become so meaningless and futile, I tried praying to God even though I doubted that He even existed.

I didn’t know it then, but I set in motion the universal laws of mind. Because when you pray to a Higher Power you also tap into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} by Joseph Murphy.

Then my whole life started to change. I found videos like The Day That Turns Your Life Around by Jim Rohn which inspired me to start reading self-help books – eventually hundreds of them.

When life is getting you down, ask someone for help. If you don’t feel like asking another person then try praying to God. I understand that there are believers and non-believers, and I never preach, but ask someone or something for help. Or do what I did – read a self-help book.

If Dave had asked me or any of his other friends, gone to a professional, or fell down on his knees and prayed for help, he would probably still be alive today. Maybe with kids of his own, or at this point grand kids. And his first love would be a distant memory in the mist of time.

“When The Night Is Darkest, The Stars Come Out”*

Remember that you are not alone. No matter what you’re going through, this too shall come to pass. If you’re struggling with life then ask for help, pray, or check out some some self-help books, audios, and videos. They really helped me, which is why I’m writing this now – because I want to help you.

And don’t forget about the elderly because the only time of life that can be harder than the teens is being really old… if you make it there.

All the best, – Herb.

Quotes – *Albert Schweitzer, *Henry David Thoreau, *H.D. Thoreau, *Jeff Healey version, *John Milton, *Ralph Waldo Emerson.


How To Use The Law Of Visualization

“The World Is But A Canvas To Our Imagination”*

There is a very real universal law of mind that makes the dream of the dreamer come true. This law of visualization calls into being in the outer world that which is made real in the inner world.

At the root of the law of cause and effect, imagination pictures the thing desired, but having vision reaches beyond mere dreaming into the conception of what can be.

There is virtually nothing that you truly desire that cannot be made manifest on the physical plane of reality through the 3 steps to the art of visualization:

  1. See it in your mind’s eye in vivid detail.
  2. Believe in the possibility of its obtainment.
  3. Feel it and be grateful for it as though it was already yours.

This is using the law of assumption, and also how to get what you pray for. The more frequently you do these steps, the quicker your visions will be made tangible.

“Fiction Reveals Truths That Reality Obscures”*

This law brings into being your deepest desires. This is the kind of mental training that gives Olympians the edge over their competitors, and wins them the gold. This is the right use of your mind.

See things as you would have them be instead of as they are. Close your eyes and make mental pictures of exactly what it is that you want. See it, feel it, and live it as you would in reality, and you breath life into it.

It is dreaming, but with a purpose. Write it down in detail because only 3% of the population ever write down their goals, and this same 3% own more wealth than the other 97% combined.

Writing your goals down activates the power of your subconscious mind which is in tune with the Universal Mind. Plus it sets in motion the powerful law of attraction.

What do you want? A new car, a house, a better job – whatever it is – define it as best you can. Then meditate upon it, and visualize it when you wake up, before you go to sleep, and as often as you can throughout the day.

Pray for it to a higher power, and to your subconscious mind with the faith that your wish has been fulfilled. Then prepare to receive it by working towards it as it flows towards you. This is how you complete the miracle process.

Imagine The Possibilities

All that you see around you was once first an image in the field of the imagination. Every invention, novel, movie, song, etc. – it all started as a seed in the mind of its creator. Therefore, you can invent the life that you long for by first creating the vision of it in your mind’s eye.

As Einstein proved energy and matter are interchangeable; thus your imagination emits incredible amounts of mental magnetic energy that attracts unto itself that upon which it dwells – until it is turned into matter.

“When An Oak Is Felled The Whole Forest Echoes With Its Fall, But A Hundred Acorns Are Sown In Silence By An Unnoticed Breeze”*

Just like a great sculpture is given beauty by chipping away at the stone, blow by blow with hammer and chisel. So it is with all great works of art, and of humanity in all its forms.

You are a divine work of art yourself, yet you must use and improve your innate gifts and talents by consciously directing your mind’s eye.

Here’s FREE links to my Top 10 Self-Help Books For Developing The Imagination:

  1. Creative Visualization {<Free Copy} by Shakti Gawain
  2. The Magic Of Believing {<Free Audiobook} by Claude Bristol
  3. The Power Of Intention  {<Free Video} by Wayne Dyer
  4. The Power Of Awareness  {<Free Copy} by Neville Goddard
  5. The Key To Living The Law Of Attraction {<Free Audiobook} by Jack Canfield
  6. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind {<Free Copy} by Joseph Murphy
  7. The Secret Of The Ages   {<Free Copy} by Robert Collier
  8. Think And Grow Rich  {<Free Copy} by Napoleon Hill
  9. The Science Of Getting Rich  {<Free Copy} by Wallace D. Wattles
  10. The Strangest Secret  {<Free Audiobook} by Earl Nightingale

“Imagination Will Often Carry Us To Worlds That Never Were. But Without It We Go Nowhere”*

The only limits to your possibilities are the ones that you place upon yourself. Draw upon the universal abundance of supply at will through the power of controlled imagination.

The possibilities that are available in the Universal Mind are as countless as the stars in the night’s sky, so shoot for the moon because you deserve the best. Happiness, wealth, health, success, all are yours to claim.

Life will give you all that you desire, but you must first pay the price for its obtainment by training your mind. Awaken the sleeping giant within you, and claim your birthright as a truly incredible human being.  Your destiny awaits.

I turned my life completely around, and made many of my dreams come true by using what I learned from hundreds of self-help books. If I did it – you can do it too.

All the best – Herb

Quotes –  *Henry David Thoreau, *Jessamyn West, *Thomas Carlyle, *Carl Sagan